TrendForce 2024 Global Automotive LED Market- Lighting and Display Product Trend- Go Toward the Light

According to TrendForce 2024 Global Automotive LED Market- Lighting and Display Product Trend, confronting market competition and cost reduction pressure, automakers have been active in adopting ADB headlights, Mini LED taillights, full-width taillights, grille lamps / full-width front strips, (intelligent) ambient lights, Mini LED-backlit displays, and other advanced devices as value-added products for marketing, leading to steady growth in the automotive lighting / automotive LED demand for 2024 to USD 37.395 billion and USD 3.445 billion, respectively, higher than car market shipment performance. 

Automotive Lighting Will Concentrate on Personalization, Communication Display, Driver Assistance, and Safety Upgrading in the Future

Automotive Lighting and Display Market Trend

1. Headlights

A TrendForce analysis revealed that the global LED headlight penetration rate for conventional passenger cars reached 72% in 2023, while the global LED headlight penetration rate for electric cars hit a whopping 94%. The two rates are expected to grow to 75% and 96% in 2024, respectively.

Matrix LED is the mainstream design for ADB headlights. Through independent control of high-performance LEDs, the matrix layout helps expand drivers’ nighttime field of view, reduce their reaction time when seeing an obstacle, and achieve better road lighting. Glare-free high beams help reduce discomfort for drivers of vehicles ahead, those of opposing vehicles, and prevent pedestrians from being dazzled by headlights. With the use of Micro LED pixel array, the number of pixels available for accurate and independent digital control in an ADB headlight can be elevated to 100,000. The greater the pixel number, the more flexible the illumination area can be, hence an improvement in driving safety and flexibility for compliance with regulatory requirements among different regions and markets. In this way, automotive lighting manufacturers can save development, manufacturing, and logistics costs for each region and market. As TrendForce analyzes, the penetration rate of ADB headlights will likely jump to 21.7% in 2028.

As Micro/Mini LED pixelated module is increasingly used for ADB headlights, the area of illumination can be adjusted for better driving safety through independent digital control of pixels. In 2028, the market value of Micro/Mini LED pixelated modules could reach USD >900 million, which is expected to drive market value of headlight LED and headlight to USD 3.235 billion and USD 31.101 billion, respectively.

2. Taillights

Taillight styles have changed considerably, with full-width, Mini LED, and OLED-like models being widely favored by most automakers and consumers. As there is no specific regulations and restrictions on styling and design, car makers are actively utilizing taillights to highlight vehicle specifications and features, hence their increasing dependence on innovative solutions from LED light source providers, who could then gain more control over and actively engage in taillight design.

Additionally, ams OSRAM managed to develop its Mini LED taillight, the ALIYOS, in which the Mini LEDs are connected by unnoticeable metal wires that are arranged on a slim, flexible, and transparent foil. The ALIYOS not only offers great flexibility for the arrangement of Mini LED arrays but also features block-based light control, enabling the display of symbols, words, images, and abstract pictures dynamically. The taillight is applicable for presenting stylish design, information, and warning messages. ams OSRAM is currently cooperating with leading automotive lighting manufacturers and car makers worldwide, aiming to obtain the certification of vehicle quality and safety as well as compatibility by end of 2025 and to actually install the taillight in vehicle models.

3. Grille Lamps, Ambient Lights

Grille lamps/full-width front stripes are mainly adopted by car manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz (EQS), Volkswagen (ID.3/ID.4), BYD, Xpeng (P5), Changan Ford (Mondeo), Sony (VISION-S 02), BMW (i7), Rolls-Royce (Spectre), Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, Lucid, and Li Auto. According to TrendForce, numerous electric vehicle models have actively adopted grille lamps, pushing the trend away from linear light sources to full-width front stripe design.

As part of interior lighting, ambient lights are mainly used to improve the atmosphere and enhance the unique lighting environment and mood inside the car in dark settings. They also offer the flexibility to change the color scheme inside the car, adding the perfect finishing touch. Notably, the colors of ambient lights must not affect driving safety. Ambient lights have been applied to the center console, roof top, door handle, door trims, door sill, welcome light, and foot room illumination. Alternatively, ambient lights can serve for functional lighting, such as warning (Blind spot detection and lane change assist), welcome lighting for the driver, or display and communication.

Ambient lights have been adopted by European and Chinese automakers for years. Intelligent ambient lights are powered by RGB LEDs with built-in driver ICs. In addition to the LEDs announced under the ISELED alliance, ams OSRAM has successfully released an intelligent ambient light LEDs using the Open System Protocol (OSP), which will likely boost the market value of ambient lights.

4. Mini LED Automotive Displays

More and more car makers are adopting Mini LED / HDR automotive displays to following the trend towards designs featuring HDR, local dimming, wide color gamut, and a curved screen. Car makers include NIO, Roewe, General Motors, Li Auto, Rising Auto, Jidu, BYD, Ford, Geely, Stellantis, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, BAIC, and GWM. A TrendForce survey confirms that Mini LED POB / POG / COB, and OLED displays will compete for the next-gen automotive display sector.

5. Head-up Displays

The panoramic HUD (P-HUD) is best known for its intuitive eye-level image display and high resolution quality for better driving safety and comfort. P-HUDs adopt reflective displays. For instance, Continental’s Mini LED-backlit model and BMW’s RGB Mini LED display. While, a Micro LED transparent display presents driving information through the see-through approach, featuring higher brightness and color saturation.

Automotive Lighting Market Scale and Automotive Lamp Player Revenue Performance

Entering 2024, automakers have faced strong pressure from market competition and cost reduction demand. To mitigate the pressure, they have turned to adopt advanced technologies to produce and promote products with high added value, such as ADB headlights, Mini LED taillights, full-width taillights, grille lamps, full-width front stripes, and (intelligent) ambient lights. The automotive lighting market is likely to grow to USD 37.395 billion in 2024, with the market value of headlights accounting for >60% of the total. The top five automotive lighting manufacturers include Koito, Valeo, Forvia Hella, Marelli, and SL Corporation, totaling a 60% market share in 2023. The top ten automotive lighting manufacturers together captured a dominant >80% market share.

Automotive LED Player Revenue Performance

The top five automotive LED manufacturers include ams OSRAM, Nichia, Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, and Samsung LED, totaling a >80% market share in 2023. Thanks to the stable quality, exceptional luminous efficacy, and good value of its products, ams OSRAM has become the preferred supplier for premium vehicle and NEV manufacturers worldwide. Secondly, Nichia’s automotive LED revenue was higher than expectations, mainly benefiting from the rising demand in Japan and Europe. Fourthly, Seoul Semiconductor also achieved higher-than-expected revenue from automotive LEDs, mainly benefiting from order increases in Korea and China. Fifthly, Samsung LED expanded the use of the PixCell LED by introducing it to Tesla’s Model 3 and Y, largely driving up the automotive LED market share increase to 7%.

TrendForce has analyzed the development in the automotive LED market from six perspectives- 1. Automotive lighting and display product trends, 2. Automotive lighting market scale and applications, 3. Automotive lighting player revenue and product strategies, 4. Automotive lamp prices, 5. Automotive LED market demand (Product applications and regional market value), 6. Automotive LED player revenue performance and product strategies,- so as to provide readers with a comprehensive marketing strategies in the automotive LED market.

Authors: Joanne, Allen / TrendForce

TrendForce 2024 Global Automotive LED Market- Lighting and Display Product Trend
Release Date:
1. PDF (180 Pages)- 30 June 2024
2. EXCEL- 30 June 2024 and 31 December 2024
Languages: Traditional Chinese / English

Chapter I. Automotive Lighting Market Trend

  • Headlight Product Trend
  • Headlight Product Trend- ADB Headlight vs. Small Aperture
  • 2024-2028 LED Headlight / ADB Headlight- Penetration Rate Analysis
  • ADB Headlight- Advantage and Regulation Analysis
  • ADB Headlight- Matrix LED / DLP / Micro LED Technology Overview
  • ADB Headlight- Matrix LED / DLP / Micro LED Technology Analysis
  • 2024-2028 ADB Headlight- Matrix LED / DLP / Micro LED Technology Trend
  • 2024-2028 ADB Headlight LED- Discrete LED vs. Micro/Mini LED Module
  • ADB Headlight- Samsung PixCell LED Technology Analysis
  • ADB Headlight- 100-Pixel Mini LED Module Price and Cost Estimates
  • ADB Headlight- Tesla / Hella SSL 100 Headlight Price and Cost Estimates
  • ADB Headlight- Micro LED Pixel Array Specification Analysis
  • ADB Headlight- Micro LED Pixel Array Technology Analysis
  • ADB Headlight- Micro LED Pixel Array Price and Cost Estimates
  • ADB Headlight- Micro LED Headlight Price and Cost Estimates
  • 2023 Micro LED ADB Headlight- Volkswagen Touareg / Porsche Cayenne
  • 2024 Micro LED ADB Headlight- NIO ET9 / Volkswagen Tiguan L Pro
  • Micro LED ADB Headlights- Case Study Analysis
  • Micro LED ADB Headlight Function Analysis
  • 2024 LED Headlight Price Analysis
  • ADB Headlight- Matrix LED Headlight’s Driver IC Specification and Price
  • LED Taillight Trend
  • Full-Width Taillight Cost Analysis- 0.2W SMD LED
  • Full-Width Taillight Cost Analysis- 1515 LED
  • Mini LED Taillight Price Sweet Spot and Cost Estimates
  • Mini LED Taillights- ALIYOS
  • OLED-Like LED Taillight Product Trend
  • Ambient Light Product Trend
  • (Intelligent) Ambient Light- Pros-Cons Analysis
  • (Intelligent) Ambient Light- Design Architecture Overview
  • Intelligent Ambient Light- Case Study Analysis
  • Intelligent Ambient Light- ISELED vs. Open System Protocol (OSP)
  • Ambient Light- White LED Market Applications
  • Ambient Light- LED Market Value and Supply Chain Analysis
  • Grille Lamp / Full-Width Front Stripe Product Trend
  • Grille Lamp / Full-Width Front Stripe Product Design
  • Autonomous Driving System Marker Lamp Product Trend

Chapter II. Automotive Display Market Trend

  • Smart Cockpit Trend
  • Automotive Display Technology Overview
  • 2024-2028 Automotive Display Panel Shipment and Penetration Rate
  • 2024-2028 Automotive Backlight LED Market Value Analysis
  • 2022-2023 Mini LED / HDR Automotive Display Trend- Panel Size
  • 2022-2023 Mini LED / HDR Automotive Display Trend- Dimming Zones
  • 2022 Mini LED / HDR Automotive Display- Specification vs. Supply Chain
  • COB / COG / POG Technology Analysis
  • 2022-2028 Mini LED / HDR Automotive Display Schedule and Specification
  • NIO ET7 / ET5 / ES7 Automotive Display- Specification and Cost Analysis
  • Roewe RX5 Automotive Display- Specification and Cost Analysis
  • Cadillac LYRIQ Automotive Display- Specification and Cost Analysis
  • Buick Electra E5 Automotive Display- Specification and Cost Analysis
  • Lincoln Nautilus Automotive Display- Specification and Cost Analysis
  • Cadillac Celestiq Automotive Display- Specification and Cost Analysis
  • LCD (Edge / Direct-Type) vs. OLED Automotive Display Specification
  • 2024 Automotive Display Cost Analysis- Edge / Direct-Type
  • 2024 Automotive Backlight LED Product Specification and Price Analysis
  • Mini LED Automotive Display- Driver IC Specification Analysis
  • Mini LED Automotive Display- Direct / Scan Driver IC Pros-Cons Analysis
  • 2022-2024 OLED Automotive Display Schedule and Specification
  • Automotive Backlight Display Market Landscape Analysis
  • 2024-2028 HUD Market Shipment- Product vs. Regional Market Analysis
  • 2024 HUD Product Specification Analysis
  • AR-HUD Technology Analysis
  • 2023-2024 HUD Product Price Analysis
  • Panoramic Head-up Display (P-HUD) vs. Transparent Display
  • AR-HUD OEM Supply Chain and Product Specification Analysis
  • HUD Market Landscape Analysis
  • Micro LED Transparent Display
  • 2024 Micro LED Automotive Transparent Display Cost Analysis
  • Micro LED Automotive Display Application Overview
  • Micro LED Automotive Display Market Landscape Analysis

Chapter III. Automotive Lighting Market Scale and Player Revenue Performance

  • Automotive Lighting Market Landscape Analysis
  • 2024-2028 Automotive Lighting Market Scale- Application Analysis
  • 2021-2023 Automotive Lighting Player Market Share Analysis
  • 2021-2023 Top 15 Automotive Lighting Player Revenue Ranking
  • 13 Automotive Lamp Manufacturers Revenue and Product Strategies
    Forvia Hella
    SL Corporation
    HASCO Vision
  • Automotive Lamp / Module Factories in China

Chapter IV. Automotive LED Player Revenue and Strategies

  • Global Automotive LED Player List
  • 2022-2023 Automotive LED Player Market Share Analysis
  • 2021-2023 Top 10 Automotive LED Player Revenue Ranking
  • 2022-2023 Top 10 Automotive LED Player Revenue- Lighting vs. Backlight
  • 2023 Top 6 Automotive LED Player Revenue- Lighting Product Analysis
  • 2023 Auto Lighting LED Player Ranking- China / Asia / EMEA / Americas
  • 18 Automotive LED Manufacturers Revenue and Product Strategies
    ams OSRAM
    Seoul Semiconductor
    Samsung LED
    Cree LED

PART 1. 2023-2024 Car Market Shipment Forecast- Regional Market Analysis
PART 2. 2024-2028 Automotive LED Market Value, Volume and Penetration- Product Analysis
PART 3. 2023-2024 Automotive LED Market Value, Volume and Penetration- Product / Regional Market Analysis
PART 4. Automotive Lighting / Automotive LED Player Revenue Performance

  • 2021-2023 Automotive Lamp Player Revenue Ranking
  • 2021-2023 Automotive LED Player Revenue Ranking

PART 5. Automotive Lamp / Automotive LED Market Price Analysis

  • 2023-2024 Automotive Lamp Price Survey
  • 2018-2024 Automotive LED Price Trend- Headlamp, RCL, Ambient Light, Automotive Display

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