Valoya and Citizen Electronics Partner to Develop Horticulture LED Products

Citizen Electronics announced it has signed a licensing agreement with Valoya, a Finnish LED grow light technology developer. With the partnership, Citizen Electronics will apply Valoya's spectrum technology know-how in order to strengthen its COB (chip on board) LED products intended for the horticulture industry. (Image: Valoya) Valoya has launched its patent licensing program in June this year. The patent portfolio accounts Valoya's inventions in the field of light spectra for plant cultivation and lighting applications. “Access to the Valoy...
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Valoya Launches New LED Tube for Vertical Farms

Vertical farming is still on the rise globally and with it the need for grow lights which produce minimal heat and can be positioned close to the plants. For vertical farming to be profitable, plants need to go from seed to supermarket shelves in ever decreasing time spans, while savings must be made at every turn. Next to infrastructural investments at the beginning, electricity and temperature regulation are some of the major costs for vertical farmers.
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Valoya Delivers Light to Selecta Klemm’s New Tissue Culture Production Facility

Selecta Klemm, a leading company in floriculture has installed Valoya wide spectrum LED - luminaires in their recently constructed facility in Stuttgart, Germany. Valoya wide spectrum LED lights offer a maintenance free and energy efficient alternative to traditional fluorescence or red/blue LED lights.
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Valoya Launches New L-Series LED Tube Light

Valoya announces a 900mm LED tube light to complement its L-series product family for controlled environments. The product range now comprises tubes for 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm installations with 600mm to follow later this fall.
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LEDs Increase Crop Production by Encouraging Bee Activity

Valoya, a LED grow lights manufacturer, yesterday announced its new research findings that growing tomatoes under artificial lighting can bring additional benefits to the crop. This research was conducted at Plant Research in the Netherlands. The additional benefits were attributed to solid-state lighting (SSL) technology, which found that pollinator bumble bees are very active under this type of lighting. The bees are necessary for the growth of tomatoes. This new study focused on LED light’s effects on bee activity. When the LED lighting was turned on, bees...
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New TARA2000-AUT-SAFE family includes unique interlock loop method for completely safeguarding ultra-fast detection of faults that can compromise eye safety Interlock method reduces bill of materials resulting in lower system cost 940nm emitte... READ MORE

40V-150V breakdown voltage lineup: ideal for motor drive and industrial power supplies ROHM has developed Nch MOSFETs (40V/60V/80V/100V/150V) RS6xxxxBx / RH6xxxxBx series, 13 part numbers, suitable for applications operating on 24V/36V/48V pow... READ MORE