CLEARLIGHT TECHNOLOGY Launches Kickstarter Campaign for LED Retrofit Module for Fluorescent Tubes

ClearLight Technology®, a division of American Machine Vision LLC announces its US $60,000 in 60 days Kickstarter campaign to fund the certification and final engineering of their low-power, low heat, energy efficient LED retrofit module for fluorescent tube fixtures.
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UpLamp Turns Smartphone into Ambient Bedside LED Lamp

      UpLamp launched a campaign on Kickstarter to finance its smartphone driven bedside lamp. The team pledges EUR 36,000 for the UpLamp.   Lamps that detect motions and dim correspondingly may not be new, but UpLamp turns it into a smartphone docking station.       The LED lamp uses the smartphone’s flash camera as its light source. With specially designed optic and plastic resin, UPLamp creates soft glow that is ideal for bed time mood....
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Solar Watt Box Creates Off-the-grid Campsite, Charges up LED Lights for Longer Time

A Chicago-based team launched Kickstarter campaign for its portable solar battery called Solar Watt Box. The campaign pledged for US $8,500 and has secured US $1,035 in total.
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Wide Beam Area Headlamp Lets Outdoor Lovers Enjoy the Pure Trekking Experience

    A U.S.-based startup launched crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for its personal outdoor illuminating gadget, ONE8Ø. The team has secured US $111, 153, which is almost 10 times of their pledged goal, from 1,777 backers.   One80 got its name from the semicircular design, offering both headlamp and waist light for selection.   The 180 degree light, which is also the origin of its name, enable wider view during outdoor activities. The semicircular light strip set the user free from repeatedly turning one’s head for illumination. ...
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ComfyLight Launches Campaign on Kickstarter for its Smart LED Light

ComfyLight AG today announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of its smart light bulb that actively protects your home from intruders. The campaign will go live at www.comfylight.com/kickstarter on January 22nd, 2016, and aims to recruit early backers for this unique security solution.
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LightFreq Fails to Deliver Kickstarter Orders

Supporters of LightFreq, a smart LED bulb integrated with speakers, have not received the product, despite being overdue for eight months, reported TNW news recently.
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Goggles That Keep Swimmers OnCourse with LED Signal Lights

A Kickstarter campaign called OnCourse Goggles launches crowd funding for a pair of goggles that helps athletes swim in straight line with LED signal lights.
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Filmmaker Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Transform Chicago Rail into Interactive Lighting Art

Filmmaker Jack C. Newell and design consultant Seth Unger have launched a Kickstarter campaign to transform the dingy elevated train tracks (L) in Chicago’s loop to a piece of interactive light art.
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SeaLantern Launches Robust Underwater LED Flash Light for Deep Dives

Finding Nemo has never been this easy and capturing colourful memories has never been such an indepth experience as with SeaLantern's brand new Flame Angel video and sport lights just launched on Kickstarter, boasting an extreme 300 meter depth rating and unrivalled effortless operation due to a new type of switch technology they've developed. Anyone can make a flashlight, but not just anyone has the passion to make them intensely bright, reliable, robust, versatile and stunningly beautiful all at once, except well for SeaLantern of course, leaving you feeling at ease due to the design efforts that Australian founded SeaLantern takes with their creations.
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AmbiLED for Computer Monitors Gains Support on Kickstarter

Past Kickstarter ambient lighting projects were mainly focused on bringing colorful LED lights to TVs, and making home entertainment an immersive experience. Recently, a UK team has gotten even more personal by bringing DIY ambient lighting systems to the computer screen.
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LightFreq Takes Kickstarter by Storm, Reaches US $50,000 Target in 4 Days

LightFreq - the revolutionary new way to bring light and sound to your home - has today announced its US $50,000 Kickstarter goal has been reached within just four days of its official launch. With funding now secured, the LightFreq will now be going into production, with backers expecting to receive their LightFreqs by February 2015. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lightfreq/733759399?token=aa557b8a
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LightFreq Kickstarts Smart LED Bulbs that Play Music

LightFreq launched on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. An electrifying marriage of vision and sound, LightFreq is set to revolutionize the way we light our living spaces, and is offering some great rewards to backers, with Early Bird packages available from US $55.
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Flexible LED Light Banks Offers Portable Lighting Option for Photographers

Wanting to create a more portable and energy efficient light for professional photographers and videographers, two professionals created the first ever flexible LED light bank called the RagLite. 
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World’s Smallest LED Fitness Tracker Goccia

Major consumer electronic manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony might be battling on the smartwatch front, but for the fashion-conscious the bulky designs have been rather unattractive. Keeping aesthetics in mind, a fairly new U.S.-based company, G-Wearables Team, has launched the world’s smallest LED fitness tracker.
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Halo Belt Light up Pedestrians at Night

Halo Belt, a San Francisco based company, successfully concluded its kickstarter project in 2012 for a bright LED belt that improved pedestrian safety at night. The company has recently come back with a new fundraising project for its second generation product Halo Belt 2.0.
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Uopia Nightlight: Better Light Means Better Sleep

The number of people experiencing sleep related issues around the globe is at an all-time high. In the United States alone, poor sleep quality has become so pervasive that the Center for Disease Control has classified it as an epidemic. Researchers have identified that short wavelength blue light in the 460 to 480 spectrum inhibit natural sleep patterns and lead to sleep disorders.
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Alkilu Kickstarts Affordable OLED Lighting Project

Alkilu, a U.S. based company is ambitiously raising funds to launch an affordable OLED lighting product, Aurora All-Terrain light. The LEDinside editorial team found at Lighting Japan 2014, OLED panel pricings can range from US$50-US$ 192.08 a piece. The Aurora All-Terrain pricing of US$ 74 falls somewhere in between, so its not too far off from its affordable claim.
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Design Meets Function with LED Bike Lights

Radlicht has designed a unique way to keep bikers visible at night with an eye-catching LED light design. Based in Boston and Germany, the company had already exceeded their intended goal with 17 days left to go in their Kickstarter campaign.
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Unusual LED Tail Lights for Horses

Sammi Gros has invented a new type of LED “Tail Lights.” They are not your usual LED tail lights for automotive applications, but six LED double sided strands clipped to horse tails. According to Kickstarter’s product introduction, Gros decided to launch safety lights for equestrian lovers after being hit by a car during a riding trip with a friend four years ago. The safety lights for horses aims to help avoid potential motor accidents for riders.
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Korean Designer Kickstarts LED Bag for Bikers

Korean designer Lee Myung Su first released his SEIL Bag, a LED bag for bikers in 2010. The company is now trying to take the product into the mass production phase with its Kickstarter project. 
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