Six Emerging LED Display Trends from China’s 13th Five Year Plan

China officially released13th Five-Year Plan, a crucial document that not only underpins China’s development in the following five years, but clearly demonstrates the country’s economic deployment that could create booming investment opportunities. But exactly which market sectors and emerging trends will follow the newly- released plan? Should LED display vendors invest in the right market, their revenues could potentially soar.

Virtual Reality

The global virtual reality technology is still in an early phase despite nearly a century of developments, supply chains and facilities are still in developments.

However, the potential of virtual reality technology is infinite and can be applied in games, videos, education, sports, space exploration, medicine, and others. Currently, many leading industry observers are optimistic to the booming future of VR technology within five years.

Currently, LED displays used in Augmented Reality (AR) devices are capable of virtual reality interaction, take Shenzhen Chip Optech  for example, the company integrates augmented reality and touch control technology, enables virtual fitting rooms and touch display screen solutions.


Sports Industry

In the past one year, Chinese industry leaders have been targeting oversea sports assets by gradually shifting to mature business models in the industry, either by selling tickets, acquiring media broadcast rights and, sponsors or launching related sports merchandises. Therefore, the sport industry will remain to be the favored investment target with its quality contests resource and wide target audience groups.

LED displays have long been applied in the sports industry, and have become an indispensable media at large sport events today. The products feature high brightness, color, lifetime and flexibility in applications, LED displays were seen in many sport events─ The 2008 Summer Olympics, 2010 Asian Games, 2011 Summer Universiade and 2014 Winter Olympics all use a great amount of LED displays at opening and closing ceremonies, or interior and exterior information displays in arenas and other displays around the stadiums. Sports LED display application have increased and the market value continues to set new records.


Cloud Computing

It’s an unstoppable trend for enterprises to utilize cloud computing technology, public and individual cloud markets continue to grow. Many LED manufacturers have constructed their own cloud computing platforms, but have limited market shares. According to an industry source, China’s domestic cloud computing market is still a blue sea that is attracting more manufacturers. Therefore, LED manufacturers that have built their own cloud computing platforms can gain earlier market presence.


Big Data

The total finance invested in big data from 2013 to 2015 is US $800 million, US $1.54 billion and US $20 billion, and there were 10, 42 and 50 financing projects throughout the period. Big data has penetrated nearly every businesses.

Currently, the emerging digital media are rapidly developing while manufacturers are in search for standardized outdoor LED display installations to ensure the development of outdoor signage industry. Big data analysis is indispensable technology in tackling issues with outdoor signage management and digitization. Outdoor advertisement business can only break the bottleneck by implementing big data analysis.

Currently, Shenzhen Liantronics, the company that constructs digital outdoor advertisement, also gradually shifts its focus to digital signage business.

The company uses big data to analyze advertisement receivers for its clients, enabling brand owners’ effective calibration in target audience, especially in mobile terminal ones. Meanwhile, some lighting control system manufacturers started to develop big data analysis for sports events, according to industry insiders. Big data seems to have a promising outlook in the future.


Medical equipment

Chinese medical equipment industry had a late start, but is evolving at an accelerated rate. China’s medical equipment market grew 15 times larger from RMB 17.3 billion in 2001 to RMB 255.6 billion in 2014 at 23% for compound growth rate. The global medical equipment market accounts for approximately 40% of the global medicine market, while in China it accounts for less than 15% in, growing economy and rapidly aging population implies there is great potential for medical equipment. Meanwhile, the introduction of new policies, including Special Approval Procedure on China's Innovative Medical Devices (Interim) will certainly provide strong market basis for in-house manufactured innovative medical equipment.

Based on extensive clinical practice, Biomedicine professionals worldwide generally agree that LED-based medical equipment is able to replace He-Ne laser-based equipment for light treatments. LED-based light treatment equipment also has infinite development.


Culture and entertainment

It’s said that Chinese investors and three big data leaders, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent, spent the whole year in2015 competing in entertainment market. Growing consumption ushered Chinese consumers into entertainment, consumer population is also becoming younger and spending more. Last year independent film makers also thrived, films including “Goodbye Mr. Loser”, “Monster Hunt”, “Lost on Journey” series and “Ghost Blows Out the Light” all broke box office records in China. In addition, emergence of “2D culture” a term coined in Chinese and Japanese referring to the growing graphic influence from video games, and Japanese anime has generated the rise of digital content that is increasingly fragmented, or independently produced. These new forms of media has led to a new entertainment boom that is large numbers of new generation users that will create new business models and opportunities.

For many years, introducing LED displays to movie theaters has always been one of manufacturers’ aim. Now with lowering costs and technical breakthrough in fine pitch LEDs, the wait won’t be too long for LEDs to be used in movie theaters.


(Translator: Emma Chang, Translator, LEDinsidehttp:// Editor: Judy Lin, Chief Editor, LEDinside)

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