Excelite Introduces Polycarbonate Products for LED Lighting Market

The LED lighting systems are being adopted for a number of commercial and residential applications. This has been for the fact that most customers are demanding for energy efficient options.  It’s for this reason that Excelite Plastics Ltd. has been investing in an array of LED products. They aim to meet the desired design and performance requirements.

The Excelite’s light diffuser sheets are some of the new products in the market. These sheets have been tested to meet the required light propagation requirements. They have been designed with tiny diffuser beads whose aim is to change the light propagation. The light diffuser sheets eliminate harsh shadows resulting in pleasant and soft light.

End users of these materials should expect to achieve the desired light transmission and diffusion. Generally, they’ll achieve the required visual effects for LED. They’re practically unbreakable.

These polycarbonate products can be used in applications where heat stability and high lumen efficiency is required. The efficiency of these LED polycarbonate has been enhanced. They’re 6% more efficient.

These LED products can meet the desired optical requirements, even when they are used in outdoor applications. They meet the required flame rating while maintaining all the desired lighting transmission and haze. There are no changes in the polycarbonate product yellowness index.

Excelite Plastics Ltd. has been working closely with other stakeholders to ensure that they get the best products. Through this, they’ve been able to get high diffusive reflectivity and excellent surface quality. This reduces costs by eliminating all secondary operations. The modern LED applications require products that can meet the stringent polycarbonate standards.

These polycarbonate products are apparently being used in a number of applications. These applications include LED advertising light box, illuminated signage, LED cover, privacy glazing, luminaries, etc. This has allowed for a flexibility in both design and applications.

The market demands are so diversified and dynamic. Quality LED systems can only be achieved by investing in quality polycarbonate products from Excelite. The products have been tested by SGS to meet the stringent quality standards too.

To meet the required standards in the LED applications, the heat-resistant and flame retardant polycarbonate products. These polycarbonates have been designed to meet the desired thermal performance in low power applications.

All these products are manufactured using the injection molding technique. This gives Excelite Plastic Ltd. the freedom to manufacture the LED products of virtually any shape. It has reduced the production costs and optimized the joining technique.  This implies that the end users can get affordable products at a cheaper cost.

The ability to combine high functionality and low energy use in the manufacturing process has been a fundamental aspect. The polycarbonate products give the designers the technical freedom to create LED products if virtually and design. 

The polycarbonate light diffuser panels and the light guide panels have been designed specifically for the LED lighting systems. The company has been able to deliver products with unsurpassed performance and quality with superior temperature resistance and strength.

These LED products have a unique surface finish. It is through this that they’ve been able to eliminate any instances of shadowing and hot spots. This the main reason why these products have been able to balance between the optical and fixture’s performance. This has improved the design process in both the retrofit and new LED applications.

Excelite’s light fixtures are apparently being used for a number of outdoor applications. They are stronger than glass. In some situations, they have substituted the light guide panels. The light guide panels are primarily manufactured from virgin PMMA resin. They’re used for classic applications such as reflectors, mixing boxes and ceiling lamps. They have gained popularity too.

These polycarbonate products are available in different profiles and configurations. This is the main reason why they are efficient in diffusing, guiding and reflecting light.  There is the custom made products, which meet the desired product requirements.  All customers can get the specific products, which can meet all their desired applications at a cheaper cost. Excelite is one of those companies which puts more emphasis on quality production.

Excelite Plastics Ltd. is the leading producer of polycarbonate products in China. It manufacturers, high-tech LED products and focuses on innovative solutions for all products used in domestic and industrial applications. Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of their production process.

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