Softpanels Launches LED Panel Lights with Advanced Color Meters for Photography

A new Kickstarter campaign by Softpanels has introduced a radically new line of intelligent production lighting fixtures. Softpanels’ new breakthrough is centered around building an advanced color meter into each of its new LED soft light fixtures, where every light can instantly read the current ambient color conditions and then automatically and exactly match the new lighting fixtures color output to the scene’s ambient light. 
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AREX Introduces Eenergy Label Certified LED Panel Lights to Taiwanese Consumers

With the world-leading R&D team, AREX has competitive edge in technology of optical design, system integration, thermal structure, and power control. Highly vertically integrated, AREX allows for one-stop shopping from development to manufacturing by providing customized products according to clients demand with strict quality controls.
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Nanoleaf Releases New LED Panel Lights for Customized Application

Nanoleaf is continuously redefining what lighting means. New smart lighting products are created every day—but they’re designed for fixtures and apps, not for the human experience. We create exquisite lighting that seamlessly blends human-centred design with exceptional energy efficiency. We believe that living more sustainably shouldn’t involve compromise—and each product we create is a true extension of that philosophy.
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