BeON Home's Smart Light Bulb Hits U.S. Residential Market

BeOn Home's smart LED light bulbs are now available for order and beginning to ship to homes across North America. (All Photo Courtesy of BeOn Home)

BeON Home, creator of the first Bluetooth Smart-based home protection system that provides preventative security and emergency lighting, today announced that its smart modules and LED light bulbs are now available for order and beginning to ship to homes across North America.

The BeON home protection system takes a new approach to home security and safety that uses smart modules, hidden inside LED light bulbs, which provide safety lighting in emergency and power outage situations and proactive home security by making it look like you’re home, even when you’re not.

“At BeON, we believe that as technology evolves it should become more intuitive. We should have more natural interaction with our tech, allowing us to go about our daily routines with ease,” said Alexei Erchak, CEO and cofounder of BeON Home. “Today, we are excited to be shipping a solution that makes home protection accessible for anyone and improves the security and safety of your home with a practical, affordable and easy-to-use system. With BeON, you simply install the bulbs and live your life.”

What is the BeON home protection solution?

“Right now, your home is the only place without emergency lighting – you have it in schools, stores, and offices – literally everywhere except where you need it most,” added Erchak. With rechargeable batteries built in, the BeON modules provide power for backup lighting during a power outage. The smart modules also hear fire or carbon monoxide alarms and turn on the BeON bulbs for instant exit lighting so that your family can escape. BeON bulbs also slowly fade off so you’re never left in the dark as you navigate a room or go up or down the stairs. With the “welcome home” feature, you can turn on the lights in your home from your driveway with one touch, so you never have to walk into a dark house.

The smart light bulb functions as at home emergency lighting and more.

Since intruders prefer unoccupied homes, the BeON smart modules automatically learn your family’s everyday lighting patterns and then replay them while you’re away to make it look like you’re home. If a would-be intruder checks to see if you’re home by ringing the doorbell, the BeON smart modules hear the doorbell and turn lights on sequentially as if you are awakening and moving throughout the house.

The smart modules contain a backup battery that recharges every time you use your lights. This allows the system to continue protecting your home even if the light switches are turned off. The bulbs also form a wireless mesh network and communicate with each other to assure that doorbells and smoke alarms can be reliably detected throughout the house.

BeON Home was founded with the principle that it should seamlessly integrate into your daily life. “In our designs, we demanded that there be absolutely no rewiring or replacement of your light switches and no ugly security boxes that may ruin your home aesthetics,” added Arvind Baliga, COO and cofounder of BeON.

How does it work?

After screwing the light bulbs into your desired lamps or recessed lights, the BeON system goes into action, quietly learning your lighting patterns. Using the BeON Home app, you can easily train your system to detect your doorbell or your smoke alarm. When you’re leaving the house, activate the BeON system using the mobile app with one swipe to prevent break-ins while away. When you’re home, swipe back in the app to deactivate the system and return normal lighting control to the light switches.

The BeOn bulbs communicate with each other and smartphone app locally using Bluetooth® Smart.

To ensure privacy, the BeON bulbs communicate with each other and the mobile app locally using Bluetooth® Smart. The BeON system is the first home safety and security product actively using CSRmesh™, a flood mesh solution based on Qualcomm Technologies’ proven Bluetooth Smart technology, to carry alarm notifications and messages through a network of multiple bulbs without the need for a hub or router. CSRmesh is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated. “We are thrilled that the BeON system is using CSRmesh technology to enable a seamless and secure home automation solution that truly meets consumer’s needs,” said Anthony Murray, senior vice president and general manager, IoE, Qualcomm Technologies International Ltd.

The BeON system was designed to evolve through new feature unlocks and new types of smart modules. “We want your home to be safer and smarter one socket at a time,” said Erchak. “To do that, we created a modular system that can get smarter over time.” BeON’s smart modules receive firmware updates to unlock new features as they are released.  BeON Home is also developing new smart modules and accessories that will expand the system and provide additional safety and security in your home.


The BeON Home Protection System is now available at and through select security dealers. The BeON system is $199.00 and comes with three smart modules and three LED light bulbs as well as the free mobile app. Additional BeON bulbs and modules are available for $75.00 each and can be easily added to the system for larger homes and more protection. The mobile app is currently available for iOS and will soon be made available for Android™.

BeON’s LED bulbs provide 800 lumens (60 watt equivalent) of soft, warm lighting that lasts more than 22 years. The bulbs are 75 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs and available in standard and recessed BR30 styles.

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