Innolux Showcases World’s First AM Mini LED Automotive Panel to Enhance Color Distinction

Self-driving car, electric vehicle and internet of vehicles are three major trends of automotive panels. Innolux takes part in the 2018 CES to exhibit the world’s first AM Mini LED automotive panel.

(Image: TechNews)

Innolux first initiated the idea of “Mini LED” in 2017 and premiered the 10.1 inch AM Mini LED product with thousands local dimming zones in 2018 CES exhibition. Mr. Chin-Lung Ting, Executive Vice President of Technology Development Center explained that Innolux’s Mini LED was AM TFT driven. It saved a lot of extra components when compared to traditional LED backlighted Mini LED. AM Mini LED featured better performance with more competitive price.

The AMOLED panel never seemed to be found in real merchandise in automobile application after years of expecting. The company’s AM Mini LED automotive panel offered OLED-level contrast ratio and comparable sharpness without the drawbacks of limited temperature range, short lifetime and ghost image. The brightness could be multiple times of OLED’s with the help of accurate electric current calibration.

Automobile application is the key market where Innolux’s AM Mini LED technology would go to. Flexible sheet with AM Mini LED backlight will be the next goal to go with free-shaped/curved LCD to satisfy the design and appearance of future concept vehicles.

The Taiwan-based company is displaying the latest automotive display products. “Innolux’s automotive panels focus on panel innovation and product integration to make them the best for everyday use, ” said by Mr. James Yang, General Manager of AII Product of Innolux.

Innolux's 10.1-inch AM Mini LED automotive display (Image: Innolux)

Applications Innolux exhibits at CES 2018 include:

8-inch Go Black panel

Innolux presented the crafted automotive device with shiny black appearance. Cover glass and panel were toned as the same color with exclusive technology to satisfy the taste of the 1st tier automotive brands.

10.1 inch Gesture Control display

Navigating touch control panel when driving might distract the driver and cause danger. The 1st tier automotive brands expected alternative choices. Innolux presented gesture control display panel which adopted infrared gesture sensing system to switch the song, volume, or temperature via arm swing.

12.3 inch PrivateVview automotive panel

Many countries placed constraint on the media function of center console of vehicle to ensure safety thus affecting the entertainment pleasure of passengers. Innolux’s exclusive technology realized multi-display views to satisfy both legal compliance and passenger’s entertainment at the same time. Center console could be split into two divisions, driving information and entertainment. Under “private” mode, entertainment part would be refrained from the driver’s panel to avoid distraction without affecting the displays of passenger and back seat. When the vehicle was parked, it could be switched to “share” mode to resume the normal display.

12.6 inch integrated Roller display

Innolux combined automotive panel and rollers and presented the 12.6 inch integrated roller display. The traditional rollers for adjustment of volume, temperature, and air direction were integrated into the panel. It made the layout of dash board much simpler, saved the material cost, simplified the supply chain and realized the concept of one stop shipping.

World’s first 50 inch double S-shape automotive curved display for one stop shipping

Large-size and multi-curve panels were blooming as the trend of self-driving and internet of vehicles spread. Innolux premiered the world’s first 50inch ultra-large multi-curve automotive display to replace dashboard, CID, rearview mirror with one single display. The central display also avoided the contrast and brightness difference problem of diverse devices. Multi-curve design with smallest curve R600mm and local dimming technology could make the interior more streamlined and reduce the energy consumption of automotive panel.

AR HUD feature for better viewing

An IHS Automotive survey estimated that the annual shipment of vehicle with HUD would raise from 1.2 million in 2012 to 9.1 million in 2020, not including aftermarket. To keep the driver’s head up, navigation information like speed, vehicle status and traffic alert was projected onto the windshield. Innolux exhibited at CES the FHD high resolution AR HUD with widest viewing angle achieving 12°, a double of traditional HUD. The sight of 2 to 20 meters far could be projected in front of the driver.

LCD rear lamp with caution sign

Innolux developed rear lamp products with its LCD display technology to present the rear lamp with caution sign to enhance road safety. At far point the rear lamp was red as usual. When the car at back broke the alert distance (100-200 meters), the driver of back car could see the triangle caution sign at the rear lamp of the front car as a warning of a safe braking distance.

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