Spark Optoelectronics: How to Make a Perfect Office Lighting System

Office lighting design plays a very important role in the office decoration. Most of people probably know that an appropriate and comfortable office lighting environment is extremely good and key for staffs’ work, body and mental health. However, with more and more using of computers and wrong office lighting design, many people’s eyes and body health are badly influenced.

“At present, more and more offices or working places have adopted good LED lighting design plan and chosen appropriate LED lights, mainly including LED panel lights, LED down lights and LED tube lights” said one market manager from Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics.

How to choose appropriate LED lights and make lighting plan in the different office areas?

Spark Optoelectronics reception desk is lit up with LEDs. (Photos Credits: Spark Optoelectronics)

1. Reception area

This part place is very important. It’s not only a public area but also a place that shows company image and brand. First, it’s better to use mixture of white LED down lights and spotlights. (As shown in the following picture for reference) Keep it mind that do not use colorful LED lights or pendant lights. Surely, putting pot plants or company album of painting around this place will be good.

Spark Optoelectronics open-ended office area. (Photos Credits: Spark Optoelectronics)

2. Open-ended office area

This part is main lighting application area. When design lighting plan for it, uniformity and comfort of office should be considered as the most important basics.

Usually, it’s ideal to adopt uniform spacing for choosing corresponding and placing lamps, combined with ground function areas. And the office table with dam-board can reduce dazzling of light and make light ray of work space uniform.

Mainly LED panel lights and LED down lights will be perfect to adopt. (As shown in the above picture for reference)

Surly, if it’s an advertising agency or creative design company, there will be a variety of LED lights for choosing. But precondition is to make sure that the lighting design must be appropriate, comfortable and healthy to company staff.

An example of meeting room lighting. (Photos Credits: Spark Optoelectronics)

3. Meeting Room

Compared to other areas, meeting room is easier to design lighting. Just only one point is that put bright white LED panel light or tube light on the top of table for making staffs more concentrated and united. It will be better to add some LED down lights and spotlights around the top light. (As shown in the following picture for reference)

An example of lighting in a senior office room. (Photos Credits: Spark Optoelectronics)

4. Manageror senior company officers)office

The integrated design, including lighting and placing of table and chair shows and reflects manager’s taste, interest and character. First, the whole office should be bright and harmonious. Second, the light in the reception or rest area need to be soft and or a little dim so that people feel comfortable and relaxed. Also putting a floor lamp near reception area and a table lamp on the office table will be good. Usually, LED tube light, spotlight and down light are very appropriate. (As shown in the above picture)

An example of hallway lighting. (Photos Credits: Spark Optoelectronics)

5. Common aisle

Mostly, LED downlight and panel light are adopted in this area. Do no use glaze reflector and the light can’t be too bright. If not, it will have severe glare and produce much influence on walk sight and disturbing staff in other areas. The lamps can be added cover or dull polish reflector. And the trepanning is not too big. (As shown in the above picture)

In general, office lighting design is extremely important to staff’s health and motivation in work, absolutely to company or enterprise’s image and development.

Especially, it’s significant in this modern society, which people more and more emphasize on and value culture and health.

Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics will be always supplying best LED lights and service.

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