MechaTronix-CoolBlock® ARENA-48 - New Cooler platform for sports fields and high-mast lighting

Over the last years MechaTronix have broadened our horizons with more and more cooler platforms for industrial lighting applications. Herewith again a new wonderful product platform we recently developed for high-end sports field lighting and public lighting designs on high-mast, the CoolBlock® ARENA-48.   This LED cooler design is specifically made for the new Khatod ARENA-48 lenses, which are available in a wide score of beams both NEMA as standard beam. On a board size of just 135 x 135 millimeter with 48 high power LEDs, you can create n...
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MechaTronix-CoolStar® 3445 - Narrow beam compact spot lights

  The market of compact spot lights for use in kitchens, porches, balconies,… is more and more asking for high-end lighting designs with consistent colors, long life time, perfect thermal management and a good flexibility in optical choices. To fulfill that demand in the market, MechaTronix has developed the CoolStar® 3445, a high-end spotlight led cooler for designs in a diameter of just 35 millimeter. We aimed at a maximal thermal performance and were able to reach a thermal resistance Rth as low as 8.13K/Watt. As a result you can design in this com...
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Two Trends Emerge in Horticultural Lighting, MechaTronix CEO Says

As a regular exhibitor at TILS 2018, LED cooling system provider MechaTronix this time share with LEDinside a few trends it spotted in the horticultural lighting market.
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MechaTronix Unveils CoolStar Series of Designer LED Coolers

“Because looks do count”, that was the basic idea when MechaTronix started to develop their next platform of spot light, down light and shop light coolers… Inspiration for the design was searched in natural elements which express the feeling of cool or cold.
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MechaTronix - horticulture top lighting made easy

MechaTronix, one of the global market leaders in LED cooling, is broadcasting a clear message towards the horticulture market. “Although there are numerous opinions on the ideal spectrums and mixes of wavelengths, the world of horticulture top lighting is going to change drastically over the coming years, according Koen Vangorp, CEO of MechaTronix.”
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MechaTronix Forecasts Bright Future for LED Grow Lights – TILS 2017

As LED lighting technologies continue to advance, the demand for efficient thermal solutions has increased drastically. In addition, high power LEDs have triggered manufacturers to redesign heat sinks to make them more compact and have better heat dissipation. To better understand the development trends of thermal solutions, LEDinside interviewed Koen Vangorp, General Manager of Taiwan-based MechaTronix, at the 2017 Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS). 
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MechaTronix Eyes Outdoor LED Market, Reveals Next Industrial Cooler Platform

Just a few months after the launch of the 2x2MX, the next standardization in outdoor light engines is a fact. This time Lumileds, Ledil and MechaTronix joined forces to create a 2x6 emitter platform for outdoor use.
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Coolbeam® Kits from Mechatronix Enable High Lumen Outdoor Lighting

Specifically developed around the 2x2MX LED platform, MechaTronix launches a series of patented building kits for outdoor luminaires like stadium lights, high mast and industrial flood lights. The kits dubbed the CoolBeam® platform host 3 up to 12 CoolBlock® 2x2MX LED engines, generating from 4.000 all the way up to 60.000 lumen.
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TILS 2017: CoolFin® for horticulture LED cooling by MechaTronix Co., Ltd

With the rise of horticulture lighting these days, MechaTronix has developed CoolFin® for horticulture LED cooling.
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MechaTronix Launches 2x2MX LED Cooler Platform

While standardizations have been mainly focusing on retail and indoor lighting application, also the field of industrial lighting is undergoing a same move. Availability of standard building bricks lead to a shorter time to market, crucial in the hectic lighting world of today.
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LED Heat Sink Manufacturer MechaTronix Acquires Cooling House

MechaTronix, part of the Eight Lakes Group and headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, announced its next major milestone with the acquisition of Cooling House. Cooling House, based in New Taipei City, Taiwan, is a technology leader in advanced two-phase cooling. Their high power cooling solutions are based on advanced heat pipes and thermosyphons. As experts in remote heat transfer, they can offer innovative thermal solutions that save energy on an application level and that enable system builders to use higher performance electronics components.
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MechaTronix: LED Chip Designs Spur More Efficient Heat Sink Designs in High Power Applications

Miniaturization and rising efficiency in LED chip designs has initiated redesigns in heat sinks, which are becoming more compact and turning to new designs to achieve faster thermal dissipation, said MechaTronix General Manager Koen Vangorp during an interview with LEDinside at Taiwan International Lighting Show 2016 (TILS) that took place recently in Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei.
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MechaTronix Introduces LED Pin Fin Coolers

MechaTronix advanced LED pin fin coolers foreseen from Zhaga book 3 and Zhaga book 11 mounting holes, as well as an advanced pattern for direct mounting of COB LED modules. Besides better performance under tilted position the weight of these LED pin fin coolers is far lower than extruded star shaped LED coolers with similar performance.
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MechaTronix Releases High Bay Coolers for up to 35000 Lumen

While LED manufacturers are bringing more and more high power COBs to the market like Lumileds COB 1216, Citizen’s CLU550, Cree’s CXB3590 and Bridgelux’s Vero 29, MechaTronix announces their new CoolBay® high bay cooler program. The CoolBay® is a passive round cooler based on the patented CoolTube® quadruple closed-loop heat pipe structure, which makes it the most compact design on the market cooling down up to 35.000 lumen. The CoolBay® comes in 2 power platforms, The CoolBay® Giga up to 22.000 lumen in a diameter of 152mm and the CoolBay® Tera up to 35.000 lumen in a diameter of 192mm. These sizes are specifically chosen to match the design with the diameter of the round high bay coolers from Mean Well, the HBG series.
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MechaTronix Launches New Cooler for Industrial LED High Bays

Many tier A LED brands like Cree, Citizen and Tridonic have recently boosted their offerings in COB LED packages with new models performing lumen outputs from 10,000 all the way up to 20,000 lumen. As ECO partner of most A LED brands MechaTronix took up the glove to develop a range of high power passive LED coolers.
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MechaTronix Signs Agreement with European Distributor Avnet Abacus

Avnet Abacus, one of Europe’s leading interconnect, passive, electro-mechanical and power distributors and a business unit of Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, a business region of Avnet, has signed a pan-European distribution agreement with Taiwan-based MechaTronix, an important player in the global market for LED cooling solutions.
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MechaTronix Launches 20mm LED Heat Sink

With the current lumen boost of many tier 1 LED manufacturers, the demand raised exponentially for ultra-low profile LED coolers for use in height restricted down light applications.
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MechaTronix Launches Universal LED Cooler for BJB LED Modules

With a thermal resistance of 1.1°C/W in a diameter of 99 millimeter, the BJB LED star cooler offers a perfect passive cooling platform for luminaires up to 5000 lumen. Through a modular mounting pattern the GH36d LED cooler offers a wide platform of mechanical exchangeability – including Zhaga book 3 and Zhaga book 11 mounting platforms.
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MechaTronix Cooperates with Seoul Semiconductor on LED Cooling

MechaTronix, with its headquarter in Kaohsiung Taiwan, and Seoul Semiconductor, the world’s fourth biggest manufacturer of LED components, have drafted a cooperation on the design, production and worldwide distribution of standard LED coolers.Seoul’s new ZC series Chip-on-board (COB) LED arrays deliver a system level performance of 700 lumens to over 6,000 lumens. MechaTronix has developed a wide range of standard pin fin and star shaped passive LED coolers which thermally and mechanically match with all variations of Seoul’s ZC COB’s. 
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MechaTronix Enters Eco Partnership with Osram

The importance of easy off-the-shelf availability, proven quality and validated technical ability grows every day for lighting parts like reflectors and lenses, LED drivers and LED coolers.
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MechaTronix Develops Passive LED Cooler

Just a few years ago it was nearly impossible to develop a down or spot light with light output over 3,000 lumen without using an active fan or blower LED cooler.
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MechaTronix Designs LED Coolers for New Xicato XIM and XTM LED Modules

Module, MechaTronix as preferred LED cooling partner immediately faced the challenge of developing a full new range of LED coolers for this LED platforms. In this new developments not only the mechanical changes have been covered since the  power and communication cable from the new Xicato LED modules now come as a side feed, but MechaTronix also kept the latest design tendencies in mind.
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Why Pin Fin LED Coolers Perform Better Under Tilted Position

Ever wondered what the effect would be of tilting you LED spot light design over a certain angle with respect to thermal behavior? In this whitepaper MechaTronix describe the effect of tilting spot light designs over an angle of 50 degrees and 90 degrees, and compare the thermal results from LED coolers made by extrusion and pin fin technology.
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40V-150V breakdown voltage lineup: ideal for motor drive and industrial power supplies ROHM has developed Nch MOSFETs (40V/60V/80V/100V/150V) RS6xxxxBx / RH6xxxxBx series, 13 part numbers, suitable for applications operating on 24V/36V/48V pow... READ MORE