GlacialTech Launches Bay Light Heatsink Range for 100W - 250W LEDs

GlacialTech, the diversified lighting and thermal solution provider, announces its line of Bay Light heatsinks for high wattage LED applications from 100W to 250W - the Igloo SR100, SR150, SR200, SR200HP and SR250HP. These lightweight heatsinks are made through a stamping process and achieve superb thermal performance from 0.71 °C/W to 0.39°C/W at a competitive price point. For high power CoB applications, these heat sinks also come in heat pipe models for even higher thermal efficiency.

High Value Thermal Performance

High Power LEDs need high power heatsinks. The new Igloo SR100, SR150 ,SR200, SR200HP and SR250HP Bay Light heatsinks from GlacialTech are stamped for high performance cooling at a cost effective price, achieving up to 0.39°C/W. Maximizing surface area at a light weight, these powerful heatsinks are ideal for bay light applications from 100W to 250W.


Evaporative Heat Pipe

CoB LEDs create bright light but generate a large heat load over a small area which makes them difficult to cool. The Igloo SR200HP and Igloo SR250HP models incorporate a heat pipe to more efficiently cool the small surface area of CoB LEDs. Using an evaporative concept, the liquid inside the 4 hermetically sealed pipes gets heated by the LED and vaporizes. The hot gas then travels through each pipe, carrying heat isothermally throughout the pipe to be cooled by the heatsink, and allowing the entire volume of the heatsink to more efficiently dissipate heat.

The 4 heat pipes of the Igloo SR200HP and Igloo SR250HP are installed in the base of the heatsink to efficiently absorb the heat generated by the LED, and then bend upwards through the center of the heatsink to distribute heat evenly. The location of the heat pipes is marked on the base of the heatsink to help users avoid them while installing lenses or other accessories.


IP66 Compatible Thermal Solution

Through appropriate design, lighting fixture manufacturers can use these thermal modules not only for interior lighting applications but also to easily build IP66-rated lighting fixtures for exterior applications.

Bay Light SKD

GlacialTech also offers a Bay Light Knock Down Kit, a set of easy-to-assemble bay light components. Consisting of a power box for housing the LED driver, brace, glass lens, and lampshade, this semi-knock-down kit (SKD) allows integrators to easily assemble a custom lighting solution with the LED modules and drivers of their choice.

GlacialTech offers SKD kit for custom lighting installation. (GlacialTech/LEDinside)



Igloo SR100
Igloo SR150
Igloo SR200
Igloo SR200HP
Igloo SR250HP
Dimension (mm)
Ф 210x60 Ф 210x110 Ф 210x155 Ф 210x110 Ф 210x155
Weight (g)
950 1300 1700 1250 1650
AL1050 AL1050 AL1050 AL1050 AL1050
Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver
Surface Treatment
Anode Anode Anode Anode Anode
Stamping + Bonding Stamping + Bonding Stamping + Bonding Stamping + Bonding Stamping + Bonding
Thermal Resistance (°C / W)
0.7074 0.5489 0.4883 0.5094 0.3887
Surface Area (mm²)
429,156 1,041997 1,212,070 1,041997 1,212,070
Reference Design Power (watts)
100W 150W 200W 200W 250W
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