Osram in Talks with Chinese Companies and Other Potential Buyers of Lamp Business

German lighting manufacturer Osram has started a round of talks with potential buyers of its lamp business, the lineup of candidates includes several large Chinese lighting companies, according to a Reuters report.
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Three Trends Among “Runaway” Chinese LED Executives

“Every year there are escaping manufacturers, but this has become an ongoing trend in 2014,” is a common saying in China’s lighting industry. This is related to the easing domestic economic market, and slowdown in the real estate market leading to diminishing construction projects, said industry insiders. The LED industry is in a rapidly expanding phase, and all these indicate “winter is coming” in the LED lighting industry. However, not all manufacturers are capable of defending themselves against the “cold” and some have resorted to “selfish” measures.
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Chinese Manufacturers Driving LED Industry’s Low Price Trend

Philips decision to spin-off Philips Lumileds, automotive lighting and later lighting business in mid-2014 was mainly caused by emergence of Chinese LED manufacturers, and rapid market changes, said Roger Chu, Research Director of LEDinside at LEDforum 2014 held in Taipei, Taiwan on Oct. 24, 2014.
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Samsung Exits Global LED Luminaire Market

Following LEDinside’s earlier report about Samsung Electronics plans of withdrawing from the LED luminaire market earlier this month, a recent report from South Korean media Dong-A Ilbo has offered further details.
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Nichia Forecasts LED Industry Price Wars to Intensify in 2015

Restructures in the LED industry this year have shaken the market, whether it has been Philips decision to spin off its traditional lighting business, or the sudden bankruptcy of sapphire manufacturer GT Advanced Technology. But the worse is to come in 2015, when Chinese LED manufacturers technology matures, said a Nichia spokesperson.
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Thai LED Lighting Market Relies Heavily on Imports

Thailand is emerging as a lucrative export market for LED manufacturers, according to a latest report from Guangdong Science and Technology News.
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Chinese LED Displays Go Live at Brazil World Cup 2014

The Brazil World Cup 2014, which officially kicked off on June 13, 2014 at São Paulo is entering climax. This year’s game has taken an interesting turn, since the last World Cup champion Spain was knocked out of the game. Sixty four years have elapsed since soccer nation Brazil hosted the global sports event. Although, the Chinese soccer team was disqualified from the World Cup this year, Chinese-made LED displays have successfully earned “front row seats” to the world’s top sports event.
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Korean SMEs Face Bankruptcy as Low Priced Chinese LED Bulbs Flood the Market

The influx of affordable, but good quality LED bulbs from Chinese manufacturers into the Korean market is causing concern among small and medium size companies (SMEs), according to a recent report by Korean media. 
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Chinese Manufacturers: LED Development Needs Government Support and Regulations

Chairman from Chinese LED manufacturers Chang Fang Semiconductor, Mason Technologies, and Elec-Tech International expressed their reasoning behind need for government support and regulation of LED industry. 
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DEKRA: Chinese Manufacturers Make the Most Number of LED Light Recalls

  The recalls of LED lighting products from European RAPEX (The Rapid Alext System for Non-food Consumer Products) were much more frequently in the past months, according to a report by global certification auditing institute DEKRA. The second quarter report of RAPEX shows that total 32 recalls of LED lighting products were due to safety issues. Among those recall list, you can see that even famous international brands were reported, it thus reveal a truth that quality of LED is a big concerned by both authority and consumers. The recalls list of Q2 report are:
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