Upfront Costs Prevent U.S. Businesses from Adopting LED lights: Leapfrog Lighting Poll

The upfront installation cost of retrofitting workplaces with LED bulbs is the main stumbling block holding back business owners from implementing the change. Although 81.9 percent of those surveyed* currently use or plan to use LED bulbs, high price is the main reason 50.9 percent of business owners delay implementation.
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Only 22.5% of Business Owners Believe Current Quality Standards Are Sufficient, says Leapfrog Lighting

In a randomized poll, over 200 business owners and managers were asked: "Do you believe there is sufficient standardization in the LED bulb industry (Energy Star, etc)?" In reply to the Leapfrog Lightingpoll, 31.5% of business owners and managers were unsure if there is "sufficient standardization in the LED bulb industry", and another 20.3% believe there were insufficient standards.
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Quality of Light is an Essential Factor in Choosing LED lighting for Business Environments, says Leapfrog

Contrary to popular marketing notions, a recent poll by Leapfrog Lighting, places quality as a highly significant factor in choice of LED bulbs. With 82.5% of business owners rating quality of light as extremely important or important, energy savings, environmental benefits and lower cost of ownership are no longer the decisive factors in a buying decision. Only 5.8% of those polled indicated quality was "not important."
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Canadian Government Injects $150,000 Investment in Leapfrog Lighting

The Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State (Science and Technology) announced that Leapfrog Lighting will receive up to $150,000 through the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program. Leapfrog Lighting's goal is to improve LED lighting technologies with a special focus on quality of light. Leapfrog Lighting’s CEO, Stephen Naor, explained that the two obstacles to mainstream adoption of LED lighting are “quality of light and economic value proposition.” The new LED technology, based on ...
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