Next generation of LED heat dissipation technology-New dawn of the high power LED lighting industry

 Liquidleds®「Liquid Immersed Heat Management Solution (LITMS)」

The LITMS technology of Liquidleds® win the National gold medal award  in 2008

The high power LED illumination faces a lot of technological challenges at present. In order to solve the difficult problem of this field, the LED industry has developed a lot of different methods and solutions in addressing key problems such as heat dissipation, Light Shape, luminance, product  life and cost ,etc..

Taiwan LED Application company, Liquidleds Lighting Corp, has developed LITMS technology, which is needed for  high power LED lighting  . The company received a National Gold medal Award 2008 and the 11th Moscow show of gold medal Award during the first half of 2008, which can be regarded as the role model of industry of Taiwan.

Heat dissipation, Light Shape are two major challenge of LED lighting industry

The high power LED application in the lighting industry, developed by Japan LED big factory Nichia in 1996. But but the development of the Thermal-Electricity separation way of  high power LED products 「LUXEON LED」was encapsulated by U.S.A. Lumileds in 1998. This can be regarded as the start of competitions between LED manufacturers such as Japan, America and Europe, Taiwan, mainland, Korea S.,etc.  However, such high power LED products have a narrow beam angel defect in lighting field and do not accord with the North American illuminating engineering society (IESNA). A Wide Beam Angle and extensive uniform light is required for main illuminations.

If LED heat dissipation problem deal with fine, accelerate luminance decay (only decline), then it reduces luminance and span life of the products. The high power LED lighting products generally adopt the heat dissipation technology of back-side heat slug type at present. The product appearance is difficult to be accepted by consumers with distributing thermal efficiency. This is the biggest bottleneck of LED lighting industry at present. Thus, it is the complementary lighting, situation application lighting that can generally see on LED lighting market at present, seldom are  there Main Home lighting products with high visibility.

The Innovative technology that solve Heat dissipation, Light Shape all together
Liquidleds LITMS, which had already obtained the multinational patent, solved 3 great difficult problems described above together. It no longer uses back-side heat slug type that LED products generally adopt to heat dissipation, but around metal column near the crystalline grain AC LED. This lets the LED conduct forward. In addition, unique patent fill a prescription liquid, to carry on the all dispelling the heat to the type of 360 degrees. This fully utilizes different heat dissipation characteristics among metal, liquid, the former heat conduction quick. The latter specific heat high, under mechanism that collocate each other, let high power AC LED bulb get good control and settlement on heat dissipation problem.

The CEO of  Liquidleds Lighting Corp express : 「By LITMS patented technology, we can solve the narrow beam angel defect of LED product , enlarge the beam angle and gain the uniform illumination of AC LED bulb effectively.」
LITMS can combine effectively with LED semiconductor standard process. The complete airtight and dustproof design will let  high power AC LED bulb with none metal heat sink that can reduce the electric shock risk  effectively  and get the international certification easily

What's LITMS ( Liquid Immersed Heat Management Solution ) 

It's the next generation thermal solution that can solve the problems of "Light Decay ", "Heat Dissipation", and "Light Shape" at high power LED lighting field  successfully .

It has the following characteristics
     Designed at compact profile to replace higher wattage incandescent lamps and lower wattage CFLs.
     A high power AC/DC LED light bulb with translucent light cover and fill with liquid inside
     The enhancement of heat dissipation to reduce the junction working temperature ; Excellent composite heat management, comprised the front end light cover and/or the back side heat sink heat dissipation system
     A thermal conductor extending in the liquid to evenly transfer heat from the LED module through the liquid to the light cover
     Extensive beam angle and gain the uniform illumination purpose ; A LED source light penetrates through the liquid
     A working LED module the source heat generated, similar in the center of ball, the heat conductive to the surface of ball with the shortest path and in the smallest profile

About Liquidleds Lighting Corp.

Liquidleds Lighting Corp. was founded in 2006 as next generation LED lighting technology and solution company. From 2005, we had concentrated our attention on the development of high-power AC LED home lighting technology and had a great success at high power LED lighting field .
Our mission is developing the Innovative, Environmental and Economical LED Lighting Solution
Please consult relevant information 。The company telephon : +886-2-28346227

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