WeMo® and OSRAM SYLVANIA Launch Three New WeMo-Enabled LIGHTIFY™ Starter Sets

Continuing to grow its award-winning Internet of Things ecosystem, WeMo® and OSRAM SYLVANIA today announced the availability of three new lighting starter sets featuring WeMo-enabled OSRAM LIGHTIFY™ LED products. Designed to provide a fun, easy entry point to smart lighting, each WeMo LIGHTIFY bundle includes a WeMo Link ZigBee®-to-Wi-Fi bridge and a single combination of LIGHTIFY products including the Gardenspot Mini RGB, the Flex RGBW, and the Tunable White A19 LED bulb.

 “The new WeMo + OSRAM LIGHTIFY starter sets expand the variety of lighting options for WeMo users with approachable and decorative smart lighting solutions for the whole home – from the kitchen to the backyard,” said Peter Taylor, director of product management for WeMo. “With a wide range of features, including full red, green, blue color spectrum and color temperature support and IFTTT compatibility, the LIGHTIFY sets are the first WeMo-enabled partner products to ship with a WeMo Link included, opening up the WeMo ecosystem to a whole new group of connected consumers.”

WeMo + OSRAM LIGHTIFY Flex Strip RGBW Starter Set. (Osram/LEDinside)

First announced at the 2015 International CES, the WeMo-enabled LIGHTIFY bulbs bring enhanced lighting options for current WeMo users and connect OSRAM LIGHTIFY users to WeMo’s growing line of home automation products including smart switches, cameras, appliances and sensors. The bundled LIGHTIFY products will work with the included WeMo Link and the WeMo app, allowing users to control them from anywhere with a smart device. Through the WeMo app, users can change colors and color temperature, schedule lights to come on or off at a certain time or at Sunrise or Sunset, control lights individually or in groups, control brightness, or set a sleep fader to gradually fade to dark.

Using the WeMo app and Link, the LIGHTIFY products will also work with IFTTT to create special lighting recipes and interact with other Internet services and apps. Through IFTTT, users can have outdoor lights change to their favorite team’s colors at game time, or automatically turn on the lights inside when it starts raining outside.

“At OSRAM SYLVANIA, we’re dedicated to providing quality and cost-effective products that enhance the end user experience for the automated home. The new WeMo-enabled LIGHTIFY Starter Sets enable users to easily integrate lighting control into a trusted ecosystem with options to automate other areas of the home,” said Aaron Ganick, head of LIGHTIFY, North America. “From decorative to functional, each of these WeMo-enabled LIGHTIFY Starter Sets offer consumers connectivity and control alongside superior LED lighting technology and quality.”

WeMo + OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB Starter Set. (Osram/LEDinside)

New WeMo-enabled LIGHTIFY bundles include:

·         WeMo + OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB Starter Set (F5Z0598)
The Gardenspot Mini RGB Starter Set brings thousands of color options to outdoor lighting and is best suited for gardens, decks, or walkways, even in wet climates. With the WeMo app, users can choose from thousands of colors to create the perfect outdoor oasis any time of day or night. The Starter Set includes: One 14 foot string of nine Gardenspot Mini LED lights, a WeMo Link, a power supply and a LIGHTIFY controller.

·         WeMo + OSRAM LIGHTIFY Tunable White Starter Set (F5Z0596)
The Tunable White Starter Set features two tunable, 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs to help select the perfect shade of white light for any activity. With a temperature range of 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin, the tunable whites allow users to switch between the refreshing blue-toned whites that are best for working and warmer, cozier yellow-toned whites better suited for relaxing. The bulbs are fully dimmable and easily installed in any standard light fixture. The Starter Set includes: two tunable white A19 LED bulbs and a WeMo Link.

·         WeMo + OSRAM LIGHTIFY Flex RGBW Starter Set (F5Z0597)
The Flex RGBW Starter Set offers fully adjustable and flexible decorative lighting in thousands of colors and a full range of whites. Simple to install with a self-adhesive backing, the Flex RGBW strip can highlight a piece of furniture or architectural detail, provide under-cabinet lighting, or add dramatic lighting to any area in the home. Fully dimmable and tunable from 2,700 – 6,500 Kelvin, the Flex RGBW Starter Set includes: three flexible, 2 foot long LED strips, a WeMo Link, a power supply and a LIGHTIFY controller.

  WeMo + OSRAM LIGHTIFY Tunable White Starter Set (Osram/LEDinside)

Availability and Pricing

The three new WeMo OSRAM LIGHTIFY Starter Sets are available now online and in store at major retailers in the United States, including Amazon.com, Best Buy and BestBuy.com, and Belkin.com. The Gardenspot Mini Starter Set has an MSRP of $129.99, the Tunable White Starter Set has an MSRP of $99.99 and the Flex RGBW Starter Set has an MSRP of $119.99.

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