[Correction] GE Discontinues Certain Traditional Lighting Products, Turns Focus to LED Lighting

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In an internal memo, GE announced it will be discontinuing production of certain traditional lighting products including HID, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and other interactive or sensor embedded lighting products as of Jan. 1, 2016.

Declining demands for traditional lighting products was stated by the company as the main driver behind its decision to embrace Solid State Lighting (SSL) products, according to a report from Chinese-media CALI.

GE Lighting will be discontinuing certain none LED luminaires, some of these products serial number will also be removed from price quotes or orders. GE lighting will be prioritizing LED and smart lighting technology, investing in advanced lighting controls and highly efficient LED luminaires in the future.

Table of GE Lighting products manufactured that will be halted as of Jan. 1, 2016

Product type Product model Product series
Wall and area lighting W4L, WM7M, WMTS, W1LR, W1SR, W1LG, W1SG, W25C, SPMM, SYMM, DCF, DCD, DSA, DSME, DSMT, DSMR, TSP, DMA, DMS, DMY, DKA, GPB, GH5sa Wallighter, Wallmount, Decashield, Decasphere, Decashield, ThinScape, Dimension, Garage Guardian
Sports and Flood Light PSFA, PSGC, PSFD, ULC, ULGC, ULT, PSGN, PSGV, SBF, SBN, HLU, VLU,V3SL, V3ST, PF1K Powr-Spot, Ultra-Sport, Powr-Spot, Powerflood, Versaflood
Industrial JVD, JVB, JVP, JVS, OG6, OBC, GP5, GHB, UG5, UG6, L4MD, L4MU, LM5, MMI, MML, L1M Versabeam, Jr. Versabeam, Omniglow, Prismatic, Uniglow, Lowmount, Minimite
Post Tops PTR, T2H, EDV, LGC, GAX, L,L6, ?LENX, LENF, V, MADX, MADF, P, T, A, ACA, TR1, TRC Patriarch, Torch, Edison, Legacy, Salem Streetdreams: Gallimore, Lantern, Lenoir, Vandermore, Madison, Traditional, Avery
Streetlights and other infrastructure lighting PPFS, RPFT, TGSM, TGTM, M4AC, M4AR, M4RC, M4RR, and the MSRL, MSRA, MSCA, MSCL, M2RC, M2AR (non HPS) Induction Options Turnpike, Tiger and select M-400 and M-250 luminaires, Including Induction
Hazardous lighting   H8, PMGA, FP2, H4. Perma-Gard, Food-Pro and Incandescent and Fluorescent Luminaires
Replacement components 35-210907-46, -51,-58,-87, -90, -91, -92, -97 and ENC HPS Ballast Series Type, and Epoxy Encapsulated Ballasts

(Editorial Note: The article has been changed to GE discontinuing manufacturing certain traditional products instead of halting production as of Aug. 28, 2015. The changes were made due to errors in the original report that the Chinese report cited: http://www.edisonreport.net/lighting-industry-news/exclusive-ge-issues-hid-incandescent-fluorescent-induction-luminaire-discontinuation-notice-effective-january-1-2016)

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