AUO Wins the “Best MicroLED-Based Technology” and “Best Automotive Display” Award at SID Display Week 2024

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Product Showcase and Demonstration of Strength Shine, Simultaneously Earning the “Best Medium Booth Award”

AUO announced today that, at SID (The Society for Information Display) Display Week 2024, it received unanimous recognition from attending experts, capturing three awards for its products and exhibition booth. In the ongoing deep cultivation and breakthroughs in forward-looking Micro LED technology applications, the company earned the “Best MicroLED-Based Technology Award” with its 60-inch High Transparency Micro LED Display. Its user-centric automotive Micro LED Display HMI solution also received the “Best Automotive Display Award,” underscoring AUO’s innovation and leading position in the field of automotive displays. The eco-friendly concept of the exhibition booth, aligned with sustainable practices, earned the “Best Medium Booth Award,” reflecting AUO’s commitment to reshaping new display experiences while focusing on green practices, impressing the international audience at the exhibition.

“With robust research and development capabilities in display technology, AUO leads ecosystem development and innovates continuously in the Micro LED technological domain, rapidly applying across diverse fields,” said Dr. Wei-Lung Liau, Chief Technology Officer of AUO. “It is with great honor to receive such professional recognition at the SID event, which establishes AUO’s irreplaceable position in Micro LED technology and applications.”

At Display Week 2024, AUO showcased its leading-edge technological breakthroughs of Micro LED in transparency, large-size capabilities, and flexibility, supporting applications across diverse fields. These outstanding achievements was recognized with two distinguished awards. The “Best MicroLED-Based Technology” was awarded to the 60-inch High Transparency Micro LED Display, which maximizes the transparent Micro LED design features, incorporating expandable, seamless tiling technology. It features a full-screen brightness of 600 nits, a transparency rate of over 60 percent, and an exceptional wide color gamut exceeding NTSC 110 percent, allowing flexible applications in various settings, such as smart windows for commercial displays, creating innovative smart living experiences.

The “Best Automotive Display” award-winning Automotive Micro LED Display HMI solution is developed with a user-centric approach, creating new experiences in human-machine interaction (HMI). Specifically designed for the front seat driver and passenger, it integrates entertainment and safety with high-definition screens, unveiling the future concept of automotive displays. The front seat’s Micro LED display features a transparent, bezel-less design, along with a pixel density of 163ppi and maximum brightness of 5000 nits under sunlight, providing drivers with clear information and an optimal wide view for road safety.

The passenger seat features the world’s first (*) smart Micro LED display with an integrated camera, fully leveraging Micro LED technology’s compatibility with sensor technologies. This display boasts clear image quality and can achieve a maximum brightness of 5000 nits. Utilizing the compact nature of Micro LED, it incorporates Under-Display Camera (UDC) technology with a hidden camera, maximizing screen space and enabling a more flexible, bezel-less design. Advanced technologies, such as low-diffraction circuit layouts, address the issue of image distortion in UDC, ensuring clear audiovisual quality for conference and entertainment.. This display transcends traditional one-way output by providing unprecedented intuitive eye contact, significantly enhancing two-way interaction and communication. Furthermore, the screen can be fully folded away when not in use, allowing passengers to enjoy an unobstructed in-vehicle space and an expansive view of the exterior scenery.

Additionally, AUO’s commitment to enhancing display value was showcased in its exhibition content at SID, earning it the “Best Medium Booth Award” for consecutive years. This year, AUO embraced the concept of a circular economy into its design and implemented the 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) strategy. The booth structure and decor materials were lightweight, utilizing recyclable materials like honeycomb and cane fiber boards, and incorporated reusable elements from past exhibitions, such as corporate branding decorations. This continuity in design space and the concrete practice of green exhibition concepts, along with an impressive showcase of exhibits, responded to the international net-zero trend and contributed to AUO winning the “Best Medium Booth Award” at SID 2024 once again.

*Based on the available market research information as of May 17, 2024.

【AUO X SID 2024 | Revolutionizing Visual Experience】

【AUO X SID 2024 | AUO Diverse Micro LED Displays】


AUO’s product showcase and demonstration of strength shine, winning the “Best Micro LED-Based Technology”, “Best Automotive Display”, and “Best Medium Booth” award at SID Display Week 2024, with its leading R&D capabilities unanimously recognized by the SID and attending experts

The “Best MicroLED-Based Technology” was awarded to the 60-inch Transparent Micro LED Display at SID, which maximizes the transparent Micro LED design features, incorporating expandable, seamless tiling technology. It features a full-screen brightness of 600 nits, a transparency rate of over 60 percent, and an exceptional wide color gamut exceeding NTSC 110 percent, allowing flexible applications in various settings

AUO’s Automotive Micro LED Display HMI solution, has won the “Best Automotive Display” award at SID. Developed with a user-centric approach, it features high-definition screens with a transparent Micro LED display for the front seat and the world’s first smart Micro LED display with an integrated camera, offering both entertainment and safety for the driver and front passenger

Aligned with sustainable practices, AUO’s eco-friendly booth design embraces the principles of circular economy and implements the 3R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) strategy, earning the "Best Medium Booth Award" at SID


TrendForce 2023 Micro LED Market Trend and Technology Cost Analysis
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