Jasco Launches LED Smart Bulbs for Residential Lighting

Jasco Products, industry leader in Z-Wave lighting technologies, today announces the first-ever Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus LED Smart Bulb now available for consumers. Adding to a comprehensive ecosystem of indoor and outdoor dimmers, switches, sensors and Z-Wave smart controls, Jasco’s Enbrighten LED Smart Bulb is fully dimmable and offers a new way for users to interact with their smart home without requiring any wiring or complicated installation. Breathe new life into your home’s Z-Wave network by upgrading to Enbrighten LED Smart Bulbs.
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Philips Hue Latest Update Locks out Third-Party Smart Bulbs

A recent CNET report has noted Philips Hue latest operation software update in the form has ousted third-party smart bulbs, due to interoperability issues.
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Philips Hue to Add Apple HomeKit Support

Philips recently announced on Facebook, its smart LED bulbs Philips Hue will be adding HomeKit support, and be compatible with existing lights, according to a 9 to 5 Mac report.
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Megaman Adds LED Filament Bulb and Smart Lighting Retrofits to Product Line

Energy saving LED lighting expert Megaman UK has now added LED Filament lamps to its ever increasing range of products.  Part of the company’s popular Economy Series, the Filament range has been designed for use in decorative light fittings to produce eye-catching and stunning visual effects. Megaman’s LED Filament lamps are ideal for a wide range of applications that include hotels, bars and restaurants.
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LIFX Demos Smart LED Bulbs at Microsoft Build Conference

The LIFX LED smart bulb range now includes A19, A21 and GU10 Downlight form factors, all with LIFX's signature hassle-free Wi-Fi connectivity - no hub required.
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LIFX Smart Bulbs Debuts in China at Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Demo

LIFX White 800. Every white tone from rich warms to cool whites in an energy-efficient smart light bulb  LIFX makes its China debut today at WinHEC Shenzhen, Microsoft's invite-only hardware conference. Microsoft will use LIFX light bulbs to demonstrate how the Windows 10 adds seamless interoperability for IoT devices via the AllJoyn platform. "Windows 10 will bring AllJoyn open source IoT connectivity to Windows PCs, Tablets and Phones everywhere," said LIFX CEO, Marc Alexander. LIFX pioneered the smar...
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LightFreq Kickstarts Smart LED Bulbs that Play Music

LightFreq launched on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. An electrifying marriage of vision and sound, LightFreq is set to revolutionize the way we light our living spaces, and is offering some great rewards to backers, with Early Bird packages available from US $55.
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LG to Launch Smart LED Bulbs

Following in Philips footsteps, LG Electronics recently announced on the company’s Korean website plans of launching smart LED bulbs that can be controlled via mobile phones.
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AwoX Wireless Music Playing LED Bulbs Now Available in the U.S.

AwoX, a company based in Montpellier, France is expanding its collection of connected solutions to the U.S. with the StriimLight B-10. This LED light bulb features an integrated Bluetooth speaker that makes it easy to play digital music throughout your home for a simple “smart home” upgrade. The AwoX StriimLight offers an affordable solution to achieve your wireless audio goals. AwoX StriimLight and the full AwoX Striim collection will be on display at LVCC, South Hall 3 – 31658 at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show, Jan. 7-10.
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