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According to the latest report from LEDinside, a division of the market research firm TrendForce, 4Q17 Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Market Report- Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display Market, the total passenger car display in 2017 was about 241 million sets and is predicted to total 624 million sets in 2025, CAGR of 2017-2025 is 13%. The growth driver comes from rising IoV penetration, new energy car and autonomous vehicles. Hence, interior automotive display usage volume significantly rose.

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Considering about Micro LED development, there will be the chance for Micro LED to be applied in the fields of low PPI. The main reason is because the production yield rate of Micro LED at this stage is still low, and it is unable to enter the field of high PPI. To sum up, amongst all automotive display applications, Micro LED will have a chance to be applied in cluster with low PPI requirement only having indicating function.

Meanwhile, Micro LED display performance is better than OLED display. Because Micro LED display has higher contrast and brightness than OLED display, product price and performance ratio sufficiently increase. In the future, Micro LED will replace the current display in IT and automotive applications. However, high entry barriers are always in automotive display, at least three years for testing and certification are requested, therefore, the gross margin for automotive panel is high and business secure. Once joining the automotive supply chain, the quantity and price of orders are steady and it is not easy to be replaced.

Automotive panels are used in clusters, CIDs and infotainment displays. Clusters have transitioned from 3.5 to 10 inch spliced panels to an integrated display sized 10.3 to 12.5 inches. The size of CIDs have also changed from 6-9 inch panels showing basic controls initially to 10.1-17 inches showing the information of the entire vehicle. Similarly, infotainments have transitioned from 7-9 inch panels for embedded displays to larger panels sized 10.3-11.4 inch for non-embedded displays. In addition to the increase in size, some basic requirements on automotive panels also include wide viewing angle and high brightness, as well as innovation shapes such as curved and irregularly shaped panels.

Currently, LCD is still the mainstream display of automotive market. However, owing to the shortcomings of LCD, such as curved and flexibility design, OLED may have the chance to replace LCD. But, OLED needs to be improved reliability. If Micro LED can solve this problem, it may take over the market. The full digital cluster is a cluster with networking and intelligence. It is high-functioning and the contents are abundant. The connection is easier, more complete and more user-friendly to satisfy driver’s demand. The display sizes 3.5 to 12.5 inch. It transitioned from 3.5 to 10 inch spliced panels to the mainstream integrated display sized 10.3 to 12.5 inches with PPI (pixel per inch) of 111-199, and brightness of 800-1000 cd/m2, in order to assure display quality in a highly brightness environment during sunny days.

Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display Market- Outline 

Automotive Display Market Overview

-Micro/Mini LED for Automotive Display
-The Definition of Vehicle
-Automotive Display Applications
-2017-2025 Global Passenger Car Display Market Forecast
-Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display Supply Chain

Automotive Display Application and Specification

-Automotive Display Structure
-Retina Display
-Visual Imaging of Human Eye
-Pixel Pitch
-Vision Limit
-Automotive Display Design
-Automotive Display Overview
-Automotive Display Trend
-Automotive Display and Consumer Electronics Display Analysis
-Cluster Design Trend
-Cluster Specification Analysis
-Central Information Display Design Trend
-Central Information Display Specification Analysis
-Infotainment Display Design Trend
-Infotainment Display Specification Analysis
-Head Up Display Design Trend
-Head Up Display Image Solution
-Head Up Display Specification Analysis
-Rear View Mirror Design Trend
-Rear View Mirror Specification Analysis
-Rear View Mirror Laws and Regulations
-Autonomous Cars Design Trend

Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display

-2010-2025 Automotive Display Trend
-Key Factors of Automotive Interior Display- Safety
-Automotive Display Future Trend- Flexibility
-Automotive Display Technology Analysis
-Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display Trend and Schedule
-Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display Trend
-Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display- Cluster
-Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display- CID
-Micro/Mini LED in Automotive Display- Infotainment Display
-Micro / Mini LED Cost Analysis on Automotive Display Products
-Automotive Display Industry Chain Analysis
-Challenges on Micro LED in Automotive Display Products





Overview and Outlook:

Micro / Mini LED Industry Overview and Outlook

Transfer Analysis

Micro LED Market Trend- Micro Projection (AR/VR)

Micro LED Industry Technology Analysis

Transfer Analysis

Micro / Mini LED Market Trend- TV

Micro / Mini LED Market Development

Micro LED in Projection Market Trend

Micro LED Driver Technology 

Micro / Mini LED in TV Market Trend

Micro / Mini LED Technology Progress and Challenges

(Market Scale, Current Technology, Major Players)

Micro LED Backplane Technology 

(Market Scale, Current Technology, Major Players)

Micro / Mini LED Application Progress and Outlook


Micro LED Transfer Technology Analysis


Micro LED Transfer Technology Analysis






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