GILE 2019: Powered by MEAN WELL Brings High Quality Power to the Global Market

As LED technology matures, applications abound and burst upon the GILE scene. Apart from common lighting products, smart lighting and horticulture lighting also formed the focus of display for many suppliers. But behind the shines and shimmers of all those LED applications lay concealed a quiet but vital component: LED drivers.

Taiwanese power supplier MEAN WELL may very well be the great demiurge of LED drivers, reaching worldwide fame with its brand and standard products and remaining at the vanguard of the turbulent and tumultuous LED industry.

At GILE 2019, MEAN WELL officially debuted its newest XLG product series in the China market and was interviewed by LEDinside. MEAN WELL shared the constantly evolving strategies for product development and sales it utilizes to remain ahead of the curve.

(From left: Xiang Ren, Product Manager of MEAN WELL Guangzhou,
Yvonne Chen, Marketing Manage, Rex Lin, Product Manager, MEAN WELL)

MEAN WELL Hands Out Licenses to Shops to Fight Counterfeits as the XLG Series Enters the China Market

The maturing of both LED technology and its market has drawn more and more suppliers to the competition. In response to the low-price strategies of Chinese suppliers, Rex Lin, MEAN WELL Product Manager said, “The competition’s always there, but what MEAN WELL can do is to run faster, to outrun all the other competitors.”

The XLG power series comes with three main features. Firstly, it has a wide output range with a constant power design to cover more applications; secondly, its small size goes in line with the miniaturization trend in lightings. Finally, it includes complete safety certifications, including isolation design between dimming circuit and power output. Furthermore, the input over voltage protection function and surge protection of XLG series can reach 10KV, which increases the reliability of lighting products and lessen damages, leading to longer product lifespan. These functionalities can also be mixed and matched with different light source designs and currents to cover 90% of all LED applications.

(Rex Lin introduced features of XLG)

With its powerful functionality and cost-effective feature, the XLG series has already earned its place among competitors as the top public enemy to emulate. In an attempt to combat counterfeits, MEAN WELL has initialed a plan since last year to hand out licenses to shops and work with retail stores, setting up distinct signs and putting authorization numbers into place for customers to discern clearly the source of their MEAN WELL purchases. Currently, MEAN WELL has set up shop in five locations throughout Guangdong, China, and is making its way to other Chinese provinces and Taiwan to ensure product quality in end markets.

MEAN WELL stated that its company constantly updates its product portfolio by adding 10 percent of new products and remove 5 percent of the old ones each year to keep up with the latest market demands. This year, MEAN WELL further released its newest HVGC-1000W product in targeting high power applications. This product may be used for lighting in stadium lighting, high mast and harbor lighting.

Integrate System Power Supplies and KNX Smart Buildings Control, MEAN WELL Stands at the Forefront of Industry

Although power supply applications have been moving towards ever increasing power rates, MEAN WELL reminded that LED lighting was originally intended to save power. If LED drivers achieve high wattage as its traditional predecessors did, it would upset that original, power-saving intention. MEAN WELL thus suggested that there is low demand for high power 1000 watts and above.

Lin explained, “With regard to high power applications, we have plans for system power applications.” System power supplies provide power in centralized fashion and come with a monitoring function, allowing centralized power-management for all luminaires in one spot. It may be used in scenarios where LED luminaires operate en masse, such as plant factories. The system power displays distinctly the power suppliers in need of replacement or adjustment, and does not interfere with the operation of other luminaires.

MEAN WELL has gotten ahold of the trend in current smart factories, plant factories and other large-scale applications of LED luminaires, and has brought its over-30-year expertise in industrial management to LED applications, merging lighting power management and supply in order to save customers large maintenance and management costs.

MEAN WELL’s edge also comes from its engagement with challenging new technologies, providing pioneering solutions for KNX’s building lighting control systems. KNX is a digitally controlled system that unifies the many functions such as curtains, AC and safety monitoring unto the same smart control platform, allowing simultaneous control with a single tablet. This product has already received widespread use for hotel room or building management across Europe.

(MEAN WELL showcased KNX system integrated power supply)

Taking hold of this trend, MEAN WELL joins KNX’s control system and driver together as one, and releases the innovative, LCM-40/60KN KNX driver, which is capable of circumventing the controller and executes control functions directly through the driver. MEAN WELL casts an optimistic light on KNX system development and application in the China Market.

MEAN WELL Joins Hands with Clients and Suppliers with its PBM Program to Promote Products Across the Globe

Based on Powered by MEAN WELL (PBM) joint marketing program in, MEAN WELL developed a new overseas production and marketing model. The company placed Brazil, Russia, India, Korea, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Mexico, Turkey and Vietnam on the list of investment partners with developmental potential. After the conclusion of GILE, MEAN WELL further arranged a PBM international partner day to develop interactions between its collaborated companies across the world to assess advance investment in sales and production at oversea bases.

MEAN WELL plans to introduce XLG related process equipment into production bases overseas obtained through collaborations, and utilize a model revolving around half-completed products to migrate production lines, reducing the risk of tariffs while providing direct services. MEAN WELL has already completed construction of its pilot production line in the Philippines, and went to Vietnam with PBM customers in May in order to understand the investment climate and market demand of that region. India is the next target market on their list.

In developing within the emerging market, MEAN WELL plans to expand its opportunities with the XLG series as its first line of attack. Vietnam proves advantageous for both production and sales, due to its mature market and convenient location. Demand in the India market, on the other hand, is strong, whether in the form of street lighting, common indoors lighting and more, all of which will become opportunities for the XLG series to shine.

(Applications exhibited by Powered by MEAN WELL partners)

Furthermore, MEAN WELL is also enhancing its PBM joint marketing program, handpicking lightings for indoors and outdoors, specialty lighting other and related complementary products in its LED Excellence catalogue released in June. Integrating LED luminaire customers downstream and material suppliers upstream, MEAN WELL hopes to establish distribution channels around the globe and turn “MEAN WELL” into a household name, spreading its own influence along with those of collaborating customers.

Apart from luminaires, MEAN WELL also plans to gather customers in industrial management, medical and telecommunications into its joint marketing platform, making good use of the advantages and resources of each member. Teaming up with distributors, customers and suppliers, MEAN WELL might just set the world on fire.

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