Toyoda Gosei to Begin Sales of Glass-Encapsulated Ultraviolet LEDs

Toyoda Gosei announces that it will soon begin sales of the glass-encapsulated ultraviolet LED products developed in March of last year for use as an industrial light source in the curing of resins, ink and adhesives. 
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Lumens to Introduce 200 l/w Flip-Chip Mid-Power Package

Lumens, a Korean LED packaging manufacturer, introduces new Mid-Power LED 5630F, a new family of ErgonTM.  Based on Lumens’ Flip Chip technology, the new 5630F4 provides the superb reliability to the conventional LED components while delivering the highest efficacy up to 200lumens-per-watt at 65mA, 5000K CCT, 80 CRI. Thanks to the world’s first silver-free flip chip technology, the new 5630F provides higher Reflectivity and Robustness. The 5630F also features high color uniformity with 3-step MacAdam Ellipses and Excellent light quality.
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GPI’s Devotion to Flip-Chips Pays off as Profit Turns Around in 4Q13

Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) has been devoted to developing flip-chip packaging recently. The Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer built a flip-chip package production line in 2013 to strengthen product integration. 
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Genesis Photonics Inc Shakes the Losing Trend

Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) has released their fiscal 2013 financial report. Revenue in 4Q13 benefited from introduction of flip-chips into street lights, lifting the company out of eight consecutive quarters of losses. In addition, improvements to product portfolio have drove up profit margin. 
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Samsung Introduces New Flip Chip LED Packages and Modules

Samsung Electronics Co., a world leader in advanced component solutions, introduced a new lineup of flip chip LED packages and modules offering enhanced design flexibility and a high degree of reliability. The new offerings, for use in leading-edge LED lighting such as LED bulbs, MR/PAR and downlights, will be available in the market during the second quarter of this year.
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Epistar Develops G9 Technology to Eliminate Heat Dissipation Issues

The pace in which flip-chips are integrated into lighting and backlighting products in 2014 has drawn the attention from the industry. LED package manufacturer Epistar showcased their new G9 capsules which use Pad Extension Chip (PEC) and HV LED technology during the Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) 2014 last week. 
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FOREPI Chairman Speaks Out on Flip-chip Mobile Applications

Flip-chips various features are now also being valued in the mobile application market, said FOREPI Chairman Chien Fen-ren during Leadray Energy’s Taipei office opening ceremony on March 17, 2014.
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Everlight Makes Move Towards EMC and Flip-chip Production

New LED technology and products continue to emerge as lighting demands rise and costs drop. The wave of EMCs, with advantages in Cost/ Performance (C/P), and new flip-chip trends anticipated to continue into 2014. LED package manufacturer Everlight began actively developing EMC products in 2013 and plans to expand production capacity in 2014. The company has also jumped onto the flip-chip technology bandwagon and is currently strategizing a flip-chip supply chain.
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Flip Chip Propels Tong Hsing Electronics Industry Ceramic Substrate Technology

Large ceramic wafer manufacturer Tong Hsing Electronics Industries’ annual ceramic substrate for LED revenue grew 10 percent. As LED lighting applications mature, the LED industry is optimistic and is rapidly transforming the industry. New designs, materials, and manufacturing processes are being verified. Among these  flip-chip products were continually launched, driving demand for high heat resistance performance. The market anticipates that Tong Hsing will benefit.
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Samsung Reveals World’s Smallest Flash LED Product

Package free products have been making waves in the LED industry since 2013. LED manufacturers have been investing in R&D for package free and CSP (chip-scale package) products, including Samsung who recently announced the release of  a new CSP product. The company is launching their completely new 1.3mm x 1.3mm flash LED which uses CSP technology, called FC1313. The CSP FC1313 is small in size, has more design flexibility, and low power consumption. It has become known as the world’s smallest flash LED product.
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Epileds Investment in Flip-Chip R&D Affects 2013 Profits

LED chip manufacturer Epileds reports fiscal year 2013 results. The company’s consolidated revenue reached NT $1.32 billion (US $43.6 million), slight dip of 2.15 percent from 2012. In 2013, Epileds invested large amounts of R&D resources into new flip-chip developments, which has bolstered high operations fees leading net income to drop YoY 27.82 percent to NT $60.47 million with EPS of NT $0.6.
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Samsung Integrates Flip-Chip Tech into Flash LEDs

As flip-chip technology becomes more mature, there has been a clear increase in flip-chip applications this year. Those within the industry have been actively applying flip-chips into flash LEDs. Samsung has taken advantage of the expanded range of flash LED products and announced the launch of their new flash 2016 LED  with flip-chip technology this month.
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Taiwanese LED Chip Manufactures Benefit from Large Order from Samsung

Taiwanese manufacturers could soon see an increase in flip-chip shipments as Samsung begins to purchase LED flip-chips from Taiwanese manufacturers.
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Philips Lumileds Plans to Introduce Flip-Chip Technology into Mid-Powered LEDs - LEDforum 2013

Mid-power LEDs performance in 2013 has been stellar. Mid-power LED has become the mainstream for interior lighting, including retrofit bulbs, remarked Sean Zhou, Asia Regional Marketing Director, Philips Lumileds during the LEDforum Taipei 2013. Large volume of mid-powered LED are applied in downlights and panels.. Indoor lighting applications for downlights and panels is hoped to turn to mid-powered LEDs in the future. The Philips Lumileds flip-chip high voltage currents and small sized packaging can achieve better luminosity (lm/w) and price/performance ratio (lm/$) through. The company plans to introduce flip-chip technology into the mid-power LED market in the future.
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