LED Technology Breakthroughs in 2016

As 2016 comes to an end, there were many exciting and surprising technology breakthroughs, based on statistics complied by LEDinside there were at least 10 major technology advancements this year.
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New Perovskite Research Findings Could Advance Solar Cell and LED Technology

“Promising” and “remarkable” are two words U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory scientist Javier Vela uses to describe recent research results on organolead mixed-halide perovskites.
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Lumileds LUXEON Stylist Series Enhances Colors in Various Applications

Product development in the LED industry has changed significantly over the past years, shifting from boosting lumen efficiency to prioritizing light quality. Lumileds latest LUXEON Stylist Series, designed to meet different commercial and retail lighting demands, especially emphasizes CoB LED color performance. Compared to the company’s older generation products, the new LEDs are incorporating TM-30 color parameter measurements into the design process.
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CEA LETI: Micro-LEDs Future Applications and Current Challenges

Micro LEDs are gaining traction in the LED industry since it is a technology that industry experts view as capable of breaking LCDs low light efficiency, and achieve “real LED display” technology. Current LCD designs are very inefficient in light output, with only an estimated 10% light emission. Light emitted from the LED backlight module has to travel through polarization filters, TFT, liquid crystals, and color filters, about 90% of light is trapped in these layered structures.
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Duke University Develops High-Speed Flourescence for Superfast LEDs

Duke University researchers have made fluorescent molecules emit photons of light 1,000 times faster than normal—setting a speed record and making an important step toward realizing superfast light emitting diodes (LEDs) and quantum cryptography.
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Epistar Chairman Speaks About Upgrading LED Technology and Expanding Production Capacity

The LED industry in China and Taiwan has gone from cooperation to competitive, said Epistar Chairman B.J. Lee. Even though China is still a major threat, Taiwan manufacturers cannot always choose to escape, or Taiwan will have no market strategies left. It is important to see where one’s opportunities are and think about whether Taiwan’s LED industry has any chances of winning. If there are opportunities then it is important to establish an environment beneficial to the industry’s development.
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Lumenpulse LED Technology Revives Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica

Montreal's landmark Notre-Dame Basilica has installed over 150 LED fixtures from Lumenpulse Inc., a manufacturer of high-performance, architectural LED-based lighting solutions. A designated national historic site, the Basilica has used Lumenpulse's innovative technology to completely redesign the structure's exterior lighting scheme, halving total energy consumption while accentuating the building's heritage architecture.
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Marl International Upgrades Its Bulkhead Light Range with New LED Technology

In accordance with relevant reports, Marl International, specializing in the design and manufacture of visible LED indication and illumination components and systems for 40 years, announced on August 13 that it has upgraded its bulkhead light range, widely used as bright, low energy security lighting on construction and industrial sites, with new LED technology which gives a much wider spread of light. Marl has also increased the range of colors available. Offering outstanding reliability and optical performance, the popular Marl 084 Series of bulkhead lights provides an 8...
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OKI Malaysia Introduces Based-LED Printers for Medium and Large Enterprises

OKI Malaysia has introduced new printers based on digital LED print technology to strengthen its A4 mono workgroup offerings targeted at medium to large enterprises. The new models are the B721dn and B731dn, both of which are monochrome, and the ES7400, which is a color multi-function model. The B721dn prints at the speed of up to 47ppm (pages per minute) for A4 pages and the B731dn at up to 52ppm. The first page takes less than five seconds to print for both printers. The two printers support 18,000-page and 25,000-page toner cartridges but only the B731dn can also ha...
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SCHOTT Developers Manufacture Ceramics for Use in Advanced Lens Systems and LED Technology

Transparent and translucent ceramics are on the verge of being put to industrial use as new optical materials that offer great potential. As part of the publicly funded research project OptokeraMat, SCHOTT Research and Development has laid important foundations on manufacturing them in a reproducible manner. SCHOTT developers have produced transparent and translucent ceramics that pave the way for advanced photographic and other types of imaging systems as well as highly efficient LED systems. At first glance, they remind us of glass lenses or color filters. Ne...
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