Innolux and CarUX Expand Business Roadmap in Smart Cockpit Ecosystem, Securing their Key Positions in the Industry

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Providing diversified and innovative smart cockpit solutions, including large-scale advanced displays and innovative energy-saving automotive components

With the rapid development of smart mobility, the growth of smart cockpits has also been accelerated. To take advantage of this business opportunity, the Innolux Group is collaborating with its subsidiary CarUX to showcase relevant technologies at the Touch Taiwan 2024 expo, to be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from April 24 to 26. In addition to focusing on a series of high-end AM miniLEDs and a series of automotive display technologies including the first Privacy View and new hidden “InvisiView” displays, Innolux will also showcase diverse energy-saving and innovative automotive component applications to seize opportunities in the field of smart vehicles.
  Jim Hung, Innolux Chairman and CEO, stated, "The Innolux Group is striving to the vision, ‘More than Panel’, by working with its subsidiaries to develop its core businesses and integrate applications across various domains. Among these subsidiaries, CarUX has been active in the smart cabin for many years, and is valued by the Car-makers for its capability of evolutional technology and mass-production.  CarUX is kin to provide new User Experiences in a car, with its highly integrated solution, reliable quality, and stable delivery as a Tier-1 in the global automotive supply-chain to the top car brands.

Breaking boundaries, CarUX provides an innovative driving experience
  In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have propelled the development of smart cockpits into ‘the third space’. In addition to accelerating the innovative development of large-size automotive displays, these technologies have also led to the creation of more diverse and informative human-computer interaction applications, including value-added services such as watching movies, online shopping, video conferencing, and more. CarUX is committed to transcending the limitations of traditional screens and investing in the development of large integrated displays (LID) to provide more exciting infotainment services through cabin digitization, paving the way to further advancements in automotive display performance and value innovations.
  This year, CarUX is exhibiting the 55-inch A-pillar-to-A-pillar LID, which utilizes optimized dynamic performance (1000,000:1) AM miniLED backlight display technology on a large, curved pillar-to-pillar panel design. This allows for a stunning, high-end integrated automotive display that spans the width of the windshield. For the co-pilot seat, ‘Privacy View’, the world's first active solution, allows passengers to immerse themselves in in-car entertainment without diver being distractive. In addition, CarUX is showcasing the 34-inch Smart Free Shape Automotive Display, which includes a 9K ultra-high resolution, best dynamic contrast, high color saturation, large-scale integrated design, etc. It is also equipped with a high-end active AM miniLED backlight display, making it a true pioneer in terms of size, performance, and organic shaped, offering the true freedom of interior design.

CarUX uplifts the aesthetic benchmark for smart cockpits through "InvisiView"
  Cockpit aesthetics is always the key influencing factor that CarUX focuses on. CarUX’s "InvisiView" is a more advanced concept to support this key focus demonstrated in Touch Taiwan 2024, which integrates the display into the car interior and only shows the content during use. This means that the display hides perfectly when not in use, while also reducing the coldness that comes with a blank black screen. 12.3-inch Hidden Wood Display, is a display hidden behind the decorative wood veneer, passengers will only see the wood surface when the screen is off. This textured decoration greatly enhances the beauty, warmth, and visual comfort during the ride.  10.3-inch Translucent Leather Display, a display integrated translucent leather and ambient lights, is another demonstration for this concept. These demonstrations shows the capability of CarUX as a pioneer toward its own vision.

CarUX provides next-gen safety solutions through upgraded software and hardware integrations
  Designs that focus on safety-oriented automotive functions are a growing trend that will set the standard in the automotive industry in the future. CarUX provides the ID Touch solution. By installing independent electrodes hidden in the driver's seat and passenger seats, the system can accurately identify the operator that is touching the screen, thereby restricting the driver from operating audiovisual entertainment while driving. This enables a more rigorous automotive functional safety solution.

Innolux’s exclusive LC dimming technology accelerates low-carbon smart mobile lifestyles
  In response to global warming, energy conservation and carbon reduction have become integral aspects of smart cities today. Through green technology research and development, Innolux has obtained 105 patents for green products announced publicly in 2023, demonstrating Innolux's commitment to sustainable operations. Therefore, Innolux is committed to implementing the ‘More than Panel’ value transformation through active deployment in non-display application fields. By utilizing its exclusive liquid crystal film technology and glass integration process capabilities, Innolux is pioneering advanced applications for Smart LC Windows. As a result of global warming, energy conservation and carbon reduction have become important aspects of modern smart cities. Innolux has launched a smart city solution, Smart LC Windows, which features high-transparency energy-saving panels that are extremely responsive and interconnected. On top of promoting the Smart LC Windows to new, sustainable, and smart buildings, they are also being deployed in the automotive field. By actively introducing LC dimming technology, Innolux has created automotive components including smart dimming windows, smart dimming rear mirror and smart dimming sun visor in an effort to seize opportunities in smart and energy-saving performance in vehicles.
  The innovative smart dimming windows created by Innolux can effectively solve issue of heat shield film only allowing one level of light transmission. Moreover, the smart dimming rear mirror can automatically sense the light intensity of the surrounding environment and adjust the reflectivity according to the driver’s requirements to ensure that the driver can clearly observe the traffic conditions in the rearview under different lighting conditions, thereby greatly improving driving safety and comfort. Last but not least, the smart dimming sun visor is also equipped with a smart dimming function, which can automatically adjust the light transmittance of the sun visor in real time according to the intensity of external light. Besides protecting the driver's vision from strong light, this innovative design also prevents blind spots caused by traditional sun visors, thus providing a safer and more comfortable driving experience.
  The 2024 Touch Taiwan International Forum will be held concurrently with the exhibition. On April 24, Innolux’s General Director Chih Chung Hsu will deliver a speech titled "Applications and Prospects of Non-Display Technology". In addition, on April 25, Dr. Kun-Feng Huang, Chief Technology Officer of CarUX Technology, a subsidiary of Innolux, will speak on the topic of "More than Panel - The Road from a Panel Maker to a System Maker". You are invited to join Innolux at Touch Taiwan 2024, and to experience for yourself the value-added, diverse, energy-saving and carbon-reducing innovative smart mobility solutions from Innolux Corporation and CarUX Technology.
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2024 Touch Taiwan
Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 to Friday, April 26, 2024
Venue Location: 4F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
Booth Number: L1117 Innolux Corporation

CarUX_12.3-inch Hidden Wood Display

CarUX _ 55-inch Large-scale IoV Display

CarUX_34-inch Smart Free Shape Automotive Display

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