Sharp to Supply LED Backlights to Sony

Sharp will begin supplying LED backlights for LCD televisions to Sony, expanding their alliance in LCD panels, the Nikkei business daily reported today. And the two companies will also jointly develop next-generation backlights, according to the report.
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Sony adds ultra-slim edge-lit LED models to Bravia HDTV line

Sony introduced a new line of ultra-thin BRAVIA™ LCD HDTVs featuring an advanced edge-lit LED backlight and exceptional contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1.
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LEDs give Sony’s TV sales in Japan a shot in the arm, the firm's year-end sales expected to grow by 50%

Recently, Nobuki Kurita, president of Sony’s marketing unit in Japan indicated that Sony’s 2009 year-end LCD TV sales in Japan is expected to grow by 50% compared to the same period last year.
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Sony Delays Launch of OLED TV to Stop the Bleeding

Sony will likely delay the launch of its new ultrathin organic light emitting diode (OLED) television, according to a report by Wall Street Journal. Once on track for the end of 2009, the larger Sony OLED TV is only slated to launch in 2010 at the earliest, because mass producing the new displays would exacerbate losses at its TV division. Its losses are blamed partly on decline in TV business due to sagging global economy.
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Samsung Seeks to Supply LED TV Panels to Sony, Seoul Economic Reports

Samsung, the Korean electronic giant, is reportedly to be in talks with Sony to supply LED-backlit panels for TVs, according to an article on the Seoul Economic Daily, a Korean-language newspaper. Samsung may supply LED panels measuring 40 inches, 46 inches and 55 inches for Sony’s LED TVs, while it currently has no plan to supply LED-related chips to any of its competitors, according to the report.
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Sony LED BRAVIA TVs to Be Announced in September

Sony X5500 LED TVs are set to launch September or October this year and are expected to be exhibited for the first time on the big consumer electronics fair IFA 2009 in Berlin this September. According to the FlatpanelsHD site, X5500 will feature a LED backlight with local dimming, which means that LEDs are located behind the LCD panel and can be controlled in a number of zones, just like on the Philips LED Lux model.
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Sony's 9.9mm-Thin LED TV to Enter Singapore Market Soon

Sony plans to launch its 9.9mm-thin Bravia ZX1-series in Singapore in June. The super-slim KLV-40ZX1 is Sony’s answer to the latest LED TVs from Samsung. Unlike the Korean comany's 29.9mm-thin offerings, this Japanese concoction uses an A/V media box that communicates wirelessly with its full-HD LCD panel. In addition, the screen has a 10-bit color reproduction to render a billion discreet hues, plus Motionflow 100Hz and image blur reduction technology for smoother and sharper motion.
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OLED lighting market to reach $6 billion by 2018

The OLED lighting market will reach $6 billion by 2018, according to a recent report. The report notes that the OLED market will start to pick up in 2011, with Philips, GE, Konica Minolta, Lumiotec, and OSRAM entering mass production.
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CES 2009: Smaller OLED Display Seen to Expand in 2009

CES 2009 helped mark a number of upcoming technological trends that have either already reached the market or are about to do so in the next 12 months. Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) display technology made an impact at CES 2009.
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LED backlights have a bright future in LCD TVs

It’s reported that the use of LED backlights in LCD TVs will start to grow rapidly from 2009 as TV makers introduce slimmer models.
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Taiwan‘s CMEL unveils millimeter-thick OLED panel at FPD International exhibition

Recently, Taiwan display maker Chi Mei EL unveiled its 25-inch screen that's less than a millimeter thick at the FPD International exhibition in Japan on Wednesday. The new screen is based on the emerging OLED technology and attracted a steady stream of show attendees who snapped pictures of the screen or who peered around the edge to take a look at just how thin it is.
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OLED, 3D displaying is showed at Ceatec 2008

it’s reported that Sony has an entire wall of its 11-inch XEL-1 OLED TVs set up here at Ceatec 2008, but in contrast with past gadget shows, it's not the only company showing off OLED prototypes. Panasonic may have said earlier this week that OLED is still far from becoming a mass-produced mainstream technology for use in big-screen TVs, but other electronics makers are plowing ahead with their own research on the organic, thin film technology: NEC, Sony, and KDDI showed off what they've been doing with OLED in their research labs.
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The Great Future of LED TV(2)-- The maturity and productization of LED TV Technology

In the IFA 2008, many manufacturers introduced LED TVs to show their capability of combining LED and TV technology.SamsungFor example, Samsung introduced the A950 series, which supports Full HD(1920*1080) with screens made 46 or 55 inches, and adopts LED back light, which can control the brightness more efficiently.Sony
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The Great Future of LED TV(1)-- LED TV became focus in the IFA 2008

Why use LED backlight?A few days ago in the IFA 2008 hosted in Berlin,many of the branded TV manufacturers introduced LED-backlighted TVs(LED TV),aimed at the top layer of customers. Some leading manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung already introduced LED TV in 2006,but with the costs of LED have decreased and the LED technology has progressed rapidly, LED TV has moved toward a real product rather than just a demonstration of technology.
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TV performance is improved by LED backlights technology

Recently, Philips and Sony both unveiled new LCD televisions that use LED backlights at IFA, a major consumer electronic show held in Berlin, Germany on August 29 - September 3. Both companies had new TVs that used the LED backlights to achieve local dimming, while Sony also had a 40-inch LCD TV with LED edge-lighting – almost certainly a first.
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The key of Bravia TVs’ Picture Quality is RGB LED Backlight Technology

Recently, Sony Corp announced a new product line of Bravia LCD TVs including the XR1 series, which has an RGB LED backlight unit. The company said that the XR1 series offers "the highest picture quality in the history of Bravia," and also has an extremely wide color gamut of 122% NTSC. It is scheduled for release on Oct 10, 2008, many of the details have yet to be released.
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Toshiba and Matsushita joint venture to develop advanced OLED panels

Recently, Japan's Toshiba Corp and Matsushita joint venture to develop OLED displays with the world's longest product life span and lowest power consumption. The venture has developed the new panel in cooperation with Idemitsu Kosan Co, a Japanese oil refiner active in OLED materials development.
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Matsushita works on OLED displays

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. will begin test production of next-generation displays for TVs next year with plans for commercial output as early as 2011. Competition is heating up among the world's electronics makers, including Japanese rival Sony Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea, in OLED, or organic light-emitting diode, displays.
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Sony, Sanyo, Others Settle LED Patent Complaint

Four consumer electronics companies, including Sony and Sanyo Electric, have settled a complaint that they were infringing a patent on semiconductors related to LEDs and laser diodes used in products such as mobile phones, billboards, Blu-ray disc players and data storage devices, according to lawyers for the patent holder.  
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Brief Comment:The Influence of SONY’s 70-inch LCDTV Back Light Module to the Industry

In CEATEC JAPAN 2007 exhibited recently in Japan , Japanese electronics giant SONY Corp announced the LED LCDTV back light module technology used in the latest 70-inch module of BRAVIA LCD TV . As one of the leader brands of LCD TV, SONY’s choice of back light module technology will certainly cause some influence to the industry, especially the trend of LED modules used in high-end LCD TV and designs of periphreals. It’s possible that the most common strategy might be mimicking SONY, SAMSUNG and SHARP.
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