Nanoleaf Releases New LED Panel Lights for Customized Application

Nanoleaf unveils new luminaire that is fully customizable, HomeKit-enabled modular lighting system with incredible efficiency. (Nanoleaf/LEDinside)

Nanoleaf is continuously redefining what lighting means. New smart lighting products are created every day—but they’re designed for fixtures and apps, not for the human experience. We create exquisite lighting that seamlessly blends human-centred design with exceptional energy efficiency. We believe that living more sustainably shouldn’t involve compromise—and each product we create is a true extension of that philosophy.

Most people think that lighting has one basic function: to light up a room. But light has a surprising impact on us; it plays a major role in our sense of self and affects everything from energy levels and appetite to focus and happiness. Our Smarter Series allows you to control color, brightness, and light motion through our intuitive iOS and Android* apps. By taking control of the light in your home, you can improve the wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones.

*Slated for release in the spring of 2016.

The revolutionary second installment of the company’s Smarter Series, the Nanoleaf Aurora, introduces light in a way the world has never experienced before.  

A fully customizable, HomeKit-enabled modular lighting system with incredible efficiency, the Aurora frees illumination from the constraints of fixtures— if you love minimalism, simplicity and exploration, Aurora is for you. 

The Aurora has a minimalist triangle form with a modular setup that allows users to create their own custom lighting designs. Outfitted with color-changing LEDs, panels can be easily connected together, and placed anywhere from the wall and table to the ceiling and countertop. Truly shaping your own environment is now possible. 

You move to the living room after a long day, and softly utter: “I’d like some relaxing light please,” and the Aurora will do the rest. 

The Aurora is a fully customizable lighting product, in both shape and spectrum, that can be changed and perfected however you may imagine.

The Smarter Kit is a revolutionary lighting system that lets you control the lights with your voice, thanks to integration with the Apple HomeKit protocol. (Nanoleaf/LEDinside)

The Smarter Kit: Voice-Controlled Lighting

The Smarter Kit is a revolutionary lighting system that lets you control the lights with your voice, thanks to integration with the Apple HomeKit protocol. The phrase ‘let there be light’ has never rang more true. Just tell Siri exactly how you want the lights and presto, it’s done. Simple and hassle-free, just the way smart lighting should be. With the Nanoleaf app, users can create ‘Scenes’ within the app and activate

them using Siri. For example, you might create a cinema-like atmosphere by saying “Siri, Movie Night.” Whether it’s bright daylight or a sultrier scene for those intimate occasions, the Smarter Kit is there for you at all of life’s moments. 

The Evolution of Our Story

“Light is not just illumination,” says Gimmy Chu, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf. “Light is atmosphere. It wakes you up after a night’s rest. It contributes to our mood and daily life, just as much today as two million years ago.“ Chu continues, “Everything we do and create at Nanoleaf is a building block for what’s next. We made the world’s most energy efficient light bulb in 2013. The Smarter Kit was the next big step forward, connecting light to intelligent computing platforms. The Aurora is set to redefine the category and eliminate the compromise between choosing ambient light or productive light. What’s next? Stay tuned. Our R&D team is working on technology that will make everything up until now look like the kerosene lamp by comparison.”

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