【Exclusive Interview】GENTOS Consistently Provides High Quality and Reliable Flashlight in the World

GENTOS, is a Japanese flashlight company established in 1978, providing high quality and reliable LED flashlights, headlights, work lights, lanterns, desk lights, and bike lights in the world, up to 185 items in total. TrendForce was great honor to interview with Takumi Furukawa, Section Chief, Product Planning Department and Hiroshi Sato, Manager, Overseas Sales Department of GENTOS to know their product strengths and sales promotion.
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Soft-Epi Commercializes 365nm Flip-Chip LEDs Based on High Quality Algan Templates

Soft-Epi, a Korean manufacturer of UV LEDs and related epitaxial wafers, announced that they have developed and commercialized 365nm flip-chip LEDs with their high quality AlGaN templates. The optical power is 580mW at 350mA in a 45x45mil chip die. The LED epitaxy was done on an AlGaN template grown on a patterned sapphire substrate (PSS). 
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Alpha Assembly Solutions to Present at South East Asia Technical Training Conference on Electronics Assembly in Penang

 Alpha Assembly Solutions, a specialist in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, will be presenting two technical papers “Flip-Chip LED Assembly – Processes and Challenges” and “LED Assembly on Flexible Substrates” at the South East Asia Technical Training Conference on Electronics Assembly Technologies 2017 which is hosted by SMTA from March 28-30, 2017 at Oliver Tree Hotel in Penang, Malaysia.
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Lextar Focuses on Niche Markets and Eight LED Market Trends

The worst is thought to be over as 2015 comes to an end, a quick overview of developments in the past year show product prices have reached new historical lows in the past year. The elimination race has escalated with restructures becoming the new norm in the industry.
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ETI Subsidiary Receives Flip Chip and CSP Subsidies

In a company statement, Chinese LED manufacturer ETI announced two of its subsidiaries received in total RMB 70 million (US $11.28 million) subsidies from local governments.
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Bridgexlux: Technology Advancements Drive Next Generation Innovative Lighting

For manufacturers to succeed in the LED market, using standardized components and increasing LED product efficacy and C/P ratio is important in ensuring products can meet client demands, said Andy Man, Vice President, Asia, Bridgelux at LEDforum 2015 in Guangzhou, China. Main organizers of the forum that took place on June 11, 2015 include LEDinside, CNLEDw.com, and Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt.
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Samsung Electronics Introduces New Flip Chip LED Package with Wide Range of Operating Currents

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced components, today introduced the LM301A, a flip-chip-based mid-power LED package that can operate at anywhere from 0.2 watts to 1 watt — providing a wide range of current options, resulting in much improved light efficacy. The package was announced at a press conference, in conjunction with LIGHTFAIR International 2015, being held in New York, May 5-7.
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Wafer Level Chip Scale LED Package Jumping over Flip Chip CSP LED

No more packaging – Package-less Package. That is the fundamental solution which LED manufacturers are looking for to meet the market demands. Unfortunately, the era of Flip Chip-Chip Scale LED Package (FC CSP LED) is, however, emerging. It will make the time of the wide spread of LED light coming slowly step by step. Any LED manufacturers who aggressively jump over FC CSP LED and current leading-edge packaging technologies would be expected under the paradigm of no more packaging. A little of endeavour has been conducted to fulfil package-less package like Phosphor on Die and Package Free Chip.
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What are the Real COB, Flip Chip and Vapor Chamber Technology?

What is “Vapor Chamber” Vapor Chambers provide far superior thermal performance than traditional solid metal Heat spreaders at reduced weight and height. Thermal spread resistance is almost neglectable and thermal resistance is x times lower than (refer to copper, carbon nanotube compound, nano diamond compound). Vapor Chambers enable higher component heat densities and TDPs(Thermal Design Power) at safe operating temperatures, extending the components and products life.
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GPI Acquires Large Orders from Samsung

Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI), a subsidiary of the Chicony Group, recently announced at an investors’ conference that the company received big flip chips order from Samsung, and flip chips will account for 25% of the company’s 2015 overall revenue, according to an Economic Daily News report.
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Remtec Expands LED Packaging Capabilities

Remtec Expands LED Packaging Capabilities And Adds New Economical Metallization Technologies, Custom Tailored for Specific Customer Requirements.
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Samsung SVP: 2014 is the Year of the Flip Chip

This is the year of the flip chip, according to Dr. Guoqing Tang, Samsung LED China General Manager and Sr. Vice President who presented at LEDforum 2014 at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition on June 11. 
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Lextar to Showcase 4W-75W COB Lineup at Guangzhou Int’l Lighting Show

Lextar Electronics, a vertically-integrated LED company from Taiwan, will showcase its COB (Chip-on-Board) "Nimbus" series that feature high CRI (90), LM-80 quality and Hot Color Targeting (see note 1). The Company will also release Flip Chip COB : "Nimbus-P" series. Lextar has deployed the widest COB product line in the industry and it will debut this new COB collection at 2014 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition starting from June 9th in Guangzhou, China.
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Forepi Becomes Supplier for Samsung LED TV

Taiwanese chip manufacturer Formosa Epitaxy (Forepi) has become one of three large suppliers for Samsung LED TVs. The company anticipates large shipment volumes in 1Q14 to help contribute to revenue proportions increasing from 15 percent to 20 percent this year, according to Investor. Legal persons estimate that Forepi 2Q14 will turn loss into profit, giving this year an opportunity to have a turnaround.
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Taiwanese Manufacturers Head of the Pack for Flip Chip Application in Large-Size Backlight

LED manufacturers cost control pressure for has not eased  as TV retail prices continue to drop. Low priced direct- type LED TVs are projected to become mainstream in 2014. LED manufacturers also plan continual release of low-cost solutions. Taiwanese manufacturers are optimistic about flip chip products ability to expand beam angle and conduct higher voltage electric currents, with Taiwanese manufacturers such as Epistar and Forepi leading the way in introducing flip chips into large sized backlight applications.
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Flip Chip and Vertical Chip Manufacturers Go Head to Head in the Flash LED Market

Following iPhone 5S adoption of dual-flash LED, smartphones are expected to set off a new dual color flash LED trend. The market is very optimistic about growth in demand for flash LED. The two main supply chains for flash LED are separated into vertical chip manufacturers including Osram, Cree, and Samsung and flip chip manufacturers, such as Philips Lumileds, and Nichia. Taiwanese manufacturers Epistar and Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) are also following suit to grab flash LED market shares.
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