India Plans Massive Overhaul of 1B Lights to LEDs within 3 Years

India will be replacing one billion lights nationwide with energy efficient LEDs within three years, The Economic Times quoted a top ranking Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) official saying.
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Lighting Tops Energy Efficiency Upgrade in Noesis Survey

Noesis, the tech-enabled lending marketplace for financing energy-saving commercial building improvements, today announced an energy project trend report. Based on data mined from more than 1,300 projects  on the Noesis platform that are valued at over US $500 million, lighting is the most common upgrade for commercial building owners.
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Servcorp To Use Nualight LED Lighting Globally

Servcorp, the world’s leading premium office space provider with over 150 locations in 23 countries worldwide, is to use Nualight LED lighting in all of its new and refurbished office locations it has been announced.
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Hubbell Lighting Launches Lighting Upgrade Program for Hospitality Industry

In the U.S., lighting accounts for approximately 23 percent of a hotel’s energy cost. To expedite and encourage savings, Hubbell Lighting announced today a new energy efficient lighting program to cut hospitality electricity costs by 60 percent, translating to a 5.58 percent increase in profitability.
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Canadian Restaurant Chain Tim Hourtons Rolls Out Philips LED Lighting Upgrade Project

As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability and promoting green building practices in its more than 4,400 restaurants, this Earth Day, Tim Hortons is announcing a new initiative to replace all existing lighting fixtures in restaurants across Canada and the United States with energy-efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lighting from Philips. The conversion program will see 485 restaurants outfitted with LED lighting in 2014 alone, translating to an estimated 6.4 million kilowatt hours (kWh) in energy savings. 
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UK Pub Rolls Out Philips LED Lighting Upgrade Plan in 240 Shops

Lighting design, installation and maintenance company Weblight has won a contract to replace the lamps in over 240 of Spirit Pub Company's pubs with Philips Master LED lamps.
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