Current LiDAR Applications Trends in the Automotive Market

LiDAR sensor (LiDAR – Light Detection And Ranging) detects surrounding objects and captures their distance to the sensor by emitting a very short light pulse and measuring the time that the light travels from the sensor to the object and back. LiDAR is a key technology for several applications including autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation system, drone, measurement, sweeping robot and others. According to the 2018 Infrared Sensing Application Market Report by LEDinside, LiDAR laser market value is expected to reach USD 154 million in 2020.
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BMW Selects LiDAR Sensors from Magna and Innoviz Technologies for 2021 Autonomous Vehicles Series Production

On the road to developing autonomous technologies, perhaps nothing is more important than the vehicle being able to see the world around it. To help meet this challenge, Magna and Innoviz Technologies will supply the BMW Group with solid-state LiDAR for upcoming autonomous vehicle production platforms.
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BMW i Ventures Leads Strategic Investment in GaN Systems

GaN Systems, the world’s leading provider of GaN power transistors, announced the closing of an investment round led by BMW’s investment arm, BMW i Ventures. Consistent with its investment strategy, BMW i Ventures recognizes that GaN Systems’ products maximize the efficiency of electronic systems while dramatically reducing size, weight and overall system cost. The investment will be used to expand global sales and accelerate new product development. BMW i Ventures joins the existing investors: BDC Capital, Chrysalix Venture Capital, Cycle Capital Management, RockPort Capital and Tsing Capital.
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Aurora and BMW Partner for 1st Smart Lighting Pilot

Aurora lighting, the international LED lighting and technology organisation, has partnered with leading automobile manufacturer, BMW, to carry out its first smart lighting pilot scheme following the recent announcement of its new enterprise connected lighting platform, AXiO.
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Osram Wins Large LED Luminaire Order from BMW

The Munich-based lighting company Osram has received a major order from BMW Group to convert eight of the car manufacturer's plants in Germany and Austria to modern and energy-saving LED technology. The order is one of the largest for Osram's Lighting Solutions (LS) Business Unit to date. The up to 170,000 luminaires covered by the framework agreement are being installed in several phases through to the end of 2017. "We are delighted to have received this major order. Our innovative LED luminaires will convert the lighting in BMW Group’s plants to cutting-edge technology and bring considerable savings in energy", said Eladia Pulido, CEO of Osram Lighting Solutions.
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Osram and BMW Nominated for 2016 German Future Prize

Osram and BMW were nominated for the 2016 German Future Prize for their project “Laser light in cars – throwing light on a safer future.” The prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding technical, engineering or scientific innovations. The two companies worked together to develop a light source and headlight technology for a laser high beam which is already in use on the BMW i8 and BMW 7 series cars.
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Osram Starts Supplying OLED Taillights to BMW

Once again, pioneering lighting technology from Osram is being fitted to a production vehicle. This time it is OLED technology (Organic Light Emitting Diode) in the tail lights of the new BMW M4 GTS. These organic area light sources take up very little space, opening up design options that car manufacturers have so far only dreamed about. “Our OLEDs in the tail lights of the BMW M4 GTS make us the first company to have this new technology on the road in a production vehicle. 
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BMW Concept M4 GTS Uses OLED Rear Lights

A year on from the launch of the BMW M4 Coupe, BMW M Division is presenting an initial preview of a high-performance model for use on the road and, above all, on the race track: the BMW Concept M4 GTS.
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BMW Introduces Dynamic Motorcycle Brake Light by 2016

Braking and being seen by the traffic behind is of essential importance for motorcycle riders. That is why BMW Motorrad has developed the dynamic brake light as a component of the Strategy “Safety 360°”. It can warn drivers of following vehicles even better about when the motorcycle in front of them is braking.
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BMW i8 Laser Headlights Awaiting U.S. FDA Approval

A recent report from BMW Blog has quashed rumors that the laser headlights would be arriving in the U.S. market by fall this year.
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BMW OLED Taillights Might Be Mass Produced By 2016 Earliest

OLED taillights BMW showcased in its conceptual M4 car model at CES 2015 will be making its way to new BMW M series cars by 2016, according to latest market rumors.
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Osram Develops OLED Lights for BMW

Advanced lighting, front and back: Osram is represented in the BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights not only with laser light in the headlights but also, and for the first time, with OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) in the tail lights. These area light sources enable the lights to be made in any shape, opening up completely new design options. “The show car is an important milestone for our OLED strategy. As a leading supplier Osram wants to have a presence on the road with a series OLED product from 2016 onward”, said Marc Lünnemann, the man responsible at Osram for OLED business.
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BMW to Display Smart Laser and OLED Light Technology at CES 2015

Munich/Las Vegas. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from 6 to 9 January 2015, BMW presents a concept vehicle that showcases the kind of lighting innovations we can expect in the future, while at the same time reinforcing its leadership position in the field of lighting technology.
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BMW Group Presents LED Streetlights with Integrated EV Charging Station

Light and Charge system combines cutting-edge lighting and electric drive technologies – first unveiled at EUROCITIES 2014 in Munich – prototypes now up and running at BMW Welt – highefficiency LED technology, adaptive lighting levels, charging station integrated in the BMW i ChargeNow network.  
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BMW to Spread OLED Technology into Motorcycle Lighting

On the heels of BMW announcing its plans to introduce OLED lighting modules into automotive lighting, the company has also released news that they plan to do the same for motorcycle lighting, according to BMW Blog.
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BMW Laserlights to Debut this Autumn

BMW has finally set the date to release their Laserlights, according to a BMW Blog report. The world premiere is set for autumn 2014 and will be included in cars released later this year.
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BMW Highlights LED Laser Headlights

German car manufacturer BMW gives an in depth video introduction on its latest LED laser lights in its concept car BMW i8. The car maker claims the new laser LED headlights high beam lights are capable of emitting lights at longer range of 600 meters compared to normal LED high beam’s 300 meters. The new technology is yet to proliferate, according to a article by CarScoop.
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