Taiwan's LED and Financial Industry Optimistic About Lighting Demands in 2014

The LED industry has been dubbed as one of the “four miserable industries” in Taiwan, but in 2014 the industry will have a chance to shed its miserable reputation. Order is being restored in the Chinese LED industry as the country reduces LED subsidies and bans incandescent bulbs. The LED industry supply and demand issues will be improved in 2014. In addition, with strong growth in global LED lighting demands, big brands and investment managers are optimistic about LED industry trends in 2014. 
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Epistar August Revenue Affected by Decrease in TV Backlight Demand

Taiwan wafer manufacturer Epistar consolidated revenue for August 2013 is NT$1.97 billion with a 2.85 increase month-on-month, .39 percent higher than August 2012. Epistar president Li Bingjie pointed out that although lighting demands for 3Q are continuing to move higher, they have felt affects from decrease in TV backlighting demand. 3Q revenue is predicted to be either level with or less than 2Q and Citibank estimates that Epistar 3Q revenue will decrease 5 percent.
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Citibank: Chances of Sharp LED Order Falls Unlikely in 4Q13 as Lighting Demands Grow

Affected by the end of China’s Home Appliance Subsidies, demands for large size LED-backlit products waned in 3Q13. Citibank’s report forecasted large size backlight LED revenues for Epistar Corp. and Everlight Electronics, leaders in Taiwan’s LED upstream and downstream markets. The entry of lighting demands will alleviate the stress manufacturers are under from sliding LED-backlit demands. 
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