Zumtobel Lights up New Entrance Building for Berlin’s Museum Island

Austria-based lighting solution supplier Zumtobel was selected as the lighting partner of The James Simon Gallery, which is the new entrance building for Berlin’s Museum Island. Named after Henri James Simon, a German entrepreneur and art collector, the new building serves as the entry points for worldwide tourists and connects the ensemble of museums on the Island from August 2019. (Image: Zumtobel) Zumtobel, as the lighting partner of the building, provided the open architectural structure with optimal artificial light. In addition, Zumtobel also develop...
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Zumtobel Group to Set up 11,000 LED Streetlights in Mongolia with a Million-euro Contract

Austria-based lighting group Zumtobel Group announced it has secured a contract with the Mongolian government for installing approximately 11,000 LED streetlights of the Thorn brand in the north of Mongolia’s capital. Zumtobel said that the contract is in the low double-digit million euros range. The Mongolian government aims to use light to reduce crime rate and enhance safety of the area on a sustained basis. In addition, the provision of essential infrastructure such as lighting is a key factor for attracting companies and therefore serves the overall economic upswin...
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European Hospitals Install Connected Tunable Smart Lighting to Optimize Health Condition for Patients and Staffs

Connected lighting system integrating smart control and tunable light opens a room for health care applications. Hospitals in Berlin, Germany and Barcelona, Spain, showed the benefits of implementing connected LED lighting systems. At Barcelona’s Vall d’Hebron hospital, a human centric lighting system which can tune the lighting spectrum to match natural daylight was installed in the intensive care unit. With seven LED engines and the combination of single-peak LEDs phosphor-converted LEDs, the system enables light emission to match the visible range spa...
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Zumtobel Group Teams up Casambi for Wireless Lighting Control Solutions

The Zumtobel Group has teamed up with Casambi, the wireless lighting control company based in Finland to work on wireless lighting controls based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The strategic partnership ensures an extensive new range of Thorn and Zumtobel luminaires offering seamless control to users via Casambi’s BLE software control platform. Furthermore, a series of Tridonic drivers is now also ‘Casambi-Ready’, allowing luminaire manufacturers to easily integrate wireless controls within their products to reduce cost and complexity. Additionally...
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Zumtobel Supplies Lighting Solution for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

The Zumtobel Group provides the illumination for the Milton Keynes headquarter of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. Included in the headquarter is MK7, a vibrant new space in the factory that has been created to provide a unique, immersive and exciting environment. As part of the Team Supplier agreement between Zumtobel Group and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, the lighting group’s Zumtobel and acdc brands have provided the perfect ambience in which to showcase the racing cars and graphics in the versatile and dynamic MK7, whilst also creating the ideal illumination...
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The Potential of LiFi and Its Current Progress

Visible light communication, also known as Light Fidelity (LiFi), which transmits data through LED light, has attracted attention in the industry. European lighting companies and telecom operators including Signify, Zumtobel and O2 have trailed the technology for various applications. As LED technology advances, the adjustable wavelength makes it possible to transferring data wirelessly via visible light like how WiFi works with radio waves. In comparison with WiFi, LiFi has two strong advantages: high speed and safety. LiFi can offer high speed data transmission ...
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Human Centric Lighting Practice in a Danish School to Keep Student Concentrate

More and more studies and cases have shown the effects of artificial lighting on people’s physical and psychological well-being. Suitable lighting at right time helps to improve learning and working productivity as well as enhance the quality of relaxation. A primary school in Denmark has adopted human-centric-based dynamic lighting solutions to advance the learning environment of students. Researchers at the University of Aalborg developed the specific design criteria for the lighting moods in the classroom and Zumtobel turned them into a reality with its Active Light. T...
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Zumtobel Creates New Luminiare for Cube-Shaped Building in Switzerland

Zumtobel partnered with Reflexion, a Swiss lighting design agency to create a new luminaire named FREELINE to fit the new building of the University of Applied Sciences (FH Nordwestschweiz) in Muttenz, Switzerland. (Image: Zumtobel) The building of FH Nordwestschweiz is a cube-shaped building created by pool Architekten, an Austrian architecture company. To address the simplicity of the construction, lighting designers were looking for luminaires that can fit into the building while connect different rooms. (Image: Zumtobel) Thomas Mika, Managing ...
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Zumtobel Steps into LiFi Business with pureLiFi

Zumtobel announced that it has teamed up with pureLiFi, the UK-based LiFi company spun off from the University of Edinburgh, to empower its LED solution with capacity of data transmission. With the partnership, Zumtobel installed pureLiFi’s system with its LED lights. The trial will allow Zumtobel to evaluate the market demand for the technology over the coming months. Then the company aims to leverage LiFi to create value for lead adopters from industries such as medical, defence, industrial and manufacturing. (Image: Zumtobel) Alfred Felder, Zumt...
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Zumtobel Developes Advanced LED Lighting Solution for Freiburg Town Hall in Germany

Austrian lighting group Zumtobel announced its lighting project for the new Town Hall in Freiburg, Germany. Cooperated with ingenhoven architects, Tropp Lighting Design and the City of Freiburg authorities, Zumtobel helped the building to generate more energy than it actually uses. Thanks to the project, the Freiburg Germany, an oval shape, sit-story building, has a façade with slender storey-high slats that stretch around the building. A façade with slats that are light larch wood on one side and full-scale photovoltaic panel on the other presents a stylish...
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Zumtobel Opens Light Centre in Paris

Lighting supplier Zumtobel Group announced a grand opening of its new lighting center in Paris. The space is designed as an open area that invites customers to exchange and network. The Zumtobel Group opened its new Light Centre on a surface of 450m² at 10 rue d’Uzès in the 2nd arrondissement in Paris on December 13th 2018. In this new Light Centre, the Zumtobel Group showcases its broad portfolio in the field of professional lighting along with the associated services in the new premises, allowing light to be experienced in its many different fascinati...
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Lighting Products News: Thorn Releases Mounted Light and Zumtobel Upgrades Architectural Lighting System

Thorn Lighting and Zumtobel have launched new lighting products to improve their portfolio. Thorn debuted new wall light Katona which has 50,000 hour lifetime and is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as corridors, stairwells, entrance halls, and storage rooms. The mounted light is designed to withstand difficult environment conditions like humidity, dust or even accidental damage. According to Thorn, the new luminaire product also minimizes the accumulation of dirt and dust, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. Katona offers lumen outputs ranging from 1000 lm t...
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Zumtobel Group Provides Lighting Solutions for FC Bayern München at Allianz Arena

Zumbotel has become the light partner of FC Bayern München and the lighting company will install its new lighting solution for the Allianz Arena in Munich. The implementation of the lighting has begun at the season 2018/2019.
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Zumtobel Helps German Artist to Create a Color Changing Elevator with LED Lighting

Aside from its practicality, LED has also provided artists a new approach to present their creativity. A German artist, Karin Sander has created a “transcendental elevator” as an exhibition space for students at the University of Art in Linz which is simultaneously an artistic object, an appliance and an icon. Zumtobel has helped to make the elevator shine in different colors on the rooftops of the university.
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Zumtobel Provides Lighting as a Service for Swiss Helicopter

Austrian lighting solution supplier Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) reported that it will provide optimized lighting solutions for Swiss Helicopter, an aviation firm based in Switzerland, under a lighting deal for a monthly fee, which is a “lighting-as-a-service” contract reflects the growing appeal of service related businesses in the lighting industry.
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Committed to Promote Young Lighting Talents: Zumtobel Joins Forces with the Prestigious Central Saint Martins, UAL, in London

What will the new generation of lighting solutions really look like? This is the intriguing yet complex question that 60 students from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UAL) have been seeking to answer – in a variety of different ways. They were helped and supported with their discussions and deliberations by representatives of well-known architects and experts from Zumtobel.
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Zumtobel Group opens showroom in Malmö

On 13 June 2017 the Zumtobel Group opened the first showroom displaying the international lighting group’s entire product range. In collaboration with the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, the Zumtobel Group has created a space over approximately 250 square metres in which light can be experienced in all its diverse areas of application. The display is located in the Swedish city of Malmö, which is already home to Zumtobel Group’s main sales office for the Nordic region. The site is now being extended with the showroom in the same building. 
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The New Extended Collection from Zumtobel

The latest mini-collection from Zumtobel brings together creative solutions with real technological innovation. Four existing high-quality products have been technologically enhanced to create the editions – extended collection. Available from June 2017, these fittings incorporate a bit of ‘TECHxtra’, demonstrating the courage to blaze a new trail through the design landscape. 
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Zumtobel's SUPERSYSTEM II – Compact Dimensions Combined with Comprehensive Lighting Competence

SUPERSYSTEM II is a multifunctional LED lighting tool famed for its stringent miniaturisation and virtually limitless usability. The addition of recessed downlights and spotlights in three different sizes and with extremely low installation depths, along with recessed tracks and corresponding accessories, now offers yet more flexibility and enhanced design possibilities.
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Zumtobel Timeless design of ONDARIA LED recognised with a prestigious “Good Design Award”

Founded in 1950 by the renowned architects Ray and Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen and MoMa curator Edgar Kaufmann Jr., the “Good Design Award” from the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts, has now established itself as an internationally recognised symbol for innovative design. Adding ONDARIA to the elite list of Good Design Award winners therefore represents special acknowledgement of the exceptional work carried out by Zumtobel.
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Zumtobel and Viennese Start-up Zactrack Light up a Riding School with Dynamic Lighting System

The system was developed by the Viennese start-up company zactrack and its realisation was supported by the Austrian lighting company Zumtobel Group.
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Transparent Zumtobel VAERO Luminaire Lighting Effect in Office Spaces

The magical light object of VAERO fascinates observers in a room. This LED pendant luminaire seems to embody light in its purest form, as the extremely flat and frameless housing and the transparent appearance let the lit effect take center stage. VAERO offers both pleasant and ergonomic working light - perfectly adapted to meet the requirements of modern office architecture. The following interview examines the way VAERO works and takes a closer look at the visible results in contemporary office spaces.
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Zumtobel Unveils Minimalist LED Pendant Light

Clear minimalist design and uncompromising lighting quality: two aspects that capture the true ethos of VAERO. Zumtobel has used the development of this LED pendant luminaire to devise an outstanding product that exemplifies high lighting quality and enables seamless integration into contemporary office settings thanks to an unobtrusive design. 
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Zumtobel Illuminates the Sägerbrücke Bridge in Dornbirn

Zumtobel illuminates the new constructed Sägerbrücke bridge in Dornbirn by using a customised LED outdoor solution. With SUPERSYSTEM outdoor it was possible to achieve a completely uniform illumination of the entire surface and maximum visual comfort for the bridge and the “Do.Helix” installation crafted by the artist Hubert Lampert. The precise light distribution helps avoid unnecessary light pollution, mean that the lighting solutions represents an extremely energy-efficient choice.
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LED Lighting Solutions from Zumtobel Received Red Dot Awards

Lighting solutions from Zumtobel epitomise sophisticated design that is honed to reflect the specific needs of users. Further multiple red dot awards demonstrate the high solutions competence and innovative strength of the Austrian lighting manufacturer. "The red dot award 2016 recognises our efforts to develop innovative lighting concepts for our customers, which impress through a blend of excellent lighting quality, aesthetic design and significant added value," explains Daniel Lechner, Marketing Director Zumtobel. "With SUPERSYSTEM II we have extended the success story of the product family into the second generation. The high-quality design and adaptability of this light tool offer users enormous freedom when it comes to planning."
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Zumtobel and Tridonic Jointly Develop Special Car Park Lighting Solution in Qatar

In this blog entry by Donna Dederding from Zumtobel, she explores how Zumtobel and Tridonic were able to develop a car park lighting solution in Qatar.
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Swedbank's International Headquarters Aglow with acdc LED Luminaires

Swedbank’s new international headquarters by architectural firm 3XN is an innovative interpretation if the core values of the organisation: openness, simplicity and care. These have been translated into a modern architectural space with an emphasis on transparency and the creation of a good social environment. Stretching across an entire block, the building takes the form of a triple V structure – a design concept intended to both break up the volume and make it easier to connect both people and spaces. The largely transparent facades bring in plenty of daylight, highlighting the spectacular semi-public atrium spaces.  Natural wayfinding is another key part of the design, with two spiral staircases providing key orientation points.  Social spaces are placed around a central axis facilitating interaction and good internal communication for employees.
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Zumtobel's ONICO LED Luminaire Range Creates Presentation Illuminating Experience

The ONICO LED luminaire family provides new scope for the effective visual presentation of a wide range of goods in the Shop and Retail sector. The modular concept enables the optimum LED module to be combined with the appropriate reflector to meet the demands of specific lighting tasks. The clear, consistent design of the luminaire and the integrated converter add further weight to this holistic approach.
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Zumtobel Unveils Outdoor LED Modular Lights for Nighttime Cityscape Illumination

Modern LED outdoor lighting today takes into account all visual levels in an urban space and is not just limited to a norm-standard level of illuminance to light up those elements of the nocturnal cityscape in focus. Rather, this is about placing emphasis on the needs of people in living spaces at night. It's therefore worth brightening up urban spaces with spherical light components to create centres for human communication, creating visual points of attraction, and improving three-dimensional awareness. Moreover, special architectural features should be highlighted and complex space structures brought to life. This increases recognition value for a region and creates reliable guidance and orientation, even at night. In this way, security and wellbeing are significantly improved by lighting quality – always without wasting resources or increasing light pollution.
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Zumtobel Launches Multisensor for Detecting Light and Motion

Although rapid technological advances are now allowing highly automated installation processes, the demand for high quality manual work is not decreasing. As a result, industrial workstations at which complex installation tasks are carried out require a high illuminance of up to 700 lx. However, improving the quality of light can often result in higher energy consumption, thus higher costs. In fact, however, this high illuminance is only needed at individual workstations; traffic routes or storage areas often only need 200 lx. The solution to this problem has been developed by Zumtobel with its ATIVO multisensor. The principle is incredibly simple: A task-based, flexibly adaptable zone control system ensures that the light is reduced according to time and activity in places where it isn't required. At workstations that demand a high level of concentration to ensure good productivity, the lighting level is increased. For added safety, the lighting level in general areas and corridors is also increased. The motion sensor recognises when people or vehicles are in the corridors and dims up automatically. The ATIVO DALI IP64 Kit that is already available is specially designed for detecting light and motion in even high-ceiling rooms. The contrast sensor system with its intelligent object detection is, unlike normal PIR and radar sensors, not only much more accurate, but also quicker – and therefore less prone to error. The ATIVO Sensor DALI Kit can be used in a wide variety of situations, including sports and multifunction events halls, industrial, production and assembly facilites, even in high-bay warehouses and logistics centres. In these situations, the sensor can precisely detect motion in rooms with ceilings between 6m and 20m.
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Innovative tunable white, mid-power LED enables luminaire manufacturers to improve colour tuning, shrink optics and fixture profiles, while enabling new design options. Nichia, the leader in and inventor of the high-brightness LED, announces i... READ MORE

Natural colour rendering of Optisolis™ LEDs lets visitors experience artwork as the artist intended without degrading the work. Tokushima, Japan – 23 July 2019: Nichia Corporation, the leader in high brightness LED technologies, an... READ MORE