Overview of 32 Chinese LED Manufacturers 3Q16 Financial Results

After numerous LED manufacturers forecasted their future earnings, Chinese LED enterprises finally released their financial results for 3Q16. For those with irrational fear that the LED industry is still in the phase of “increasing revenues but stagnant profits,” LEDinside has collected third quarter earnings from 32 LED companies for further evaluation of the credibility of market claims about current development.
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Chinese LED Manufacturers Strategies to Breach Foreign Patent Barricades

Patent wars set the tone for first half of 2015, a long list of lawsuits included Everlight’s long battle with Nichia, and patent disputes between Cree and Feit Electric. These developments alerted Chinese manufacturers to the fact that they had very little influence and power in the world of patents. Moreover, there were still many obstacles for Chinese companies to overcome.
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San’an Opto Most Profitable Among Survey of 14 Chinese LED Manufacturers

As of Aug. 21, 2015, 14 Chinese manufacturers have released their financial results for the first half of 2015. Some have become more profitable, while others have continued to incur heavy losses. LEDinside takes a closer look into these companies financial performance.
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Indian Manufacturers Might Lose Large LED Orders to Chinese Competitors

The Indian government rolled out a massive green policy last October to replace the country’s 750 million tungsten bulbs with LEDs. But it will be Chinese companies that might acquire the potentially INR 240 billion (US $3.78 billion) worth of LED orders in the Indian market, due to domestic companies limited supply and lack of finances to meet this demand, reported Hindustan Times.
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LEDinside: Chinese LED Manufacturers Revenue Performance Review for 1H14 (Part 2)

In the last article, LEDinside summarized upstream Chinese LED manufacturers performance during first half of 2014, now it is time to inspect midstream and downstream sectors.
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LEDinside: Chinese LED Manufacturers Revenue Performance Review for 1H14 (Part 1)

With many LED manufacturers releasing their latest revenue performance in August 2014, LEDinside will now review and rate their performance as “excellent”, “pass” or “fail”.
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Taiwan LED Talents Exodus to China

A recent report by Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times noted a new phenomenon of Chinese companies headhunting  talent in Taiwan's LED industry. Three years ago, Chinese LED manufacturer San’an Optoelectronics uprooted a large number of engineers from leading Taiwanese LED company Epistar. The event was coined as the “108 Heros Incident” by Chinese media. Now, Chinese companies headhunting activities have escalated in scale and scope.Headhunting activities are also implementing Central Committee of the Communist Party’s “Ten Thousand People Plan” (literal translation) to obtain oversea ethnic-Chinese talent.
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Makers of LED Modules Stress Enhanced Heat Dissipation

Suppliers explore cooling options and materials, and adopt high-power SMD diodes. China suppliers of LED modules are enhancing product designs to address the light source’s elevated temperature. They use high-power diodes, mainly 1W SMD units, to achieve greater luminance and boost penetration of the indoor and outdoor illumination markets.
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