Philips works with top lighting designers to present a futuristic home lighting show

On December 5th, Philips Lighting gave a futuristic home lighting show titled “Light, Creating and Witnessing Touching Residences” (translated by LEDinside) at 800 Show in Shanghai, China. By working with three famous interior designers, Zhang Yi, Bill Yen and Ouyang Hui, Philips expressed how innovative lighting can change residential surroundings through multiple lighting designs. At the show, these designers shared their creation concepts with attendees through three show rooms that displayed minimal, fashionable and neoclassical styles respectively.

Residential furnishing and lighting design can have huge impacts on life quality. To meet different users’ residential and lighting demands, the designers built three lighting scenarios, which can be used as reference by different groups of people.

  • Modern Minimalism by Zhang Yi: Abandoning complicated designs, Zhang created a simple and pure style using soft light. He used Philips’ Orbit Series, a product which won the 2013 DFA prize for spatial lighting in combination with minimalist and fashionably designed DimTone suspension luminaires and Ledino floor luminaires. Zhang used color tunable lighting and gentle but bright lighting to create a simplistic lighting design. People can appreciate the pure beauty of this space.
  • Fashionable Color Style by Bill Yen: Rich colors can produce various impressions. People can get dynamic and vibrant feel from a fashionable and colorfully lit living room. In this room, Philips’ Livingcolors and Slices lamps were installed to integrate colorful background graphics. Different graphs and shapes were created on the wall via changing lights and colors c, which added a dose of playfulness to the space.
  • Neoclassicism by Ouyang Hui: A uniquely modest oriental temperament was conveyed in this neoclassical space. Calligraphy was expressed in the form of light and shadows. In the living room, plate ceiling lamps inspired by temples’ rooftops and flood lamps from Frame Series emanated a comfortable atmosphere. In the bedroom, a classical Frame ceiling lamp was attached, while two plate table lamps inspired by blue and white porcelain were set on the bedside tables to create a multiple layered warm environment.

Philips knows that the only way to satisfy people’s needs is through true understanding. Henceforth Philips attempts to exam customers’ real demands based on the new concept of “Innovation and You.” “In the residential lighting field, it is necessary for lighting designers to focus more on how people feel and take note of changes in people’s psychological demands,” said Yao Menming, Senior Design Director for Philips Lighting, China.“By adopting innovative lighting residential designs, people tend to create individualized residential atmospheres according to their moods or different situations, as well as emphasize possessive rights to their personal area.”

The global lighting industry is currently undergoing a revolution from traditional lighting to LED lighting. Additionally, digitalized LED lighting will become mainstream residential lighting in the future. For years, Philips has been infusing its innovation and LED technology into local Chinese designs to develop LED lighting solutions that are suitable for the Chinese residential market. Rich colors and design tastes provide more choices for individualized homes, and also offers more artistic and design possibilities for designers.

Modern Minimalism
Fashionable Color Style
Neoclassicism (Photo Credit: Philips China / LEDinside)
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