InfoComm 2023 Highlights: xR Virtual Production, Glasses-free 3D Technology, All-in-one Machines

On July 19, 2023, InfoComm China 2023, an international event of audiovisual integrated equipment and technologies held in Beijing, officially kicked off.

The exhibition gathered 400 leading manufacturers in China and abroad. Among the participants were Leyard, Unilumin, Ledman, Absen, Qiangli Jucai, AOTO, Cedar, Liantronics, Hisense, BOE, TCL, Sony, QSTECH, LP Display, Kinglight, Novastar, and many other suppliers, showcasing the latest LED displays and applications. For example, Leyard unveiled a transparent Micro LED display, while AET launched a curved LED home theater screen, in addition to various new products rolled out by the exhibitors.

Credit: InfoComm’s WeChat account

Abundant Applications for xR Virtual Production, Glasses-free 3D Devices, and All-in-one Machines
New applications such as xR virtual production, glasses-free 3D devices, all-in-one machines, cinema displays, home theater displays, and transparent screens are rapidly becoming the main growth drivers in the LED display market. Consulting firm TrendForce stated that LED displays for virtual production boomed in 2022, with global market size exceeding $400 million and a growth rate of over 50%. Similarly, shipments of all-in-one LED machines continued to grow rapidly throughout the year. In the coming years, the virtual production, all-in-one machines, transparent LED displays, and other application segments will continue to grow.

LED manufacturers continue to have a positive attitude towards the future of the aforementioned segments for LED display applications. They have been conducting research and developing relevant products to gain the first-mover advantage. At InfoComm 2023, LED suppliers brought a wealth of emerging LED display solutions incorporating cutting-edge Mini/Micro LED technologies to meet various pixel pitch requirements with high-definition display products.

Leyard showcased cutting-edge products such transparent Micro LED displays, 8K UHD Micro LED displays, smart LED displays, an immersive metaverse studio and digital humans.

Credit: Leyard’s WeChat account

The most notable was a transparent active matrix (AM)-driven COG Micro LED display that comes with 20*40μm flip-chip substrate-free Micro LEDs, with a transparency of 60%, peak brightness of 1500nits and a viewing angle of 160-176°.

The exhibitor also presented its next-gen 8K (P0.6) UHD Micro LED display featuring Micro LED chips, flip-chip technology, and MIP solder-less packaging process, enabling the company to achieve massive transfer of light-emitting chips. The display outperforms its COB counterparts, which can be used in indoor conference rooms, control rooms, and big data visualization centers to meet the requirements of fine-pitch displays.

The TXP series, comprising smart LED video walls measuring 122 and 135 inches, is engineered with Micro LED display technology incorporated with the self-developed main control chip and control system, boasting high image quality and immersive experiences. The products feature an “all-in-one” highly integrated and modular design, which are compatible with wireless cameras, smart podiums, column speakers and other peripheral devices.

During the event, Leyard demonstrated a unique, immersive metaverse experience studio created through the CAVE virtual reality display system. Based on AI markerless motion capture technology, it enables real-time interactions between the audience and digital humans.

At InfoComm 2023, Absen showcased a series of new products, xR virtual shooting solutions, and all-in-one control room display solutions.

Absen announced the FL series flexible screen under the AbsenLive brand and the Absenicon X series under the Absenicon brand.

The FL series comprises flexible screens for stage display that can be matched with indoor stage scenes. It has a brightness of 1000nits, a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, and a high contrast ratio of 5500:1. The X series features smart Micro LED displays that incorporate the latest flip-chip COB technology and exquisite structural design, allowing users to touch and directly write things on them.

Regarding xR virtual production solutions, Absen showcased an immersive xR virtual stage built with the Absen PL and MR product lines. The combination of LED displays with virtual production enables scene switching in just one second.

The all-in-one control room display solution comes with an 8K flip-chip COB video wall, the CL V2, as the main screen, featuring a maximum brightness of 1200 nits. The display can run smoothly and stably for seven days straight without stopping, plus ultra-low latency and real-time display of images.


Ledman exhibited a wide range of multi-scene solutions for specialized displays, commercial displays, and home displays. Key products include:
The UHD 8K Micro LED display comes with Ledman’s proprietary core technologies such as flip-chip COB and pixel engine display. It boasts characteristics such as "brightness, coolness, clarity, and blackness", with good black uniformity, low power consumption and the ability to faithfully reproduce natural colors while being environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Credit: Ledman

The exhibitor’s smart conference interactive system comes with a COB-based UHD interactive touchscreen. It runs smoothly, enabling seamless switching between Windows and Android. The highly integrated system provides users with a highly interactive and real-time digital conference experience.

The Ledman UHD Micro LED home theater video wall features a borderless design with a 100% screen-to-body ratio. Boasting sleek and stylish appearance, the large screen is a perfect match with various household scenarios.

At the exhibition, AET released a 172-inch curved Hollywood-grade DCI P3 display for home theater use. It is equipped with AET's fifth-gen standardized architecture; the LED display boasts a cinema-grade 4K (4096×2160) resolution. It maintains a super high contrast ratio of 50000:1, a refresh rate of ≥3840Hz, and a DCI-P3 wide color gamut at an ultra-low brightness of 48 nits. The product also features Dolby surround sound effects, APP applications, mini-programs, smart voice control and many other functions and configurations.

AET’s 172” curved LED home theater display

Moreover, AET showcased its flip-chip Mini/Micro LED COB displays, the NX series, covering pixel pitch specs from P0.6 to P1.56 with an 8K+ resolution. The manufacturer also displayed the QCOB standardized display unit under the AT series. For high-end indoor and outdoor rental screens applied to xR virtual production, film and television programs, and large-scale events, AET presented the QR series covering pixel pitch specs from P1.5 to P4.8.

Credit: AET’s WeChat account

During InfoComm 2023, MRLED debuted the world’s first ultra-fine pitch solution, the UCP series, with a thickness of only 0.98cm, breaking the limits of thickness and weight designs. It can be widely applied in areas such as home theaters and commercial scenes.

Credit: MRLED’s WeChat account

MRLED also presented an immersive visual-spatial solution by creating a tetrahedral ring-shaped space combined with glasses-free 3D visual effects, providing the audience with a brand new immersive experience. The solution can also be customized for curved, five-sided, and three-sided configurations.

The COB-based UHD data visualization solution is engineered with RGB flip-chip and COB packaging technologies in addition to HDR imaging. It boasts a super high contrast ratio of 30000:1, dual-driver high-precision voltage control, largely reduced power consumption and a prolonged display lifetime.

MRLED's smart all-in-one conference display features an integrated appearance design, with top-notch speakers, Android smart system, wireless projection system and support for multiple input method such as Wi-Fi/HDMI/USB.

The indoor and outdoor rental product RVO comes with a hanging installation solution and compatibility with a wide range of application scenarios. The display can be quickly disassembled and installed with strong adaptability, and is catered to flat, curved as well as flexible splicing displays.


BOE introduced two glass-based MLED products: The P0.9 AM Mini LED display—featuring a high refresh rate, eye protection and seamless splicing—comes with a million-to-one contrast ratio and 115% NTSC high color gamut.

The 85-inch COG TV is engineered with BOE's proprietary chip-on-glass (COG) technology. The product boasts 2,304 local dimming zones, a million-to-one contrast ratio, 96% high color gamut, and a 178° wide viewing angle. BOE’s COG AM Mini LED backlights have more advantages over conventional edge-lit LED backlights in terms of image quality, eye protection, light control, and optical consistency. BOE also showcased products such as a 65-inch smart touchscreen and a 27-inch entertainment touchscreen.

Hisense Commercial Display

Hisense exhibited various products for smart offices, intelligent displays, and commercial lasers through the HuntPixTM platform. Concerning smart offices, Hisense displayed all-in-one machines in sizes of 136 and 163 inches, using SMD packaging with a resolution of 1920*1080 and a refresh rate of 3840Hz. The highly integrated smart products are lightweight, easy to install, energy-saving and eye-friendly.


Hisense also exhibited the Micro LED all-in-one machine U series. Each model comes with over 24.88 million display chips smaller than 75μm and a standard 4K resolution. Powered by Micro LED chips and black processing technology, the U series creates an immersive black display effect while delivering a high contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000:1. Each light-emitting pixel occupies an area of less than 0.006 square millimeters.

Credit: Hisense Commercial Display’s WeChat account


Regarding smart displays, Hisense Commercial Display introduced the COB Star Map lineup with common-cathode driver ICs, suitable for applications in meeting rooms, command centers, schools, and studios. Additionally, Hisense showcased the Apocalypse, Rock, and Magic series, covering various pixel pitch specs to meet indoor and outdoor scenarios.

COB Star Map

The Apocalypse

Hisense also launched a new LED display technology platform, the HuntPixTM platform, leveraging its advantages in vertical integration throughout the LED industry. The exhibitor developed high-efficiency, wide-viewing-angle, and high-uniformity Mini/Micro LED chips. It also developed the industry's first ASIC control system features a 4K bidirectional serial connection architecture, resulting in a four-fold improvement in operational efficiency. Moreover, Hisense created high-fusion color gamut technology, enabling the brightness–chromaticity uniformity of a display to reach 1‰.



Credit: Unilumin

During the InfoComm event, Unilumin demonstrated the Micro Space display engineered with the manufacturer’s latest COB LED fine-pitch technology, UMicro. The display is accompanied by its true 8K Micro 0.7 solution dedicated to 8K products.

The installation art LED device was constructed using Unilumin's UGNII and XS series LED displays, presenting digital content with unique designs.

The Cave immersive space was created using Unilumin's ULWIII series large screens to build an LED virtual simulation scene. Inside the space, visitors could experience full-angle naked-eye 3D visual effects and interact with an AI-powered voice-activated digital human.

In addition, Unilumin unveiled a new 4K COB conference all-in-one machine at the exhibition. For smart office applications, the machine can provide integrated solutions including IoT central control, conference scheduling/display/amplification, digital twins, and paperless systems.

QSTECH built an xR virtual production solution, where Mini LED displays were used instead of green screens and real scenes. The displays boast excellent stability, simple installation and maintenance process, accurate color reproduction, high refresh rates, and effectively reduced Moiré effect.

QSTECH's xR studio comprises a complete set of virtual production equipment in addition to the displays. It covers filming scenarios from pre- to post-production, allowing end customers to conduct xR virtual production in a one-stop manner.

QSTECH's xR studio comprises a complete set of virtual production equipment in addition to the displays. It covers filming scenarios from pre- to post-production, allowing end customers to conduct xR virtual production in a one-stop manner.

AOTO showcased its VP virtual studio and xR virtual live-streaming room, both of which comprise advanced LED displays, camera tracking systems, cameras, server workstations, lighting, and digital content equipment and technologies to improve efficiency in film and television production.

The VP virtual studio comes with the RM2.3E displays, specifically designed to meet virtual studio requirements. They boast high refresh rates, high brightness, low Moiré effect, high durability and simple installation and maintenance process, with pixel pitches ranging from P1.92 to P2.31.

The xR live-streaming room come with a U1.8 ultra-high-definition LED display integrated with the IF2.9V2 LED floor brick screen. The combination can create a surround display system enabling infinite scene expansion as well as an immersive audiovisual experience for actors and audiences.

For outdoor advertising, AOTO introduced the AF series boasting high brightness and ultra-low power consumption. These high-performance LED displays are suitable for various outdoor environments such as streets, squares and shopping malls.

For the glasses-free 3D solution showcased at the venue, AOTO used the self-developed U2.5 and C2.5 outdoor naked-eye 3D advertising screens. These products feature seamless splicing, high brightness, and a high contrast ratio, allowing for clear and vivid 3D image reproduction in outdoor environments.

AOTO also demonstrated a smart classroom solution, including interactive whiteboards, smart podiums, and SID all-in-one machines, as well as subway application solutions, including CV2.5, dynamic light boxes, and T series transparent screens. The exhibitor also presented a series of innovative financial service solutions.

Liantronics demonstrated its new VWA series of fine-pitch displays, touchable smart conference display terminal, the industry's first "THE WOW" naked-eye 3D solution, Vmicro ultra-fine pitch technology, and Hollywood-level XR virtual production solution, among other products and innovative solutions.

The VWA series is an integrated display with a lightweight design, featuring magnetic fixation design for installation, flexible splicing, and true color display. It can be applied to display projects for governments, businesses, universities and scenarios associated with public facilities, shopping malls and exhibition halls.

Credit: Liantronic’s WeChat account

"The WOW" naked-eye 3D solution is run by an iteratively upgraded algorithm for naked-eye 3D curved displays, making it the industry's first W-shaped product of its kind. The special structure of the screen brings a multidimensional cross-screen 3D effect without requiring the viewer to wear glasses.

The Vmicro P0.7 ultra-fine pitch display comes with flip-chip COB packaging and micrometer-level light-emitting chips, with ultra-high dark color uniformity and contrast. Reportedly, Liantronics has built its own COB ultra-fine pitch full-process intelligent manufacturing chain, whereby it has realized mass production and module traceless repair for chip-level COB final products, with a yield rate of 99.99%.

The xR virtual production solution, jointly created by Liantronics and Colorlight, comprises the high-end Pilot Pro display with a refresh rate of 7680Hz and high brightness and contrast.

The new smart conference terminal features wireless screen projection, video conferencing, interactive writing, and touch interaction, which is suitable for medium to large conference rooms, lecture halls, multifunctional halls, multimedia rooms and other scenarios.

Sony set up four major exhibition areas for commercial display solutions, the Crystal LED fine-pitch display solutions, imaging and analysis solutions, and spatial reality displays (SRD).

Credit: Sony’s WeChat account

At InfoComm 2023, Sony showcased its Crystal LED BH series and CH series products that were just released at the beginning of the year. The products combine super fine LEDs with a proprietary coating and are equipped with the X1 processor and the 22-bit Super Bit Mapping technology.

With a brightness of 1300cd/m2, the CH series is paired with Sony's black coating technology, boasting an SCE value of less than 0.5 and a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. At the exhibition, the CH series—together with the SLS-1A compact speaker—provided an immersive experience solution for large display devices and their stereo systems, offering the audience an immersive audiovisual experience on a 220-inch 4K screen.

The BH series has a high brightness of 1700cd/m2 and an SCE value of less than 5.0, ensuring clear image quality even in bright environments while reducing ambient light reflection. At the exhibition, the BH series, combined with a mobile stand, showcased a flexible, efficient, high-quality integrated LED display solution that can meet the requirements of different industries and scenarios.

Sony also brought its BRAVIA commercial displays, commercial projectors, a full range of network cameras as well as naked-eye 3D displays to each exhibition area.

Cedar showcased a variety of LED displays with rich application scenarios. This includes the Holographic Crystal series, a green UHD fine-pitch large-sized display solution. It is engineered with flip-chip COB technology, large-size chips and low-power driver ICs. The individual product sizes range from 75 inches to a maximum of 220 inches, covering 2K, 4K, and 8K resolutions. It can be used in professional, commercial, and consumer display markets.

Credit: Cedar’s WeChat account

In terms of professional and commercial displays, Cedar also offered the Jade series featuring ultra-high dark color uniformity, contrast, color gamut and high protection. The lineup is suitable for high-end professional display markets such as incident response, dispatching and control, security monitoring, conferences, and smart cities.

The Pearl series—equipped with flip-chip wireless COB packages, IP65 protection rating and 16-bit grayscale—is suitable for various commercial display scenarios such as sports stadiums, teaching programs based on smart technologies, remote healthcare, exhibition displays, entertainment games, stage rentals, and advertising posters.

The Jade series

For the smart office sector, Cedar exhibited the iView smart all-in-one machine powered by flip-chip COB non-packaging technology. It features low heat generation, low blue light emission, silent operation, high energy efficiency, electromagnetic wave shielding, and an IP65 protection rating. Powered by a dual system equipped with multi-core CPUs and quad-core GPUs, the product ensure smooth operation. The iView is suitable for remote meetings thanks to features like simultaneous audiovisual transmission, accurate sound pickup, high-fidelity stereo sound and 4K UHD camera connectivity as well as support for wireless 360° omnidirectional microphones with no latency.

LP Display
As a leading manufacturer of flip-chip panels, LP Display focused on showcasing the Black Diamond Gen 2 and Micro LED Black Elves series during the event.

The Black Diamond Gen 2 series is a front-maintenance fine-pitch LED display series. It features the proprietary TOPCOB patent, which enables high-level impact resistance, waterproofing, and dustproofing, effectively protecting the screen and allowing it to operate normally in harsh environments such as corrosive or humid conditions. The product line also supports mixed splicing and has low power consumption, low heat generation, long lifespan, and a high refresh rate (3840Hz), meeting the needs of broadcasting studios, live concerts, virtual production and other scenarios.

Credit: LP Display’s WeChat account (the Black Diamond Gen 2 series)

The Black Elves series is LP Display's new micro-grade flip-chip COB panels based on spatial pixel technology. It features IP65-level protection, energy savings of over 50% at the same brightness, a million-to-one contrast ratio, ultra-high dark color uniformity, support for front maintenance and hot swapping. It is suitable for home theaters, smart cities, education conferences, broadcasting, banking and finance and emergency operations centers.

The Black Elves series

LP Display also showcased the GA series of lightweight ultra-slim transparent LED displays, which are easy to install, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly with abilities to create unique effects while maintaining high transparency. They can be used for building facades, large-scale events and more.

CAILIANG displayed its products in three themes, namely the Ultra Clear Vision, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, and Naked Eye Era. Among them, the Naked Eye Era features CAILIANG's naked-eye 3D screens debuting the company's exclusive corporate video this year. The screen was spliced using the T series displays (including T1.25 and T1.56) engineered with GOB packaging, providing moisture-proof, dust-proof and oxidation-resistant features. Its 4K resolution and a 13-14 bit ultra-wide color gamut also help maximize product performance. The hard link design makes installation more convenient, allowing for front installation and maintenance, thereby saving space and time efficiently.

Credit: CAILIANG’s WeChat account

Qiangli Jucai
Qiangli Jucai showcased an outdoor solution powered by the Mingyue series, including the indoor transparent displays TS3.9Pro, TS3.9H and the outdoor grille screen GS10.4 Pro, boasting a high refresh rate, high brightness, lightweight design, brilliant colors and simple installation.

Credit: Qiangli Jucai (the Mingyue series)

In terms of indoor and outdoor innovative displays, Qiangli Jucai brought the Huanyun series to the exhibition. The product line is suited for multipurpose use, boasting stable performance, an ultra-wide viewing angle, simple installation, stylish appearance, a high refresh rate and high grayscale. It is suitable for exhibition display, hotels, wedding celebrations, outdoor stages and similar scenes. Qiangli Jucai also unveiled professional displays for national defense, security and outdoor applications, providing rich display solutions.

Uniview showcased their latest solutions and products for three scenarios: command centers, smart offices and exhibition displays. All were presented under the theme, “Provider of Full-Scene Display Solutions.”

Credit: Uniview

For command centers, Uniview showcased a distributed control central solution that can be applied to various industrial and urban management sectors. The solution comprises a COB Mini LED wall with power consumption as low as below 100W, surface temperature as low as below 40°C and a graphene cabinet, achieving low carbon emissions, low energy consumption, low density and high heat dissipation. In addition, the solution come with the integrated A9 video platform, distributed splicing control and KVM seat management system.

COB Mini LED video wall


For the exhibition display scene, Uniview unveiled its next-gen holographic transparent screen, boasting ultra-high transparency with a sensory transmittance rate of up to 90%. The product is powered by customized LEDs with integrated diode driving, enabling independent control and supporting individual LED repair, greatly reducing after-sales costs. The LED wave screen is composed of multiple independent motion units to form a screen matrix, allowing for the creation of 3D visual effects such as relief patterns, dot matrix characters and dynamic waves.


TCL Commercial

TCL showcased various new products and technologies, including a Micro LED large display based on MIP packaging. TCL stated that MIP is rapidly developing due to its high reliability, maturity, and low cost, and the company will further promote the technology to the entire industry.

The new 105-inch ultra-large smart interactive widescreen has excellent display performance with ultra-high contrast and ultra-fine realistic image quality, providing users with more product options and applications for various scenarios.

Credit: TCL Commercial (the TS fine-pitch series)

The display maker also showcased the TS series of fine-pitch LED products, flagship smart interactive panel NXTHUB V60Pro, P30 series of digital signage LED backlights, and a comprehensive display solution ecosystem in collaboration with enterprises such as Tencent Meeting, Feishu and DingTalk.


Kinglight unveiled its UHD Micro LED display packaging technologies and multi-scene LED solutions. In terms of packaging technologies, Kinglight presented a bunch of MiP packages, including the MC1010, MC0606 and MC0404, covering pixel pitches from P0.5 to P1.25.

Credit: Kinglight’s WeChat account

For xR virtual production, the manufacturer focused on showcasing its 1212-XR and 1415-XR products, achieving a significant increase of 30% in contrast ratio and a brightness of over 2000 nits. These products also feature low power consumption, reducing costs and improving efficiency in virtual production. Kinglight is allegedly developing RGB+W and RGB+Y solutions to further enhance the color rendering index of virtual production LED displays.

Concerning cinema displays, Kinglight demonstrated LED displays with a contrast ratio of up to 20,000:1 and a brightness of 1000 nits. For innovative applications, the KS series comes with large-sized diodes that increase brightness by 30% and reduce voltage by 5%. These displays can be applied to outdoor scenes such as naked-eye 3D large screens. In response to outdoor 5G+8K UHD applications, the company presented products boasting a brightness of up to 12,000 nits, high contrast, and highly uniform background color display.

Novastar, a leading provider of video control and display systems, presented 8 innovative solutions, namely the 1) xR Virtual Production LED Control System, 2) Comprehensive MLED Display and Control, 3) TU Series of LED Intelligent Broadcasting and Control Systems, 4) One-Stop Solution for Visual Intelligent Exhibition and Display, 5) Professional LED Distributed Solution, 6) High-end Stage Rental Scheme, 7) Cloud-based Operation and Management System for Displays, and 8) One-Stop Solution for Smart Stores.

Credit: Novastar’s WeChat account

Under the brand HYNAMIC, a subsidiary of Novastar, the solution provider showcased various mainstream products and core solutions in naked-eye 3D, smart conference rooms, and visualized command and dispatch systems, presenting an audiovisual ecosystem to the audience.

HYNAMIC is a sub-brand of Novastar

In addition, for MLED applications, Novastar demonstrated several products that are the first of their kinds throughout the industry, such as the first-ever MLED automatic Demura device, MLED display high-speed interface chip and MLED display ASIC control chip. These solutions address multiple key issues in MLED displays, significantly improving the first pass yield and production efficiency of MLED panels. (By Irving from LEDinside)

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