Zumtobel Launches Smart Commercial LED Luminaire MELLOW LIGHT

The latest generation of the MELLOW LIGHT LED luminaire has reached a milestone in lighting for modern offices: It offers individually adjustable workplace lighting optimally adjusted to personal needs, and recognizes changes in light in the room with the help of sensors. Zumtobel cooperated closely with the Gensler design and architecture firm to develop the luminaire.

MELLOW LIGHT is the sixth generation of the MELLOW LIGHT luminaire family and marks a further step on the road to perfect office lighting. (All photos courtesy of Zumtobel) 

These days employers are increasingly aware that the way a workplace is designed has an effect on the motivation of employees and therefore also on long-term cooperation. Optimal lighting plays a big role here since light has a direct effect on a person's well-being. The approach of placing the focus on people - "Human Centric Lighting" - is therefore having an ever greater say in the development of new lighting solutions. Add to this new research results as well as knowledge gained from the user studyof Zumtobeland Fraunhofer IAO, according to which many employees want a greater illuminance and more control over the lighting at their workplace. Being able to individually adjust lighting is therefore an important basis for future-ready solutions. A further challenge for modern office lighting is the changing form of cooperation: Interdisciplinary teams are being used more and more and these require differing lighting set-ups depending on the task and room use. This means that an optimal lighting solution must possess a high level of flexibility and be able to adjust to differing working conditions. Zumtobel is the answer to these changing needs and high demands in the area of office lighting with Active Light – light that adjusts to different circumstances. 

With the newly designed MELLOW LIGHT LED luminaire, Zumtobel has managed to meet these demands with technical precision and bring them in harmony with one another with a uniform design approach. MELLOW LIGHT is the sixth generation of the MELLOW LIGHT luminaire family and marks a further step on the road to perfect office lighting. Working with the Genslerdesign and architecture firm, Zumtobel gained a renowned partner with extensive experience in product design to help with the development of the luminaire. "When Zumtobel gave us the order to redefine the design of the previous luminaire family, one thing was clear: this isn't just about writing the next chapter in the trail-blazing design history of Zumtobel," said designer Daniel Stromborg about the start of the cooperation. "We in fact had the mutual aim of sustainably changing workplace lighting with our product." The result is an innovative luminaire generation with different design and installation options, e.g. surface-mounted or recessed, in a clear, reduced design language which perfectly complements the previous product family. The three-dimensional shape, the iconic element of earlier luminaires, was consciously retained here – though overall the new MELLOW LIGHT looks sleeker and more elegant. Above all, the design supports a technology which adjusts perfectly to meet the requirements of the workplace.   

In light of the fact that most people at the office find the required illuminance of 500 lx to be too little, the new MELLOW LIGHT is set up for an average value of 800 lx. The outer wings of the luminaire are responsible for the indirect portion of light and, depending on the available daylight, ensure a pleasant basic brightness of around 300 Lux in the room. The middle field of the luminaire aims the direct light at the workspace with up to 500 Lux. In its standard option, MELLOW LIGHT evolution, lighting management is limited to one channel, whilst with MELLOW LIGHT infinity the wings and middle field of the luminaire can be controlled separately. This is done using the new ATIVO sensor which gives people the right light depending on the occupancy, frequency, and surroundings. For example: during a meeting, one employee leaves his or her seat and changes position in the room to give a presentation. The sensor recognises this movement and automatically activates the right lighting scenario to presentation mode. 

The three-dimensional shape, the iconic element of earlier luminaires, was consciously retained here – though the new MELLOW LIGHT looks sleeker and more elegant. 

Moreover, the luminaire can be individually adjusted to every individual workspace depending on the preferences of the user and the visual task, in combination with a lighting management system such as LITECOM. It is also possible to integrate into the emergency lighting in this way. The latest addition to LITECOM infinity, in the form of "Activity Based Lighting", ensure excellent lighting comfort during differing activities at each office workspace The "Activity Based Lighting" automatically sets the right lighting mood so that the user no longer has to adjust the settings personally, i.e. dimming accordingly for a presentation, discussion or work on a PC.

A further factor that plays an important role in the context of well-being and lighting is the colour temperature. With the help of tunableWhite Technology, MELLOW LIGHT changes the colour temperature throughout the day, thereby supporting the natural rhythm of humans. Two different options are also available for brilliant light quality. advancedOptics, generated with lenses, allows for good glare reduction and contrast-rich light. The lenticular look ensures a homogeneous appearance for the luminaire. With MELLOW LIGHT, Zumtobel is expanding its portfolio not just with a product with a perfected lighting effect and timeless design. The new lighting generation is also making a mark with its variable application possibilities. As a ceiling insert or mounted light in a rectangular or square design, MELLOW LIGHT can be used in loads of work environments. This includes not just office environments with conference rooms and individual offices, but also examination rooms and waiting areas in health care, or classrooms and research spaces in schools. 

MELLOW LIGHT will be available from Autumn 2016.  

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