TLLIA Projects Taiwan's LED Output Value to Grow at Double-Digit Rates in 2015

Taiwan’s LED gross output value could soar at double digit rates in 2015 as local suppliers seek out various application sectors to boost shipments, said Taiwan’s LED Lighting Industry Association (TLLIA).
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Taiwanese LED Manufacturers Innovative Products at Lighting Japan 2015

Taiwanese LED manufacturers have set certain records at this year Lighting Japan 2015, which took place at Tokyo Big Sight recently. There were LED component and lighting manufacturers that were attending the show for the first time, and returning manufacturers.
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Taiwan’s LED Component Value Tops Global Rankings

Taiwan topped global rankings last year for LED component output value, and the industry is expected to keep up 14% growth throughout 2015 to reach US $5.37 billion, according to statistics compiled by Taiwan’s Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA).
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TILS 2015: Introduction to Taiwanese Manufacturer Rainbow Light Spectrometers

Rainbow Light is a self-own brand of Rainbow Light Technology Co., Ltd.  Based on MEMS micro spectrometer technology , its products, such as micro spectral module, LED and light-relative measurement, transmittance measurement, and lux meter, etc., that are all manufactured professionally, with exclusive technology, professional RD capability, and holistic management system.  Micro spectrometer is with tiny dimension, extra-low cost, high resolution, anti- seismic, and precise features and can be applied on photoelectric measurement, environmental monitor, biomedical monitor, and Commodity Industry.        
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Everlight Joins US $1 B Revenue Club

Everlight has breached the high revenue barrier to become a new official member of the “US $1 billion Club” as the company’s consolidated annual revenue for 2014 soared up 23.99% to NT $30.61 billion, according to a news report from China Times.
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LEDinside Projects Epistar and TSMC Alliance to Speed Up LED Industry Innovation

Epistar Corp. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) Board of Directors held simultaneous meetings to approve the sale of all shares of TMSC Solid State Lighting (TSMC SSL)  to Epistar at NT$ 1.46 per share, with the total price amounts to NT$ 825 million. Epistar will control 94% of TSMC SSL holdings after this acquisition. While TSMC will completely relinquish its control of TSMC SSL, the business operations will be jointly manned by the present TSMC SSL team and Epistar personnel.
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Fortune Winds's Company and Product Profiles - TILS 2015

We are in Furniture Business since 1976. Since 2012 We specialized in LED Lighting & Solar Home System Business. We have our own warehouse in Taichung - Central of Taiwan. We also have Branch in China. So we can handle several kinds of LED & Solar Home System from Taiwan and China.
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Rumors: Foxconn OLED to Enter Production in 2016

Foxconn might start small scale OLED production in 2016, according to a Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun report.
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Taitung to Welcome 2015 with Colorful Party Show

A colorful year-end party show will kick off at night on December 31 in Taitung County, Taiwan. Taitung County governor Justin Huang welcomes visitors to join local residents to usher in 2015 together.
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Taiwanese LED Manufacturers Face Immense Challenges in Coming Year

Another challenging year awaits Taiwanese manufacturers as major Chinese LED chip manufacturer San’an Opto acquires a total of 100 MOCVD reactors in September and December and have said that the company will continue to headhunt Taiwanese experts, according to a report of China Times.
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Everlight to Invest NT$30B in Production Expansion

Everlight plans to invest NT $30 billion (US $944.31 million) on production expansion in the next five years in Taiwan to compete in the international market, according to a news report from UDN.
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Philips Enters Taiwan Smart LED Market

Global lighting giant Philips decided to enter Taiwan’s smart LED lighting market, and aims to become the leading manufacturer in this field, according to an UDN report.
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Everlight Plans for Lighting Market Expansion in LED Off-season

LED manufacturer Everlight plans to expand in the lighting market as the company’s revenue for November was down due to LED backlight slack season.
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ITRI Announces Technology Transfer to FlexUP Technologies

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) announced today the successful transfer of FlexUP™ technology to FlexUP Technologies Corp. By providing flexible substrate material, this new startup aims at satisfying the growing demand and emerging opportunities in the flexible display market for smart handheld devices, wrist worn devices and flexible medical sensors.
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Asian LED Manufacturers Part Ways Over Uncertain Market Conditions

LED is a fast changing industry. Asian manufacturers have taken their own paths to confront the tide of change. Japanese manufacturers are actively seeking collaboration opportunities with Taiwanese manufacturers, while Korean LED manufacturer Samsung has gradually exited the global LED market. Chinese manufacturers on the other hand are expanding production capacity on the back of government support.
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Taiwan Leads World in Phasing Out Mercury-Vapor Streetlights

Taiwan’s Executive Yuan announced recently plans to phase out the nation’s 692,000 mercury-vapor lamps with LEDs in the next two years, according to a recent Taipei Times report.
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Nichia: Taiwanese Manufacturers Should Strengthen Patent Portfolio

Global LED market prices have been disrupted by heavily subsidized Chinese manufacturers, to stay relevant Taiwanese manufacturers need to work on strengthening patent portfolios, said Katsuyuki Akutagawa, Chief Legal and IP Officer Board Director for Nichia at a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan on Thursday.
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Taiwan Manufacturers Revisit Istanbul to Showcase LED Lighting Solutions

The Green Trade Project Office under Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs is set to return to Istanbul for the third exhibition event of its 2014 Green Light campaign, leading a delegation of exhibitors to participate once again in the LED and LED Lighting Exhibition, scheduled to be held on September 25-28 at the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM).
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Asian Cities Cry Out: LED There Be Light

LED streetlights are known to be bright, sometimes too bright that UK and U.S. residents have complained glare from LEDs disrupted sleeping patterns. In a recent turn of events, though, residents in Taiwan and India have reported the LED streetlights were too dim, and were underperforming in brightness compared to previous generation lights.
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Cross-Strait LED Industry Cooperation Seminar Aims to Integrate the Best from Both Sides

The Cross-Strait LED industry cooperation seminar took place at Dayeh University in Changhua County, Taiwan on Sept. 4, 2014. Industry experts and academia from China and Taiwan attended the seminar.
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Everlight Chairman Optimistic of LED Industry Outlook

Taiwan’s LED industry godfather Everlight Chairman Robert Yeh upheld a positive outlook on the industry developments, according to an Economic Daily News report.
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Taiwanese LED Manufacturers August Performance Unaffected by Recent Stock Slip

Taiwanese LED stocks plunged on Aug. 21, 2014 over rumors of Chinese government’s intention to raise LED tariffs. To clarify market rumors, LED manufacturers Lite-On, Everlight, Epistar and Unity Opto all stated they did not receive any notices regarding increased tariffs from Chinese authorities, and an uptick in tariffs would have limited impact since they all had LED factories in China. These Taiwanese LED manufacturers also emphasized delivering good revenue performances for August 2014.
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Taiwan’s LED Industry Sees Record Growth in July 2014, But Not in Sapphire Substrate Industry

The LED industry showed stable growth in first half of 2014, with conventional peak season arriving in 3Q14, many LED manufacturers July 2014 revenues set new historical records including listed companies Everlight, FOREPI and Lextar. LED upstream sapphire substrate manufacturers revenues were slightly weak last month, with only listed company Crystalwise Technology showing strong revenue income. Other listed sapphire substrate companies including Rigidtech and others have also expanded  production capacity. 
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Lite-On Supplies LED Streetlights to Gas-Explosion Hit Areas in Kaohsiung

Lite-On recently announced donating NT $ 5 million (US $170,000) to the gas-explosion devastated Kaohsiung City in southern Taiwan.
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Taiwan Researchers Launch Eyewear to Detect Diabetes-related Neruological Condition

A research team in Taiwan is following in Google’s footsteps in launching an exclusive eyewear to detect early signs of diabetes. The device unlike Google’s contact lens announced in January 2014 is worn on top of glasses to detect whether a person has diabetes. It remains unclear as to whether the new diabetes detection eyewear from Taiwan will also pick up on Google’s lead of using LED indicator lights.
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Taiwanese Sapphire Manufacturers Rigidtech and Aceplux Revenue Grow Exponentially in May 2014

Taiwanese sapphire manufacturers Rigidtech Microelectronics (Rigidtech) and Aceplux Optotech have seen revenue more than double during May and June 2014, according to a CNYes.com report. The two companies benefited from soaring LED lighting demands that have led to rising Patterned Sapphire Substrate (PSS) revenue.
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Taiwanese LED Packaging Manufacturers Market Share in China Eroded by East Asia Competitors, says Trendforce

China LED packaging market scale reached US $7.2 billion in 2013, according to the latest China LED package market report from LEDinside, a division of research organization Trendforce. China become a prime market for global LED packaging manufacturers, who are speeding up efforts to acquire bigger market share. Leading Chinese manufacturers are also maintain fast development rates, increasing restructure pace is also scaling up industry concentration in the country. Chinese manufacturers’ actions have impacted Taiwanese manufacturers’ Chinese market share, which slid to 9% as a result. Raising product competitiveness has become an urgent matter for manufacturers.
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LED Manufacturers Urge Government to Scrap Nuclear Power as Alternative Energy Source

The debate over the construction of Taiwan’s fourth nuclear power plant has been heating up. Alternative energy manufacturers have been eager to voice their opinions, urging the government to reconsider nuclear power as an energy source for the country. 
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ESCO Model Intensifies Street Light Bids in Taiwan

Taiwan has seen an uptick in LED street light replacement activity as of late. Last year, around 25,000 street lights were replaced during a street light replacement project across five major cities in Taiwan. An additional 30,000 street lights are anticipated to be replaced this year, according to the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).
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Taiwan’s LED Industry to Benefit from China Environmental Policies

LED stocks delivered the strongest performance on the Taiwan bourse on March 4, 2014, according to a report by Chinese-language Commercial Times.  The report attributed the performance to rising LED market penetration rates and China’s environmental policies discussed at two conferences. Taiwanese LED manufacturers Unity Opto, LedTech Electronics, Tekcore and other stock prices soared, while other LED companies also saw stocks rebound.
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