LEDinside Estimates Soaring Demands to Drive IR LED Market for Surveillance Applications to $120M in 2015

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, projects the infrared (IR) LED market value for surveillance application during 2014 reached US$94 million in its latest 2Q15 Gold Member Report - 2015 Global LED Supply and Demand Market. This recently released analysis also estimates IR LED market scale in surveillance application will furthermore come to US$120 million for 2015.

According to LEDinside’s Assistant Research Manager Joanne Wu, surveillance systems have become ubiquitous and governments in developed countries have set aside bigger budgets for upgrading their security-related infrastructures. Demands have become even stronger in areas with political turmoil and social problems, such as Central and South America, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. As a result, major IR LED manufacturers have greatly profited by supplying components to surveillance products. These companies include EPITEX from Japan and Osram Opto from Germany. Taiwan-based companies that also benefited from the growth of the IR LED market are Epistar, Epileds, and High Power Lighting. 

(Photo courtesy of Flickr/Tristan Nitot CC BY 2.0)

With its main wavelength range of 750nm~1400nm, near-infrared (NIR) LED is primarily used for imaging as in the case of surveillance cameras. Cameras with night vision ability are typically equipped with digital image sensors based on one of these two technologies: charge-coupled device (CCD) or complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS). These sensors furthermore come with IR LEDs of 850nm or 940nm wavelength. Due to its high cost, CCD has difficulty making inroads in the security application market. Standard surveillance cameras therefore use CMOS sensors paired with 850nm IR LEDs in order to get the best price-performance ratio. However, some high-end surveillance cameras carry the more costly 940nm IR LEDs since they are less likely to create a visible red dot than the 850nm. Note that this red dot effect that sometimes occur with IR LEDs do not mean the LEDs are of poor quality. On the whole, both vendors and consumers choose between 850nm and 940nm IR LED products based on their respective needs. 

In her survey of the IR LED’s development, Wu believes the 3535 package will eventually replace the traditional LAMP type package. Presently, the packaging of IR LEDs is divided into three types – LAMP, SMD, and high-power LED package. Adopting high-power LEDs will reduce the number of LEDs as well as simplifying circuit and heat dissipation design, thus creating convenience for the system manufacturers. 

Please see 2Q15 Gold Member Report on Global LED Supply and Demand Market by LEDinside for the complete analysis on the IR LED market.

LEDinside Gold Member: 2015 LED Demand and Supply Market

Published Date: June 2015

Format: PDF

Language: Chinese / English

Demand Market Analysis

Backlight Market Application- Outline

  • TV Market Overview
  • Global Demand Analysis
  • Specification Analysis
  • TV Brand Market shares
  • LED in TV Application
  • LED Demand Analysis
  • LED Specification Analysis
  • Product Technology-High NTSC
  • Technology- Flip Chip/SCP
  • Mobile Market Overview
  • Global Demand Analysis
  • Specification Analysis
  • Smartphone Brand Market Shares
  • LED in Mobile Phone Application
  • LED Demand Analysis
  • Product Technology-High NTSC
  • Product Technology- Flip Chip/CSP

Lighting Market Application- Outline

  • China's LED Lighting Export Growth Slowed Down
  • International Factors: The Conversion from RMB to Major Foreign Currencies Sharply Appreciated Within a Year
  • Domestic Demand: Impacted by the Depression of Real Estate Market and Fiscal Contraction
  • Demand: The Price Reduction Brought the Quantity Increase, Maintaining the Industry Growth
  • COB Market:2015 COB Main Specifications in the Markets
  • COB Market Became the New Battleground for Manufacturers
  • Various LED Manufacturers Have Launched COB Products with Higher Efficacy in Succession to Add Value

Automotive LED Market Application

High / Low Beam Market Application

  • Product Definition and Supply Chain
  • Optical Regulations and Product Features
  • Low Beam- Shape and Brightness Definition
  • High Beam- Brightness Are Emphasized
  • COB Enhancing Luminous Efficacy in Headlamp
  • LED Package Types in Headlamp Product
  • High Power LED Market Growing Up

Display Market Application- Outline

  • In Display Market, Fine Pitch Display's New Application Space Opened
  • Display Market’s Evolution: Re-Positioning Leads to Broader Industrial Growth Space
  • Specification Between Fine Pitch and General Display
  • Cost Comparison Between LCD and Fine pitch Display
  • Fine Pitch Display Supply Chain

IR LED Market Trend- Outline

  • What is Infrared?
  • IR LED Power Segmentation and Product Features
  • Infrared LED Package- DIP Package
  • Infrared LED Package- High Power LED
  • Infrared LED Package- High Power LED- W/O Second Lens 
  • Infrared LED Package- High Power LED- With Second Lens
  • IR LED Market Application and Product Distribution
  • Infrared LED Product Application
  • Global Surveillance Manufacturers
  • IR LED Package Type in Surveillance System
  • IR LED Market in Surveillance System


  • New Generation MOCVD Equipment Significantly Increase Production Capacity
  • Global MOCVD Installation Volume Analysis
  • Future MOCVD Installations in China Will Be Restricted By Chinese Government’s Policy
  • Acquiring Second Hand Idle MOCVD Equipment is Another Way to Expand Production Capacity
  • LED Chip House Utilization Rates Analysis

Exhibit Report- OPIE’15 UV LED/ IR LED

Joanne Wu (Taipei)

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