Direct-lit LED TV Market Penetration Rates to Break 50% Barrier in 2014

As LED TV market penetration rates reached 95 percent in 2013, the product’s market penetration rates are close to full saturation this year. With high LED TV market penetration rates, LED-backlit TVs are close to overtaking CCFL backlight modules in 2014. In 2014, direct-lit LED TV penetration rates are expected to exceed 50 percent, and clinch the leading position from edge-lit type TVs for the first time.
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LED and Mobile Device Demands Spurs Sapphire Manufacturer Production Expansion Trend in 2014, says TrendForce

Increased demands from the LED and mobile device application market have spurred sapphire manufacturers to expand sapphire ingot, sapphire wafer, and PSS production, according to the recent 2014 Global Sapphire Substrate Market Report from LEDinside, the green energy research division of TrendForce. 
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Sapphire Substrate Applications Diversifying with Handset Mobile Devices in the Lead Again, Analyzes TrendForce

Out of sapphire substrate non-LED applications, mobile devices have shown strongest demands, according to “2014 Global Sapphire Substrate Market Report” by LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce. Sapphire substrate non-LED application is projected to reach 32% this year, with mobile device applications taking a 21% share, said LEDinside.
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Credit Suisse: Global LED Industry Enters Expansion Phase in 2014

As countries kick off incandescent bulb phase out policies, soaring LED lighting demands has attracted market attention. Credit Suisse latest report is optimistic that the LED industry will enter another expansion phase in 2014. In addition, LED stocks will also be on the rise this year. 
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LED Industry Restructure Trend in Taiwan and China to Continue in 2014

Another wave of industry restructuring is expected to occur in Taiwan and China as LED lighting penetration rates continue to rise, according to Chinese-language Apple Daily report. LEDinside and Photonics Industry and Technology Development Association (PIDA) both projected the large enterprises expansion trends is well established. Second tier LED die manufacturers are an important observation index in Taiwan, while in China it is LED package manufacturers.
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Veeco: MOCVD Demands to Catch on Rising LED Lighting Trends in 2014

LED industry will be able to overcome the oversupply glut over the last few years in 2014, as it hops onto lighting’s growing trend, according to estimations by Veeco. Epistar Chairman B.J. Lee projected earlier the LED supply and demand situation will gradually ease in 2014, and LED manufacturers are also optimistic about lighting developments in 2014. Large MOCVD manufacturers such as Veeco are also optimistic about a new generation of MOCVD equipment demands spurred by LED lighting growth.
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Lighting Technology Trends Observed at Lighting Japan 2014

Japanese technology has always been under the global spotlight and recognized as a worldwide trend indicator. LEDinside observed flip chip LED and EMC will become the major development trend this year among manufacturers display and release of related equipment and material at Lighting Japan 2014, which took place at Tokyo Big Sight earlier this month. Below is LEDinside observations and trend analysis while interviewing equipment, material, and package manufacturers at the trade show:
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Memoori: Why 2014 is a Good Time To Be in the Lighting Control Business

Network based lighting controls have failed to gain much traction over the last 5 years despite the benefits that they can deliver for improving operating costs and reducing CO2 emissions. So why will the influx of LED lighting into the commercial building market open up new opportunities for controls?
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LEDinside: Six Main Trends to Look Out for in 2014

Leaving 2013 behind, the LED industry is optimistic about the  2014 market. The editorial staff of  LEDinside in China has compiled a list of six research articles analyzing the future trends anticipated for 2014 including lighting, backlighting, and flash LED.   
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Taiwan's LED and Financial Industry Optimistic About Lighting Demands in 2014

The LED industry has been dubbed as one of the “four miserable industries” in Taiwan, but in 2014 the industry will have a chance to shed its miserable reputation. Order is being restored in the Chinese LED industry as the country reduces LED subsidies and bans incandescent bulbs. The LED industry supply and demand issues will be improved in 2014. In addition, with strong growth in global LED lighting demands, big brands and investment managers are optimistic about LED industry trends in 2014. 
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Slimmed Down Chubby TV to Become Mainstream Model in 2014

Direct-view type LED TV aka chubby TV with its cost advantages and has been a market highlight in 2013. Chubby TV has been using secondary optic lens to continually improve its features. By increasing beam angle, the LED TV has successfully met the challenge of shortening OD to 15 mm without adding LEDs. The chubby TV not only has cost advantages, it has also shed off its thick appearance and now holds the same advantages as the thin edge-view type LED TV. The industry predicts 15 mm OD TV model will become the next major industry spec in 2014.
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