Avnet Assembles LED Design Dream Team for LIGHTFAIR Institute Courses

Avnet, a major global technology distributor, announced that Avnet Illumineer Bob Householder will be among the featured course instructors at this year’s LIGHTFAIR International (LFI), May 7-8, 2017, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia. LFI is the world’s largest annual commercial lighting conference and trade show.
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British Research Highlights Importance of Human Factor in LED Design

A report into the human responses to LED lighting solutions has concluded that the human reaction to light sources should be a primary factor in deciding to deploy them, not just efficiency or cost.
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Art Museums Turning to LEDs to Preserve Masterpieces

Museums around the world are swapping conventional lights in favor of LEDs to protect famous paintings from being damaged by light exposure, according to a Wired report.
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Designboom Calls for Design Submissions for Happy LED Life Competition

CALL-FOR-ENTRIES Research into LED technology started in 1962, 53 years ago, but the invention and development of the high-power white-light LED to use for illumination has only made it into our everyday life since 1995. We celebrate the 20th anniversary of this benchmark with the 'happy LED life!' competition.
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Levitating LED Bulb Flyte

A floating LED light bulb has made possible by a Swedish designer Simon Morris by using magnetic designs.
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FuturoLighting Launches Smart AC LED Module

FuturoLighting, A company focused on LED lighting solutions, introduces a smart AC LED module operating directly from 230 VAC network. Module integrates AC driver with high PFC above 0,97 offering ON/OFF and dimming functionality with stand-by consumption below 0,5 W. The module was designed in several versions covering basic, triac dimmable, analogue dimmable and smart functionality. Dimensions of the module are 100 x 100 mm with height of 5 mm for basic and 25 mm for smart version. It is first integrated approach of an AC driver together with movement sensor and smart behavior. Practically these modules are electrically behaving as real incandescent bulb (resistive load). 
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Finnish Artists Creates Spooky Images with LEDs

Finnish photographer has been creating spooky images with light for four years, ever since he accidently discovered the medium. Janne Parviainen uses only a camera and a child’s LED torch to create his uniquely creepy photographs.
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LED Light Display Breathes Life Back Into Small Finnish Town

A small area right outside the capital city of Finland had new life breathed into it when design team Lighting Design Collective decided to take a seaside oil silo and convert it into a permanent art piece.
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