Micro/Mini LED Revenue Projected to Reach US$4.2 Billion in 2024 as Major Brands Step Up Developmental Efforts, Says TrendForce

Next-generation Micro/Mini LED display technologies have generated a market which companies hoping to recover from the pandemic-induced global economic downturn look to for the next wave of commercial opportunities. Furthermore, major brands including Samsung, Apple, Facebook, Google, LG, and Sony are also rushing to get a head start in Micro/Mini LED development, in turn galvanizing the growth of the overall supply chain. Total Micro/Mini LED revenue is projected to reach upwards of US$4.2 billion in 2024.

TrendForce’s latest investigations find that current bottlenecks in Micro LED technical development fall into six categories: epitaxy and LED chips, mass transfer, full-color emission, driver IC, backplane, and inspection/repair, whereas Mini LED development is mostly hampered by poor SMT yield rate, which drives up manufacturing costs. In this light, TrendForce reveals the latest technical developments and market movements of major manufacturers though the Micro LED Forum 2020 webinar, which takes place once a year.

In this webinar, Roger Chu, research vice president of TrendForce’s Department of Optoelectronics Research, discusses in detail the latest trends, current technical challenges, and future outlook of Micro and Mini LED displays. The discussion also covers in-depth case studies of Micro and Mini LED applications used in various consumer displays, automotive displays, and large-format commercial displays.

On the other hand, TrendForce analyst Max Chen analyzes the manufacturing costs of Mini LED, as well as the current state of the Mini LED supply chain. According to him, “Apple’s upcoming release of products featuring Mini LED backlighting has brought about an increase in Mini LED demand and incentivized related manufacturers to expand their production capacities. What’s more, with the 5-10 times growth in dimming zones of Mini LED backlights comes a considerable increase in manufacturing costs, so cost reduction is expected to become a hot topic in current supply chain discussions.” This discussion outlines the various challenges involved in Mini LED commercialization while taking a forward-looking, market-first perspective.

In addition to topics by TrendForce analysts, the webinar features representatives from LED industry heavyweights including Oxford Instruments, HCP Technology, SiTan Technology, ALLOS, iBeam, KIMM, Veeco, VerLASE, and VueReal to share the latest breakthroughs and progress in Micro LED and Mini LED display technologies. Topics covered by the industry representatives center on the latest products and technical focuses of their respective companies, including high yield and low cost manufacturing for Micro and Mini LED with die size below 10 µm, high-speed Micro LED mass transfer, new paper-thin, ultra-flexible Micro LED display technologies, and many other exciting topics.

[Micro LED Forum 2020 Webinar Information]

Streaming Dates: Wed, July 29, 2020 – Fri, October 30, 2020
Location: Online (audio in Mandarin or English, with subtitles)
Webinar Link: https://seminar.trendforce.com/LEDforum/2020-pay/US/INDEX/

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  4. LED Industry Quarterly Update- Major LED Player Quarterly Update (EU, US, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China)
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LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base Demand Market Forecast:
2019-2024 Demand Market Forecast
(Projection and Display / General Lighting / Architectural Lighting / Automotive- Passenger Car & Box Truck / Digital Display / SSL Like / UV LED / IR LED / Micro LED & Mini LED)
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3. GaN & AlInGaP Epi Wafer Market Demand (Total / By size)
4.GaN & AlInGaP Sufficiency
LED Player Revenue and Capacity LED Chip Market Analysis:
Top 10 Chip vendors' MOCVD installation, wafer capacity, and revenue
PDF / Excel 2Q (May) / 4Q (November)
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LED Package Vendors’ Revenue and LED Revenue, and Capacity
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LED Industry Quarterly Update

Major Players Quarterly Update
EU- Lumileds, Osram Licht AG, and Osram OS
US- Cree
ML- Dominant
JP- Nichia, Citizen, Stanley, and Rohm
KR- Samsung, LG Innotek, Seoul Semi, and Lumens
TW- Epistar, Opto Tech, Epileds, Everlight, Lextar, Lite-on, AOT, Unity-Opto, Harvatek,
CN- San’an Opto, Changelight, HC SemiTek, Aucksun, Focus Lightings
Nationstar, Hongli, Refond, Jufei, MTC, ChangFang Lighting, MLS


1Q (February) / 2Q (May) / 3Q (August) / 4Q (November)

Micro / Mini LED Market Prospective Analysis

Vendor Dynamics, New Technology Import

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March, June, September 2020

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