MEAN WELL Showcased the New XLN and XLC LED Drivers at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2023, Emphasizing “Healthy Lighting Matters, While Smart Dimming Is Only the Basic”

MEAN WELL, a globally leading brand of standard power supply products, is driving product upgrades and providing a variety of products to meet customer needs. This year, MEAN WELL is launching new lineups at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, showcasing the XLN series and the XLC series Compact Size LED Drivers . These products are expected to debut in November, offering new choices for digital lighting and smart lighting control.

MEAN WELL rolled out compact size LED drivers, the XLN and XLC series featuring double insulation and class II/2 design for indoor and commercial lighting.

The XLN and XLC series are "sibling series," with the former using an outlet wiring method and the latter a terminal method, both suitable for indoor applications. Rex Lin, the product manager of MEAN WELL’s Product Strategy Center, revealed that each of the XLN models has a waterproof plastic with wiring outputs, while the XLC is terminal-based, allowing wires to be inserted without the use of tools. Users can choose between built-in or independent power supplies according to the luminaire structure, enhancing safety and ease of maintenance.

DALI is a lighting-centric control system that makes lighting control easier. MEAN WELL’s XLN and XLC series have been optimized for the DALI-2 digital dimming function and safety regulations to align with market trends. The addition of the DALI-2 dimming function allows users to integrate MEAN WELL’s DLC-02 DALI digital lighting system. This upgrade transforms simple dimming into adjustable color temperature, color variations, scene control, and group control, providing a more diverse and digital way of lighting. Generally, when using a mobile phone to capture certain lights, there may be ripples or flickering related to the lighting's power supply design. Lin mentioned that the eyes can detect the problems due to a shallow frequency. In response, MEAN WELL has increased the power supply switching frequency to avoid flickers, enhancing lighting variability and improving user comfort and health in lighting.

MEAN WELL Offers Various Light Control Solutions
MEAN WELL has also transformed its role from a power supply manufacturer into a lighting control solutions provider. As a provider of lighting system solutions, MEAN WELL proposed the latest DALI and KNX solutions for various applications and lighting control integration, such as color temperature, lighting scenes and group control. For example, by switching to MEAN WELL’s DLC-02 DALI lighting control system and integrating related DALI power supplies and peripheral DALI control switches, sensors, etc., and combining software settings for required scenarios or schedules, users can further save more than 20-30% of energy and enhance their experiences of lighting changes.

KNX is also a common lighting control system setting an international standard for open home and building automation control. The system can be used in homes and smart buildings to connect various home appliance control systems. It can also be integrated with the DALI system. MEAN WELL's KNX solution includes bus power supplies, actuators, KNX-compatible LED drivers, KNX-to-DALI gateways, and more.

MEAN WELL has rolled out numerous KNX products meeting international standards, including the KNX LED power supply, gateway, and actuator, allowing customers to combine them with various applications.

Additionally, MEAN WELL provides DC Centralized Bus Lighting Solutions, which have higher conversion efficiency than AC-based systems, reducing power conversion losses. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient choice that reduces the use of components in power supplies. It can also be combined with green energy generation and energy storage system applications, making it suitable for energy-saving and carbon reduction solutions for environmentally friendly enterprises.

Smart Dimming Is Only Basic, While Healthy Lighting Is a Must-Have for Fixtures
Tony Hsieh, section manager of MEAN WELL’s Technical Service Center, pointed out that the company’s smart lighting control solutions have incorporated elements of human-centric lighting, including features like timing, scheduling, sensing and ambient lighting. Lighting fixtures are no longer just about brightness; they must also consider light quality and provide healthy lighting. As Lin emphasized, “Dimming is only basic nowadays, but we need to add ‘human-centric’ elements to provide healthy lighting, such as simulating daylight to align with circadian rhythms, ensuring better mental and physical comfort.”

The LCM-40TW serves for tunable lighting applications by delivering various brightness and color temperature levels through two output channels. By timely adjusting the color temperature of luminaires, the LED driver helps improve work efficiency and enables circadian rhythms to change with daylight and lighting conditions.

MEAN WELL emphasizes its transformation from a power supply manufacturer into a system solution provider. With LED expertise and extensive experience, the company can effectively incorporate various product features into design solutions that better meet customer needs. It is also moving towards standardization, launching products suitable for various application scenes.

Furthermore, MEAN WELL develops its software settings. It regularly updates to assist users in accessing more convenient features for smart lighting control, aiming to provide lighting system solutions in the most convenient and user-friendly way.

If you missed the 2023 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition), follow MEAN WELL’s Virtual Expo, LinkedIn account, and YouTube channel to stay updated on the latest product development.

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