UBS: Apple May Release AR Smart Glasses ‘iGlass’

The first half of 2017 has passed and the world has been waiting for the new iPhone, which is projected to be launched either late in this year or in 1Q18. However, according to CNBC’s report on 20th June, gadget lovers could probably have a few more things to expect, Apple’s smart glasses ‘iGlass’, for instance.
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UBS: OLED iPhones Could Create Demand Spurt but Hurt Profits

What are some of the potential consequences of introducing OLED display technology in the iPhone 8?
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UBS: LED Lighting Market Penetration to Reach 30% in 2015

Global LED chip demand and supply condition is gradually reaching an equilibrium, and easing the industry’s oversupply situation, according to a Qianjia.com report that quoted an electronic component industry report by UBS. Lighting is becoming one of the major application sectors in the LED industry, and China’s LED supply chain is expected to benefit from these changes. LED chip manufacturers are expected to benefit the most in the future.
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GTAT Stocks Downgraded by Foreign Investment Firms

GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) shares plummeted 11 percent after investment analysts downgraded GTAT stock ratings from buy to neutral on July 7, 2014.
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UBS: Global LED Industry Growth Under Control in 2014

Certain events beneficial to the LED industry have occurred in the past few weeks. UBS Analyst Fredric Stahl noted Philips LED lighting business 4Q13 revenue has soared 48 percent compared to the same period in 2012. Osram also reported the company’s LED lighting business had grown 28 percent in 4Q13 compared to 4Q12,
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UBS Outlook for LED Chip, Package, and Light Source Manufacturers in 2014

UBS: LED chip supply and demand has balanced out, increase in shipment volume and gross profit possible in the future.Expansion of chip production in 2013 was limited and around 20-30 percent produced was invalid. With LED lighting rapidly growing, supply and demand for the domestic LED chip industry has already balanced out. We anticipate that LED chips will increase both in shipments and gross profit in 2014. Leading manufacturers with advantages in scale and cost and with government backing have the potential  to increase competitiveness.
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UBS Has Positive Outlook for non-Chinese LED Chip OEM Market in 2014

The LED industry has been stuck in a oversupply situation for the past few years but 2014 will finally see the first light to equilibrium. The supply shortage situation is expected to reemerge in 2014 brought on by rising LED lighting demands, stable backlight demand, and limited production capacity expansion by LED chip manufacturers, according to a recent report from UBS. Long term orders from OEMs for large lighting manufacturers Philips and Osram will benefit non-Chinese LED chip manufacturers.
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UBS Gives Outlook for Everlight and Epistar 2014 Market Performance

The LED market for 2014 will see continued growth for the general lighting market and supply shortage of LED chips due to increasing demands from the LED lighting market, according to a recent report from UBS. In the report, the financial service company provides their outlook for Everlight and Epistar 2014 operation performance.
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