Epistar's Highly Efficient HV LEDs Innovative Lighting Applications

Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar’s has showed steady revenue growth, accumulated revenue as of September 2014 has reached last year's total annual revenue of US $750 million, and it’s future revenue outlook remains positive. The company's merge with FOREPI is expected to further drive annual revenue growth to reach the $1 billion target soon, said Epistar Deputy Director of Marketing Center, Dr. Chiu-Lin Yao at LEDforum 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan last month.
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Epistar Secures HV LED Orders from Large European Manufacturers

LED chip manufacturer Epistar has received orders from large European manufacturers including Philips after the launch of their new HV LED products in Germany earlier this year, according to Economic Daily News. The company has had an increase in orders due to the efficiency and cost advantage of the HV LED products. Production capacity operations this quarter have already reached maximum. 
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Aurora Shows off Dimmable HV LED Downlight Series at Light+Building 2014

Aurora Lighting from UK saw Light+Building 2014 as the perfect platform to showcase their Red Dot Award winning product, the m10 LED fire rated downlight.
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Batman Series HV LEDs Turn Heads at TILS

Price drop for LED lighting products has been a huge trend recently. One way in which manufacturers are able to reduce cost is through HV LEDs. LED manufacturers have been actively developing these products to stay competitive in the market. 
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Epistar Develops G9 Technology to Eliminate Heat Dissipation Issues

The pace in which flip-chips are integrated into lighting and backlighting products in 2014 has drawn the attention from the industry. LED package manufacturer Epistar showcased their new G9 capsules which use Pad Extension Chip (PEC) and HV LED technology during the Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) 2014 last week. 
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Seoul Semiconductor Optimistic HV LED to Drive up Demand in Acrich Products

Seoul Semiconductor participated in Lighting Japan 2014 Exhibition which was held in Tokyo International Exhibition Center from January 15th to 17th. With LED lighting applications gradually maturing and limited space for LED dropping prices, HV LED products with advantages in simplified electric current module design are increasing in popularity. Seoul Semiconductor displayed their new Acrich series of products during this year’s Lighting Japan exhibition.
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Adoption of HV LEDs Expands as Industry Moves to Cut Costs

LED lighting application is gradually maturing. In order to continue lowering costs for LED lighting products, there is a growing trend of manufacturers adopting High Voltage (HV) LEDs to simplify the power supply design. A large chunk of commercial and street lighting already uses HV LED components, according to Epistar. The company views is very optimistic of future  HV LEDs development in the lighting market. In the company’s product portfolio, mid voltage and high voltage LED chips makes up 10 percent of the company’s lighting products.
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FOREPI Chairman Optimistic About HV LED Development

In 2013 LED lighting market value was only half of backlight market, but with rising demands LED lighting market value is expected to be the same as backlight in 2014, said FOREPI Chairman Chien Fen-ren during Asia Pacific LED Lighting Standard and Specification Development Seminar on Jan. 8, 2014. Chien went on noting by 2015 LED lighting market value will be double of the backlight market.
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Forepi Implements Three Strategies to Lower Cost

With LED prices continuing to drop and supply chains actively lowering costs, Taiwanese LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturer Formosa Epitaxy (Forepi) chairman Frank Chien points out that changes in product design and manufacturing process in areas such as package free chips, HV LED chips, and types of filament (tungsten) designs, will lower costs further. Through these lowered production costs, the company will retain market competitiveness
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