With the Emerging Demand On Handset Applications, The Sapphire Substrate Industry Will Be Facing Another Wave Of Growth Peak

According to the latest “2013 Global Sapphire Substrate Market Report” published by the LEDinside research department of TrendForce global market research institute, sapphire substrate manufacturers have been optimistic about the emerging demand on non-LED market applications in 2013 such as handset device applications, SOS, and window film. With the unlimited imagination of the future, there are still numerous manufacturers fighting for this non-LED market application with production plans despite of low market prices.

Under the impact of oversupply in sapphire substrate market, the quality requirements from LED epi wafer manufacturers on sapphire substrate have become higher and higher. Current LED manufacturers are more willing to use sapphire ingot grown by KY method such that it became even more difficult for most new comers to enter LED supply chain. Therefore, except for first-tier manufacturers, the utilization rates of the most sapphire ingot manufacturers have been below 50%. However, ever since the introduction of sapphire substrate for camera lens by Apple’s iPhone5, demands for sapphire substrates from non-LED applications have begun digesting part of excessive production thus bringing the sapphire substrate industry into a virtuous cycle.

According to the estimation by LEDinside, the oversupply ratio of sapphire substrate in 2013 has been as high as 18% as compared to the demand from LED epi wafer manufacturers. However, it does show some sign of convergence as compared to the 24% oversupply ratio in 2012. Looking ahead to the next few years, the oversupply issue of sapphire substrate will not be solved anytime soon, yet sapphire substrate manufacturers remain optimistic about the non-LED market applications in 2013 (such as SOS, window film, and handset device applications) such that they have planned for production expansions with the hope that emerging non-LED applications can digest these production capacity. In addition to demand from camera lens, if in the future the cover glass of smart phones is replaced by sapphire substrates, it will create rather enormous market demand which may lead to supply shortage in sapphire substrate industry. 

[Figure] Estimated Gap Between Supply And Demand In Sapphire Substrate For LED Market Application

  source: LEDinside



Chapter One Overview of sapphire substrate industry 

  • Section 1 History of Technology Development in Sapphire Substrate industry 
  • Section 2 Sapphire Substrate Production Process Flow
  • Section 3 Investigation of Mainstream Sapphire Ingot Technology

Chapter Two Analysis of supply-side of global sapphire substrate industry

  • Section 1 Supply chain distribution of sapphire substrate industry – overview of vertical integration manufacturers, overview of professional specialization manufacturers 
  • Section 2 Sapphire ingot manufacturers’ production capacities 
  • Section 3 Sapphire Substrate manufacturers’ production capacities
  • Section 4 Patten Sapphire Substrate manufacturers’ production capacities

Highlight: industry category, TIE monthly production capacity, product dimension, major customer

Chapter Three Demand analysis of sapphire substrate industry 

  • Section 1 MOCVD Installation Volume Forecast
  • Section 2 2011-2016 Worldwide LED Epi Wafer Production Volume Forecast
  • Section 3 CSS And PSS Supply Chain For LED Chip Manufacturers-Europe and the US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China
  • Section 4 Major LED Chip Manufacturers Overview


  1. Major Chip Manufacturer’s Wafer Size Development in 2013
  2. CSS And PSS Supply Chain For LED Chip Manufacturers-Europe and the US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China 
  3. Taiwanese Manufacturers – Business Income, Product Mix, Company Overview, Operating Status, Investment Status in China, Product Technology, SWOT Analysis, and MOCVD Installation Volume.
  4. Chinese Manufacturers - Business Income, Product Mix, Company Overview, Operating Status, and MOCVD Installation Volume

Chapter Four Supply-Demand Analysis of Global Sapphire Substrate Market 

  • Section 1 Sapphire Substrate Price And Pattern Sapphire Substrate Price 
  • Section 2 Supply and Demand of Sapphire Substrate For LED Industry
  • Section 3 Market Value Of Sapphire Substrate and PSS 


  1. Sapphire Substrate Price (2” & 4” & 6”) And Pattern Sapphire Substrate Price (2” & 4”): 
  2. Sapphire Substrate Capacity And Shipment (LED & Non-LED) / URT Analysis
  3. Sapphire Substrate Market Value And Pattern Sapphire Substrate Market Value / PSS Penetration Rate Analysis

Chapter Five Investigation of Supply Chain Related To Global Sapphire Substrate 

  • Section 1 Overview of Raw Materials Of Sapphire Substrate
  • Section 2 Overview of Sapphire Crystal Growth Furnace 

Chapter Six Investigation of Alternative Technology And Emerging Application Of Sapphire Substrate 

  • Section 1 Investigation of Alternative Material of Sapphire Substrate
  • Section 2 Investigation of Emerging Application of Sapphire Substrate
  • Section 3 Sapphire Substrate Market Value For Non-LED Applications


  1. Investigation of Alternative Material of Sapphire Substrate: GaN on GaN、GaN on Si
  2. Sapphire Substrate Market Demand Forecast For Window Film And SoS Applications
  3. Sapphire Substrate Market Demand Forecast For Smartphone Application 

Published Date: June 30, 2013

Language: English 

Format: Electronic File 

Page: 161


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