Amerlux Launches LED Downlight with Optically Sealed Module for Exterior Lighting Applications

Amerlux introduces the DOSM LED optically sealed module for exterior lighting fixtures that include a downlight component. Individual optics can be directed with controlled optics for precision aiming to accommodate the lighting needs in the strictest outdoor environments.
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Amerlux Adds Lens for LED Downlight Families

Amerlux has added the Solite Lens as its latest optic available for Evoke 4.75 and Hornet 3.5-inch lensed downlight families. The Solite glass lens delivers light with better control and without glare. The results are light delivered evenly and effectively with a soft comfortable ceiling plane.
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TCP Recalls Connected Brand Downlights Due to Electrical Shock Hazard

TCP recalls nearly 30,000 connected LED downlights over potential shock hazards.
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FZLED Launches Lightweight 2-inch LED Downlight

FZLED, a leading maker of LED lighting product, is pleased to announce a family long lasting, lightweight, adjustable angle 8W 2-inch LED downlights - FZL-DL02-01 series. The downlight is easy to install and designed to be energy-saving replacement for 2-inch halogen recessed downlight, used in residential, commercial spaces, gallery, museum, showroom display and more.
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Amerlux Launches New LED Downlight with Patented Low Beam Angle Technology

Engineered with a patent-pending optic that delivers the lowest possible beam angle without sacrificing fixture efficiency, Amerlux® unveils Cylindrix III Mini LED in a smaller size and cleaner look than the original version. At just 21 watts, the accent delivers superior efficacy and lumen output, innovative TIR optics and extraordinary aesthetics for retail, hospitality and commercial environments.
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Eaton’s Lighting Products Featured on NextGen Home TV

Power management company Eaton, a 2015 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year and producer of the first ENERGY STAR®-certified light-emitting diode (LED) downlight (2009), is featured on the new online web series "First to the Future Home," showcasing what it takes to make a home energy efficient, weather and storm resistant, healthy and intelligent. Host of the NGHTV web series, Ty Pennington, reveals the “First to the Future Home” this spring. More than 200 of Eaton’s Halo® light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting solutions are utilized throughout the interior and exterior coves of the home. Eaton’s wiring devices, generators and other products are also incorporated into the project.
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MaxLite Releases High-Efficacy LED Downlight Retrofits for Commercial and Architectural Applications

Combining market-leading efficacy with affordability, MaxLite introduces eight-inch ECO Series LED Recessed Retrofit Downlights as an energy-efficient replacement for fluorescent, incandescent and HID lighting in architectural and commercial applications.
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MaxLite Launches ENERGY STAR Qualified Adjustable LED Downlight Retrofits

MaxLite introduces ENERGY STAR qualified Adjustable LED Downlight Retrofits as an easy upgrade solution that provides endless lighting design possibilities for residential, retail and commercial interiors.
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Hubbell Lighting Launches New LED Downlight

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Prescolite's award-winning, high output LED downlight is now offered in lumen packages ranging up to more than 16,500 lumens. From school auditoriums and concert halls to theaters and churches, the MegaLum delivers the very best in cost savings and performance for high ceiling applications from 20 to 60 feet.
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TERRALUX LED Downlight Retrofits Receive ENERGY STAR® Certification

TERRALUX revolutionary D Series LED retrofit kits have received ENERGY STAR® Certification. Buildings can also take advantage of utility rebate programs to offset the initial investment.
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TILS 2015: Phenix LED Lighting Product Profile

1. LED Panel Light Epistar Chip Inside Wider light emitting dimension Energy saving than traditional fluorescent lamps 40%~50% save more energy and Save more money. Ecofriendly CO2 reduction,Mercury-free,No UV light. Quick lighting up,no Glare,no Flicker
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Spark Optoelectronics: How to Make a Perfect Office Lighting System

Office lighting design plays a very important role in the office decoration. Most of people probably know that an appropriate and comfortable office lighting environment is extremely good and key for staffs’ work, body and mental health. However, with more and more using of computers and wrong office lighting design, many people’s eyes and body health are badly influenced.
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ALT's LED Downlight wins Commercial Lighting Design and Eco-Design Awards at Hong Kong Int’l Lighting Fair 2014

Taiwanese high-power LED manufacturer Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT) is attending the biggest Lighting Fair in Asia "2014 Hong Kong International Light Fair",displaying superior LED brightness and its leading tech in the industry. The product that gained the most attraction was the Uniqube™ Square-design Downlight which won two of the awards, the Commercial Lighting-Design and Eco-Design awards from "My Favourite Lighting Products Award 2014".
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Eaton’s Halo® LED Solutions Bring Energy Efficiency to the Greenbuild® LivingHome

Power management company Eaton today announced that its Halo® light-emitting diode (LED) downlights from its Cooper Lighting Division are featured in the 2014 Greenbuild® LivingHome show home. The home offers a first look at the next generation of sustainable building and demonstrates the latest technologies and practices.
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Hubbell Lighting Launches Versatile Commercial LED Downlight Fixture

Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, launched today the industry’s first all-in-one LED commercial downlight fixture—Prescolite’s LBSLEDA. Built to fit a standard 4x4 J-Box, the new fixture is the perfect alternative to recessed products in settings where plenum height is challenging or where fire codes restrict the use of recessed fixtures. Ideal for commercial, new construction, remodel, and residential applications, the LBSLEDA embraces an installation system that is versatile, simple, and seamless.
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China and US Patent Offices Grant IST LED Downlight Patents

Integrated System Technologies (IST) Limited, a leading British manufacturer of smart lighting solutions, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Chinese Patent Office have granted patents covering high efficiency LED luminaires for downlight applications.
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Philips Integrates Two Light Sources in Hue Beyond

Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, introduces Philips Hue Beyond, a breakthrough lamp with two  connected light sources that work together at the same time. This means it is possible to have high quality tunable white light needed for everyday functional tasks at home, whilst also changing the mood of the room using colorful light to enhance the space.
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GE Lighting Prescribes LED Lighting Solution for Davao Medical School Foundation

GE Lighting has prescribed an energy-saving LED solution for Davao Medical School Foundation in The Philippines, bringing the school enhanced illumination across its facilities, greater energy efficiency and significantly reduced maintenance downtime. The Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF) was established in 1976 in response to the recognition of the lack of doctors serving rural communities and lack of specialists in the urban centers of Mindanao.
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GlacialLight Releases 10” Surface Mounted Downlight

GlacialLight, a division of the Taiwanese technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc., is introducing an energy-efficient 10” Surface Mounted Down Light - GL-DL10-SM to its indoor lighting product lineup. This 10” Down Light features a sturdy yet light die cast aluminum housing which is easily mounted to walls or ceilings. With up to 91 lumens per watt and a 110 degree beam angle, bright yet energy efficient indoor lighting is easily available with the GL-DL10-SM.
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TERRALUX LED Downlight Fixtures and LED Retrofit Kits Enter Mass Production

TERRALUX announces commercial availability of the DLSQ8 LED Downlight fixture and LED retrofit kit. Energy consumption is 60 percent less than CFL fixtures equipped with dual 42-watt lamps, for the same delivered light output.
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Aurora Shows off Dimmable HV LED Downlight Series at Light+Building 2014

Aurora Lighting from UK saw Light+Building 2014 as the perfect platform to showcase their Red Dot Award winning product, the m10 LED fire rated downlight.
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Hubbell Lighting Launches LED Downlight for High Ceiling Applications

Hubbell Lighting announced today the first 12,000+ lumen LED fixture designed for high ceiling commercial and architectural interiors where recessed depth is not available—Prescolite’s MegaLum Cylinder. With all the performance advantages of the company’s award winning MegaLum fixture, the MegaLum Cylinder can be surface, cable or pendant mounted and is the perfect alternative to T4 quartz (up to 500 watts) and metal halide (up to 250 watts) sources for ceiling heights of 20 to 60 feet (6.09 to 18.28 meters).
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RIDI Lighting Launches EDLR Downlighter

RIDI Lighting is pleased to announce its latest LED downlighter – the first to include its own high output chip set module, which lowers costs by around 30%. The long life rating L80 means that it will still be outputting 80% of its total light after 50,000 hours of use.
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Acuity Brands Helps MIT Blend Modern LED Technology with Classic Architecture to Revive Historic Dome

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) installed 48 Incito™ LED downlights embedded with nLIGHT® lighting controls from Acuity Brands Inc. (NYSE: AYI) as part of the University’s renovation of the Great Dome in the Barker Engineering Library. MIT updated the historic dome using integrated Gotham® LED downlighting with embedded controls to provide consistent light levels for reading in the library, while complementing daylighting from the Dome’s skylight. The daylighting and electric lighting work together seamlessly ...
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Brightgreen Introduces the Next Generation of Square Beam Lighting D900 Cube v2

Brightgreen, a LED lighting company in Australian, released the world’s first square-beam LED downlight in 2011. Now, it presents the next generation of square beam lighting: the D900 Cube v2. The D900 Cube v2 incorporates Brightgreen’s signature Tru-Colour 95CRI—a superb Colour Rendering Index to bring everything to life. Its square beam makes lighting square-edged spaces seamless and more efficient. Enhanced optics give the D900 Cube v2 a softer-edged beam for smoother light transitions, and lower dimming gives you even more versatility....
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Lextar Announced a new high-CRI LED Downlights Series

Lextar announces commercial availability of a brand new 6” downlight - DWRTFLX. Equipped with in-house 5630 LED that was LM-80 accredited, this latest release is optimized for replacement for 6” conventional downlight. This is the first high CRI (R9>90) product that can last up to 35,000 hours.   Lextar’s high level of color quality enables customers to further their expectations on room atmosphere that DWRTFLX brings to them. Merchandising display, where visual impact is crucial on fresh fruits, vegetables, meat products and delicat...
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Tokushima, Japan – 17 June 2022: Nichia, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of high-brightness blue and white LEDs, announces the addition of the Direct Mountable Chip Series (Part Number: NVSWE21A-V1) to the portfol... READ MORE

DURHAM, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cree LED, an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH), announced today the launch of XLamp® Element G LEDs, delivering a new product class with unmatched light output and efficiency for LEDs of this size. The... READ MORE