LEDinside: Lighting LED Package Product Prices Slide Slightly; Effects of the Trade War Yet to Be Seen

LEDinside , a division of TrendForce , reveals in its newest price report that prices for some of the high- and mid-power LED package products in the Chinese market continued to fall in May 2019. “LED package prices continued to fall in May in response to falling chip prices, but the escalating US-China trade war has yet to exert an effect on LED package prices. Suppliers, sitting on the fence, are expected to continue price adjustments according to changes in upstream chip prices,” says TrendForce Analyst Terri Wang. High-power 5050 and 7070 produ...
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LEDinside: Lighting LED Package Products Prices Drop by a Small Margin in April, with Suppliers Searching for a Way out Via Niche Market Development

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, points out in its latest price report that China's mainstream high-power and mid-power LED package products registered a marginal drop in April, 2019, among which lighting LED package product prices continued their descent through April, with high-power products dropping by around 1%, and mid-power LED products dropping by 1%-4%. TrendForce Analyst Terri Wang asserts that suppliers are continually capitalizing on niche markets to carve a way out of this ditch. Lumileds, for example, added a new 120° dome-shaped product ...
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Mainstream 3030 LED Package Products Saw Noticeable Price Decline in November as Manufacturers Clear Inventories at Year End, Says LEDinside

Mainstream 3030 LED package products in the Chinese market have seen noticeable price declines in this November, according to the latest report from LEDinside, a division of TrendForce. “LED manufacturers have started to clear their inventories since 4Q18, which lowered the prices considerably”, says LEDinside analyst Terri Wang. The average prices of high- and mid-power 3030 LED slid 3.4% and 2.9% respectively, while prices of mid-power LEDs and high-power ceramic-substrate LEDs remained stable. In the automotive LED market, where the tech...
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Middle-power LED Package Products in Chinese Market Saw Price Drop, Suppliers Continue to Improve Product Performance, Says LEDinside

The mid-power 3030 LED package products in the Chinese market saw significant price drop in March 2018, and high-power ceramic-substrate LEDs saw slight price drop, while prices of other products remained stable, says LEDinside, a division of TrendForce.
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LEDinside Says Prices of Certain LED Package Products Went Down Slightly in January, Suppliers Promote the Sales of Mid-power 3030 LEDs

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, reports that some high and mid-power LED package products in China's market witnessed slight price drop in January 2018 as suppliers were trying to clear inventory at the year end.
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LEDinside: China's LED Package Market Demand Picks up in May

 LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, reports that the global average sales price (ASP) of 40-watt  equivalent LED light bulb stood at US$9.6 in May, translating to a monthly drop of 1.6%. The global ASP of 60-watt equivalent LED light bulbs in same month also fell 1.4% compared with April to US$12.9.   LEDinside analyst Allen Yu said the LED industry was showing signs of rebound in the second quarter. In the chip market, the downtrend came to an end and some product prices even went up. The prices of LED light bulbs also slowed down their decline.
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Domestic Lighting Brands’ Advantage in the Chinese market Becomes More Apparent as Bulb Prices Drop in April, Analyzes TrendForce

Global 40W equiv. LED bulb Average Selling Price (ASP) dipped slightly by 1.5% in April 2014 to US $14.7, with price decrease most evident in China, according to the latest LED bulb retail findings from LEDinside, a research subsidiary of TrendForce. Global 60W equiv. LED bulb ASP dropped 2.5% to US $20.2.
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LED 1Q14 Price Remain Flat Despite Increased 4K2K TV and Lighting Demands, says TrendForce

Lighting-level LED price declined 5-9% in 1Q14 as distribution channel inventory levels gradually returned to norm and manufacturers stock-up before Chinese May Day holidays, according to LEDinside, a research subsidiary of TrendForce. Backlight LED price dipped around 3-7%. Price declined steadily during 1Q14 compared to previous slack seasons.   
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LEDinside: LED For TV Backlight Applications Price Plunge Eases in 4Q13

Although, mid and large sized LED backlight market was affected by the economic downturn, LED prices for backlight applications overall declined stably at 3-6% in 4Q13, according to LEDinside’s 4Q13 LED price trend report. LED prices for lighting applications also maintained a slow downward slide. The extent of price falls varied among different product specs. 
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LEDinside:Mid-power LED prices drop by 1.7% in 3Q13 as shortage eases; strong demands cause smartphone LED application prices to slightly fall 3-6%

Mid-power LED shortages eased in 3Q13, due to increasing LED suppliers, according to LEDinside, an LED research division of international research organization TrendForce. High-power LED prices dropped in 3Q as outdoor lighting demands and construction bidding projects fell below market expectations in 2Q, and impacts from advances of mid-power LEDs , such as 5630 package (PKG) and 3030 PKG threatens the high-powered LED market share. Both uncertainty surrounding China’s new energy-saving appliance subsidies and high inventory levels in distribution channels have caused the LED price for TV application to drop. However, LED for mobile applications have a positive 3Q outlook due to increasing smartphone shipments and introduction of two in one package.
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LEDinside:Medium-power LED for lighting applications are in short supply, declines by only 1%; LED for TV backlight declines by approximately 2~4% due to China’s policies

According to LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, the Q2 supply for medium-power LED for lighting applications remains unstable. While the current market demand still came from warm white LED, the shortage situation won’t be eased until July. Hence, the price of medium-power LED for lighting application has declined by 1~3% in this quarter and that of high-power LED has declined by 3% as well. With backlight applications being impacted by the lack of strong demand and the Chinese government’s subsidy on TV market has been ended, TV manufacturers are conservative about the 3Q13 stock, and are less willing to place long term purchase orders. Overall, the prices of LEDs for backlight applications showed a slight decrease, which are below 5%.
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ASP of TV Backlight LED Falls, Backlit LED Display Penetration Rate to Exceed 90% in 2013

According to LEDinside’s “Silver Member Report,” in 1Q13 LED price for monitor backlight application fell by approximately 4%-8%, whereas LED price for TV application dropped by 3%-9%. Affected by the price cut by Korean manufacturers, average price of high power LED for lighting applications fell by 6%-9% this quarter. With the price drop continuing, the total number of LED backlights applied to middle and large sized panels is expected to peak. LED backlight application has grown from 2012’s 70% to 92% in monitors, and from 70% to 90% in TVs.
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Large-size and High-resolution TVs Become the New Highlights in LED Backlight Market in 2013

According to LEDinside, a research division of global market research company TrendForce, affected by global economic downturn and a decline of orders visibility, LED price for TV backlight applicationprice has fallens by 5-7% in Q4’12. The price of 7030 / 7020 LED package for major edge-lit LED TV application packages decreaseds by around 7% in Q4, and the price of 3528 LED package drops approximately 5% in this quarter.
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LEDinside: The Price of LED For Backlight Application Downtrend Curbs in 3Q12, Inventory Adjustment Remains an Issue

According to LEDinside, the LED research division of TrendForce, despite the rush orders during 2Q12 which kept LED chip and package makers’ utilization rates high, the 3Q12 outlook for LED backlight market turns murky due to the European debt crisis and the weak demand in China. No demand surge is in sight due to the weakened market confidence and the conservative attitude of LED companies. Whether or not brand vendors will cut orders in 3Q12 depends on the sales of end-market products. As for the TV backlight market in 3Q12, prices of LED packages s...
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LED Package Price For Lighting Application Falls By 10%, New Developments on LED Backlight Market with Arrival of Direct-Lit Displays

According to price surveys by LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, affected by dwindling Q1 inventory and Q2 rush orders, LED package price for the backlight application quotes has eased in Q2, with a decline of approximately 3%. On the LED lighting market, 5630 packages were pulled from use in backlight applications, to be used in lighting instead. The sudden volume increase resulted in price slashing for this quarter’s low to mid power LED packages, with an average decrease of around 10%. Q1’12 LED Price Review Due to relatively high Q...
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LEDinside: Chinese and South Korean Manufacturers Drastically Cut Prices; Competition in LED Market Intensifies

According to the latest price survey conducted by LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, the price downtrend persisted in the LED market in 3Q11. The price of LED (5630) for TV backlight dropped by 8-15%. Since TV backlight products will start adopting 7030 spec in 2012, South Korea manufacturers have been aggressively digesting the inventory of older specification, which result in a huge price gap in the market.
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LEDinside: TV Backlight Suffered Over 10% Drop in 2Q11; Downturn Expected to Continue in 3Q11

According to the latest price survey by LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, due to weak LED demand in 2Q11, the prices of TV backlight (5630) and high-power LED continue to drop. As for the outlook in 3Q11, the downturn of TV backlight (5630) will most likely continue. In addition, because of the drastic plummet in 1H11, the prices of high-power LED see a mild drop in the near term.
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LEDinside: Affected by Inventory Adjustment, LED Price Quotation of 1Q11 Continues to Decrease, and the extent of the price decrease in 2Q11 is expected to shrink.

Based on the survey of LEDinside, the LED research division under TrendForce, LEDinside indicated that the speed of LED market demand recovery in the first quarter of 2011 is lower than expected. Affected by inventory adjustment of the large-sized panel display market and the LED lighting market, LED manufacturers are facing the pressure of price reduction.
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LEDinside: demand recovery not in sight; pressure of 2010 Q4 LED price decline expected to extend till 2011 Q1

According to the latest price survey by LEDinside, an LED research division of TrendForce, in 2010 Q4, demand from LED applications still has not recovered, including continued inventory adjustment of large-size panels and lower-than-expected demand from general lighting. As a result, pressure of LED price decline extends from 2010 Q3. Among them, price of LED for large-size panel applications fell by 5% -9%, with most substantial decline in TV backlight applications; high power LED lighting applications declined by more than 12%. Due to relatively stable demand from mobile phone applications, LED prices in this segment are fairly stable with a mere 3% seasonally adjusted decrease.
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LEDinside: Dramatic Demand Decline Pulls Down the LED Price in Q310, Down Pressure Expected to Exist in Q4

LEDinside, the LED industry research institute has released its latest LED price trend report, showing that the LED price plummeted sharply in Q3 2010 due to the sudden decline in the LED application demand including inventory adjustment resulting from less-than-expected large-size panel demand and sluggish lighting application demand.  The LED price for large-size panel application fell around 11-16% while the high power LED for lighting application slumped more than 17%. As for the mobile application, LED price kept roughly flat with about 3-4% seasonal erosion thanks to the relatively stable demand.
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LEDinside: Limited LED Price Decline in Q3 under Continuous Demand for Large-size Backlight Application

LEDinside, a research division of Trendforce Corp., has made the latest price trend report, pointing out that the LED price for backlight application remained stable in Q2 due to a robust demand and shortage of upstream materials. It predicts that there should be limited pressure to lower the price in Q3 as the supply of LED materials gradually stabilizes and large-size backlight application demand continues.
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LED Price Trend in 1Q10

LED Price Trend in 1Q10 According to LEDinside's price trend report, LED supply and demand are fairly stable in the first quarter of 2010. There is a seasonal proce erosion of 2-5% across backlight applications. For LED lighting application, the QoQ price erosion of high power LED appeared to be more servere, over 10%, due to invantory adjustment.
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LED price for lighting application remained flat in 4Q09

According to LEDinside’s latest price trend report, the growing shipment in LED backlight and lighting application led to a shortage in the chip supply. As a result, the white LED prices remained flat in 4Q09: Prices for backlighting dropped slightly by 1-3%, while prices of high power LEDs remained stable.
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LED Price Trends for Q3 2009

In 3Q09, the increasing demand in LED backlight for NB and TV led to a shortage in the supply of LED chips, and stabilized their prices, only the white LEDs dropped slightly. Looking forward to Q4, as the capacity of upstream chips has not ramped up in time, and demand has not been met, LEDinside projects that the prices will likely remain flat amid the supply shortage. Similarly for white LEDs, the insufficient chip capacity limits price decline, and LEDinside indicates that the LED chip shortage and price stability is expected last till 1Q10.
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LED Price trends for Q2 2009

According to the industry research institute LEDinside, as demand for LED TV and LED NB expands, LED chips are running short of supply during the second quarter of this year, which has resulted in a more stable price of white LED compared to that of 2008.
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