Lumileds New CSP High Power LED, LUXEON HL2Z for Very High Output, Tighter Beam Control, and Lower System Costs

LUXEON HL2Z delivers high flux density and luminance for applications from Automotive Auxiliary Lamps to Stadium, Street Lights, and Torches MAKO SPORT FIELD LIGHTING WITH LUXEON HL2Z. San Jose, CA – April 19, 2022 – Lumileds has introduced LUXEON HL2Z, an un-domed, CSP, single-sided, high-power LED that significantly reduces system costs while delivering high flux density, high luminance, and precise beam control. It delivers more than 315 lumens and more than 160 lumens per Watt from a compact 2.3m...
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Lumileds Unveils 5050 Multi-Die High Power LED for Luminaire Designs

The LUXEON 5050 multi-die LED provides the most cost effective solution for high efficacy outdoor fixtures, high and low bay fixtures and indoor directional lamps with a single light source.
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Cree® High Power LED Lowers System Costs for Demanding Lighting Applications

Cree introduces the XLamp® MHB-B LED, a new high-power LED that enables a more effective way to deliver lower system costs for high lumen, high efficiency applications designed to meet the new DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) 4.0 Premium requirements. Leveraging key elements of Cree’s SC5 Technology™ Platform, the ceramic MHB-B LEDs combine high light output, high efficacy and high reliability to enable high lumen LED designs that are not possible with mid-power LEDs. The MHB-B LED delivers up to 931 lumens at 85°C and 13% higher LPW than the MHB-A LED in the same 5mm x 5mm package, allowing lighting manufacturers to quickly increase performance for existing MHB designs without any additional investment.
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China Makes Breakthrough in High Power LED Technology

A research institute and manufacturer based in southern China province Fujian have made a significant breakthrough in making small high power LEDs that can be driven at 1,000W, reported China Daily.
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New High-Power Flip Chip COB Grow Light from Flip Chip Opto Enables Horticultural Illumination

Flip Chip Opto releases a first-in-class 2400 watt high powered horticultural flip chip COB. The 2400 watt flip chip COB is part of their new Duet series geared towards the grow light industry. The Duet 2400 is based on the company’s 3-PAD Pillar Metal Core Printed Circuit Board technology. This technology allows a breakthrough in high powered horticultural flip chip LEDs, reducing junction temperatures to 0.003˚C/W on Duet 2400 at a maximum power of 2433 watts.
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Noribachi Unveils New LED Power Supplies for High Power Applications

Noribachi, a leading U.S.-based custom LED manufacturer for high output commercial and industrial lighting solutions, introduces new DC-DC LED power supplies for all its Bespoke Engineered and Specifically Tailored (BEST) LED lighting fixtures.
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Citizen Showcases Prototype COB LED at Thailand Lighting Show

Japanese LED chip manufacturer Citizen booth might have been the furthest from the show entrance at LED Expo Thailand this year, but its prototype LED COB and AC LED modules attracted a steady stream of visitors towards its booth.
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Cree Launches High Power Ceramic COB LED

Building on the success of the groundbreaking XLamp® MH family of LEDs, Cree introduces the XLamp MHD-E and MHD-G LEDs, the high-power LEDs that combine the high lumen density and reliability of a ceramic chip-on-board LED with the design and manufacturing advantages of a surface-mount package. Utilizing elements of the Cree SC5 Technology™ Platform, the ceramic XLamp MHD LEDs simplify development, increase design flexibility and improve manufacturing efficiency compared to mid-power LEDs. The MH family enables new designs and significantly lower system costs, all while delivering industry-leading performance.
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Fairchild Launches New LED Driver

Fairchild, a leading global supplier of high- performance power semiconductor solutions for making the world a cleaner and smarter place, today announced the FL7733A Single Stage Primary-Side-Regulated (PSR) Flyback LED Driver for delivering constant brightness and instant flicker-free turn-on of LED lighting. The new low-power LED lighting driver is built for a variety of 5W to over 60W, indoor and outdoor LED applications so that designers can easily overcome the challenge of meeting global standards and regulations for LED lighting with a single, scalable solution.
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Everlight Introduces 1W High Power Lighting Component Meeting the Needs of Residential Lighting

It is reported that Everlight introduces 1W high power LED XI3535 lighting components with over 30 years of professional experience in research and development of LED component, this product is in line with the cost-effectiveness many customers are most concerned about, it can still reach a certain lumens and light effects under lower cost, and it is widely used in all kinds of general lighting, residential lighting, such as plate lights, spotlights, candle lights. Because of the special package design, Everlight XI3535 has better cost performance; under the drive of higher cu...
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Philips Builds Second High Power LED Production Facility at Malaysia

Philips chief executive officer, Frans van Houten, said the company was keen to expand its lighting and healthcare businesses in Malaysia and provide the best of its knowledge and capability to collaborate with the government and private institutions. Van Houten said this to reporters after the opening of Philips Lumileds' second high power LED production facility at Bayan Lepas, by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop. He said Malaysia offered vast opportunities for expansion and the company would like to tap its intell...
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LED Package Price For Lighting Application Falls By 10%, New Developments on LED Backlight Market with Arrival of Direct-Lit Displays

According to price surveys by LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, affected by dwindling Q1 inventory and Q2 rush orders, LED package price for the backlight application quotes has eased in Q2, with a decline of approximately 3%. On the LED lighting market, 5630 packages were pulled from use in backlight applications, to be used in lighting instead. The sudden volume increase resulted in price slashing for this quarter’s low to mid power LED packages, with an average decrease of around 10%. Q1’12 LED Price Review Due to relatively high Q...
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Zhejiang Tormin Develops 400 watt-equivalent High Power LED

Zhejiang Tormin Electrical Co., Ltd, recently has developed a high power LED which can replace 400w incandescent bulb. Its luminous flux reaches 10800 lm, which is equal to 90 lumens/watts. Although it is not the first 400 watt-equivalent LED lighting, the company has opened the door to manufacture high brightness LED lighting in the energy-saving lamp industry....
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By Sanchez, Richmond Mozo Are you aware that LED lighting gives the highest energy savings and lowest maintenance cost for commercial interior lighting applications? Energy consumption is reduced by up to 95% and consequently delivers an extremely short payback among several energy efficient technologies. LED lighting systems installed in shopping malls, grocery stores, professional offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, and casinos improve lighting immensely, aside from lowering energy consumption and minimizing carbon footprint. Lighting becomes more aestheti...
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Fiberoptics Technology Inc. (FTI) Announces the Launch of a High Power LED Light Engine for Large Active Diameter Medical and Industrial Applications.

Fiberoptics Technology Inc. (FTI) announces the launch of a high power LED light engine for large active diameter medical and industrial applications. The patent pending device will be certified by ETL under the UL lab/industrial protocol, and will be CE certified. The unit will be manufactured at the company's new electronic assembly facility in Pomfret CT beginning in April 2010. FTI began designing and manufacturing light source products in 2004.
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ALT Unveils Limited Exclusive 33% off Promotion in Celebration of Winning M Technology Award

Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT), a global manufacturer of high power LED lighting products, today unveiled an exclusive promotion campaign of up to 33% off as a celebration of ALT winning two M Technology Awards last month, as well as thanking the company’s loyal customers for their continued support during 2009. Featuring the two award-winning products, the MR16 and BR30, as well as various others, the promotion campaign will run from Nov. 17 to Dec. 31, 2009, with dozens of product types available.
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HPLighting has launched SHOCK series LED, package with the industry’s smallest size and effective cost

HPLighting has devoted substantial R&D effort on enhancing its proprietary technologies and has successfully renovated a revolutionary substrate structure and proprietary automated packaging process to produce a series of cost effective new generation compact sized high power LEDs. The new proprietary automated packaging process enables SHOCK series to offer accurate and stable manufacturing yields and shorter lead time for a competitive edge over cost and delivery. 
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UPEC Releases New 10W High Power LED

UPEC Electronics Corp. introduced their new product – CP150 series, which used Aluminum oxide to replace for original LTCC package materials. Utilizing UPEC’s superior ceramic packing technology for high power LED, CP150 is packed with the smallest size and still can keep excellent thermal conductivity and higher CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion). Furthermore, the heat dissipation of high power LED will no longer be an issue for CP150 series and the lifetime can reach 50,000 hours.
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Interview with Excellence Opto President Huang Kouhsin: A Taiwan LED manufacturer in command of both technology and marketing access

LEDinside has recently visited Huang Kouhsin, former president of United Epitaxy Company and current president of Excellence Opto and High Power Opto, and Huang Fang-Yue, wife of president Huang and also the general manager of Excellence Opto, to get some knowledge about the current situation and future development of Excellence Opto group.
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Hamamatsu Launches New UV Curing System Featuring High Power LEDs

Hamamatsu Photonics has recently launched its new LC-L2 range of UV curing systems. Comparing with the established LC-L1 range, the LC-L2 systems feature higher power UV LEDs of high durability ensured by the company's heat dissipation technology.
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Cypress Developed Single Chip Device to Control High Power LEDs

Cypress semiconductor has recently developed PowerPSoC which has been claimed by the company to be the first single chip device to control and drive high power LEDs. PowerPSoC features four integrated, independently operated 32V/1A mosfets based on Cypress' PSoC platform, with up to four programmable hysteretic controllers providing controlled current output. Floating load buck, floating load buck-boost, and boost converter topologies provide design flexibility. The device also supports 16bit dimming.
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Bivar Announces New Super Flux LED Series

Bivar, a leading provider of optoelectronics and assembly hardware, has launched the ORCA series of Super Flux LEDs. The company says its new ORCA product family is an expansion of its high power LEDs designed for use on standard printed circuit boards (PCBs) for LED indication. The new ORCA series replaces the Bivar MAKO product family and enhances its capabilities with greater luminous intensity, higher power efficiency and additional lens configurations while maintaining its industry standard 7.6 mm square package form factor.
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Lustrous introduces Diamond and Crystal series of lighting-class LED

Lustrous International Technology, a lighting-class LED packaging company in Taiwan,is proud to announce the launch of two new series of high power LED products,Diamond and Crystal. Both two new series of high power LED are active and orders accepted from Jan, 2009. Both Diamond and Crystal are designed to meet energy star standards for manufacturinglighting-class LED fixture or light source at a significantly competitive cost.
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New Measurement of LED Brightness and Color

The researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a new, economical method for measuring the optical properties of high power LEDs to allow LED lighting manufacturers to obtain accurate, reproducible, and comparable measurements of LED brightness and color. By mounting the LED on a temperature controlled heat sink, the researchers can test the LEDs at their normal operating temperature at high speed.
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Edison Opto establishes 100 lumen with newly launched Edixeon® ARC Series driven at 350mA

With the diverse applications of LED, the emerging SSL market also demands for higher luminous flux and efficacy of LED. Edison Opto, a Taiwan based high power LED packaging manufacture, has introduced Edixeon® ARC series, a production-ready,100lm packaged light source to its high power LED Edixeon® family. Driven at 350mA, Edixeon® ARC series is the first of its kind to truly achieve luminous efficacy over 100lm/W at cool white LED (CCT: 5,000K~10,000K).
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Next generation of LED heat dissipation technology-New dawn of the high power LED lighting industry

 Liquidleds®「Liquid Immersed Heat Management Solution (LITMS)」 The LITMS technology of Liquidleds® win the National gold medal award  in 2008 The high power LED illumination faces a lot of technological challenges at present. In order to solve the difficult problem of this field, the LED industry has developed a lot of different methods and solutions in addressing key problems such as heat dissipation, Light Shape, luminance, product  life and cost ,etc..
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New dawn of the high power LED lighting industry: Next generation of LED heat dissipation technology, Liquidleds®「Liquid Immersed Heat Management Solution (LITMS)」(Section A)

The LITMS technology of Liquidleds® win the gold medal award of Country in 2008 The high power LED illumination faces a lot of technological challenges at present, LED industry, in order to solve the difficult problem of this field, develop a lot of different methods and solve and include key problems such as heat dissipation, Light Shape, luminance, product  life and cost ,etc..
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High Power LED Used in Self-Luminous Advertisement Signs, Glass Curtain Walls and Underwater Lamps

High power LED is heading toward higher brightness and lower cost year by year. Ever since the invention of LED, its luminance increased by 30 fold while its cost decreased by 10 fold every 10 years, developing quickly toward becoming a high power, high light efficiency and low cost light source. Currently, the brightness of high power WLED in laboratory research can reach 100Lm/W and those which shines with 60Lm/W has already been put into commercial use in the market.
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NF2W585AR-P8 is a dual function LED that provides both white light and high doses of energy geared for inactivation of various prevalent bacteria. With a 405nm wavelength1 die known to be effective in sterilization, this LED can be used t... READ MORE

  The 5050 LED is replacing the 3535 LED, which has long been the leader in the outdoor lighting market. The existing ceramic-based 3535 has excellent reliability but is expensive. At present, the 5050 LED, which has achieved remarkable p... READ MORE