On Creating Personality for Spaces: Anne Kustner Haser Talks about the Right Lighting

Anne Kustner Haser, president and design principal at Anne Kustner Lighting Design (AKLD) in Evanston, Illinois started her professional career as a graphic designer, but quickly fell out of love with graphic design in favor of lighting design. Perhaps this decision was influenced by the way some photographers she worked with utilized lighting to instill excitement into an otherwise ordinary product. Or, maybe it was an instinctive aptitude that Anne displayed while arranging lighting throughout her house as a young teenager. Even more so, it could have been the influence of her supportive family and especially her encouraging father, who himself was involved in electrical engineering. Since that fateful decision, and after opening her own lighting design studio 21 years ago, Anne has created stunning lighting environments for a unique blend of commercial, hospitality, and high-end residential clients that allow their individual personalities to shine through.
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PPL Generation Upgrades to Dialight’s LED High Intensity Strobe

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact, PPL Generation continually strives to reduce costs and lower internal energy consumption by implementing high-efficiency, modern technologies throughout its facilities. At its 1,700-megawatt Martins Creek Power Plant north of Easton, Pa., the company recently replaced the antiquated Xenon obstruction lighting system on the facility’s two exhaust stacks with state-of-the-art 270,000 candela LED High-Intensity Strobe systems from Dialight. The retrofit will...
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iLight Case Study: Sports Authority Field at Mile High

  Making the Broncos' Stadium Brand New Plexineon Upgrades Denver's Sports Authority Field at Mile High A new look and a new name -- that's what the home of the Denver Broncos got when sporting goods company Sports Authority took over naming rights for the NFL team's stadium in 2011. Now Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the 10-year-old, 76,000-seat arena underwent a facelift as part of the rebranding, the centerpiece of which is a prominent horizontal line of iLight Plexineon Red Series fixtures outlining the curve of the st...
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LumenOptix™ Solution Helps Arkansas Children’s Hospital Save Energy

Annual energy saving 75% The canopy area to the entrance of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital was lit with 100 watt mercury vapor downlights creating an undesirable greenish hue and unsanitary conditions with bird and insect access. The mercury vapor lamps required frequent and costly replacements as well as the high cost to operate.     LumenOptix™ Solution LRD8 30 watt, 2000 lumen, 4000k LED Retrofit Downlights. Benefits •     Increased light output by well over 50% •     Improved color rend...
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Specifiers can realize the best quality of light and the highest levels of light output and efficacy at 3000K and 95CRI San Jose, CA – Lumileds today announced substantial performance improvements for its 90 and 95 CRI LUXEON CoBs with C... READ MORE

For many years, XLamp® XP-E2 LEDs have been the preferred LED choice for lighting manufacturers looking to combine different colors of light together to service specialty lighting applications. The XP-E2 platform offers an unbeatable combi... READ MORE