LEDinside:Silent Rise of High End Commercial Lighting in The LED Market

Following the popularization of LEDs, most luminaires’ luminous efficacy has reached 100 lm/W, the resulting surge in C/P ratio has accelerated market penetration. As consumers become more educated about LEDs, light quality has become the most discussed topic on the market.
In LEDs color rendering performance and color temperature can lower luminous efficacy performance, while three other important color performance parameters color uniformity, stability, and color shift do not have any effect on luminous efficacy.
On the other hand, luminous efficacy without light quality is meaningless. It is important to pursue luminous efficacy, but it would be pointless if light quality is not taken into account. Hence, when manufacturers discuss luminous efficacy, they should consider CRI, SDCM, color uniformity, reliability, and other light quality factors.
The shift from luminous efficacy to light quality is a mandatory trend in the LED industry, in the future competitive lighting products will no doubt shift from low standard level of luminous efficacy demands to developing high quality lighting products that are beneficial to health. Luminous efficacy (lm/W) is only a numerical measurement of lumen output, but light quality emphasizes the quality of the light and the impact of lighting on human health.
Europe and U.S: Advancements in luminous efficacy can simplify the lighting product design, improvements in color rendering performance has made luminaire light quality increasingly similar to sunlight. LEDs are already used to replace halogen luminaires.
Japan: LEDs’ rising luminous efficacy can help lighting products cut energy consumption, which is very important in Japan where power prices are high. Meanwhile, first tier lighting manufacturers are optimistic about energy savings achieved by integrating smart lights with human centric lighting.
China: The majority of LED lighting manufacturers in the country are focused on raising luminous efficacy and lowering costs, while ignoring more advanced lighting applications such as offering comfortable smart LED lights or developing lights beneficial to human wellbeing. Only some high class hotels, retailers, exclusive shops, clubhouses, mansions, and high end lighting projects place emphasis on lighting environments in China. Other lighting application environments tend to have rudimentary requirements.
LED lighting’s new design concept will be increasingly focused on balancing luminous efficacy and light quality, resulting in better LED lighting efficacy and more comfortable lighting environments.
Silver Member Report:
2Q16 High-end Commercial Lighting and Track Light Market
  • High end Commercial Lighting is Becoming Invisible Champion in The LED Market
  • Advancing Light Quality Will Become Inevitable in The Future
  • Light Quality Supply Chain
  • Light Quality v.s. Product Luminous Efficacy in Different Region
  • Commercial Lighting Requirements
  • Main Differences Between IES TM-30-15 IES and CIE
  • LED Package Products Used in High Quality Commercial Lighting
LED Lighting Market Scale
  • 2016-2020 Global LED Lighting Market Scale- Downlight, PAR and Rse
  • 2016-2020 Global LED Lighting Market Volume in 2016- Downlight, PAR and RS
  • Lighting LED Color Temperature Distribution Trend
  • COB Penetration Rate in High-end Commercial Lighting
  • CRI Trend in High-end Lighting Market
Track Light Product Specification and Price
  • Spotlight and Wall Lamp in Europe
  • European Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products
  • Spotlight and Wall Lamp in the U.S.
  • U.S. Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products
  • Spotlight and Wall Lamp in Japan
  • Japanese Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products
  • Spotlight and Wall Lamp in China
  • Chinese Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products
Major 12 Player Strategies
L+B 2016 Show Overview
  • Smart Lighting Has Been The Main Focus at This Year’s Show
  • Lighting Brands Changing Market Promotion Strategies
Advanced LED Technologies
  • Challenging LED’s Maximum Luminous Efficiency
  • Samsung Announces GaN-on-Si CSP LED Mass Production Time Table
  • Challenges for Traditional COB LED
  • Manufacturers Refuse to Compromise on Light Quality
  • Manufacturers Gradually Paying Attention to Flicker Issues in LED Lights
  • Aside from Lighting, Biosensor Technology Is to Become New Emerging Market for LEDs
  • LED Filaments Are Widely Used in Omnidirectional Luminaire
  • Bendable Filament Bulbs Received Positive Market Feedback
Smart Lighting
  • Manufacturers Are Integrating Different Communication Protocols into Their Smart Lighting Products
  • Osram Introduces LUXeye To The Market
  • EnOcean, An Wireless Energy Harvesting Technology from Osram
  • Indoor Positioning Systems and Data Collection
  • IOT Lighting Eco System
OLED Lighting Progress
  • OLED Enters High-end Decorative Lighting
  • LG Display- Bendable OLED Luminaires
  • LG Display- Improving OLED Panel’s Yield Rate and Reduction of Costs
  • Sumitomo Chemical
  • OLEDWorks
  • OLED Luminous Efficacy Has Improved
  • Cost of OLEDs Saw Rapid Drop
  • OLED Tail Lamps Showcasted in the Market
  • L+B 2016 Exhibition- Conclusion
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