New Philips Lighting Solutions at Lightfair 2016

It’s that time of year again, Lightfair 2016 is just around the corner and Philips Lighting is California bound. We look forward to showing you how we deliver new value and experiences through the world’s best quality light to improve your city, your business or your life.

Every week until Lightfair we will be blogging about what Philips Lighting will be featuring at the San Diego Convention Center, booth #3623 from April 26 -28.

As the most advanced lighting technology player, we extend our lighting leadership into the Internet of Things (IoT) taking light beyond illumination. Check us out on Thursday as we will write about Connected PoE: What is next in office lighting. Next week we have a story on Philips indoor positioning systems. We will also blog about how Philips Color Kinetics updated the lighting of an historical San Diego landmark. So please visit The Philips Lighting Blog to know more about Philips Lighting at Lightfair.

Today the focus is on 7 MUST SEE new LED lighting solutions we will be showcasing at LFI 2016.


Outdoor Lighting

For outdoor lighting we have 2 new LED luminaires making their debut at Lightfair.


Philips Gardco’s PowerForm

Now you can instill a sense of security and attract attention in any large area or floodlighting applications without the hassle of frequent relamping or high utility bills. Philips Gardco PowerForm LED site & area and flood luminaires provide outdoor areas with bright, uniform illumination while slashing energy and maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting technologies.

A wide variety of sizes, optical distributions, mounting options, and industry leading lumen output ranging from approximately 20,000 to 100,000 lumens offer increased flexibility without under- or over-lighting the space.


Philips Lumec’s RoadStar 

When first introduced in 2009, the Philips Lumec RoadStar LED roadway luminaire family was among one of the first LED roadway products on the market. We are thrilled to inform you that the next generation of RoadStar products are coming soon! The Philips Lumec RoadStar LED roadway luminaires offer a unique look combining a sleek aesthetic with the performance expected from today’s LED roadway luminaires. Greatly enhanced lumen packages, various drive current choices, 5 & 7 pin receptacles to offer connected lighting options, and much more. With two available sizes, RoadStar provides a consistent look for a very large range of applications.

Garage lighting

Two months ago Philips Lighting launched a new LED luminaire for garage lighting that looks like no other product on the market for this application. Our experts will show you what makes this product different than the rest.


Philips Gardco SoftView LED

Philips Gardco SoftView LED parking garage luminaires feature edge lit technology, providing visual comfort with minimal glare to enhance the user experience. An added uplight feature reduces the cave effect for an increased sense of security. SoftView features two distribution options and four lumen packages, providing up to 8,614 lumens for an ideal garage lighting solution.

Sports Lighting goes digital

Making its North American premier, Philips ArenaVision LED floodlighting system has revolutionized the way arenas and stadiums are lit in Europe and South America. It’s time for Canada and the US to see what it’s all about. Philips Lighting will make an important announcement regarding this LED solution during Lightfair.


ArenaVision LED

Philips ArenaVision LED floodlighting system is an innovative LED pitch-lighting solution supporting the latest TV broadcasting standards and featuring a control platform to create a completely immersive lighting experience. Designed exclusively for sports and multifunctional lighting applications, ArenaVision LED luminaires offer outstanding light quality, effective thermal management, and a very long lifetime. This solution includes a dedicated user interface and a control system allowing quick, easy and reliable commissioning, monitoring and switching between optimal lighting configurations. The ArenaVision LED control system can also be used to create special entertainment lighting effects that would normally require dedicated stage-lighting luminaires. At the push of a button the user can switch between fixed sports-lighting configurations that fulfill sports federations’ requirements and preprogramed special lighting effects.

Connected lighting

Finally city authorities can retrofit existing LED street lights with our new CityTouch connector node.


Philips CityTouch with Connector node (IoT)

Being connected changes everything, and connecting your street lights to the CityTouch lighting management platform couldn’t be easier. Installation consists of simply plugging a lightweight CityTouch connector node (a plug & play system)  into a standard socket on top of an existing street light. The connector node works with street lights from any manufacturer, both LED and conventional–a key consideration for any city with a diversity of street lighting assets. Commissioning is automatic. As soon as a connector node is installed, it starts transmitting location and operational information via the city’s mobile network.


Indoor lighting

Looking for a high-performance LED luminaire to fill indoor alcoves and accent spaces with vibrant, tunable white and intelligent color light — all in a clean, compact linear form factor? Philips is introducing PureGlow Intellihue Powercore perfect for cove, wall-washing, backlighting, and other indoor applications.


Philips Color Kinetics PureGlow Intellihue Powercore

For years lighting specifiers have had to choose between precise white or color changing light and they now have a brilliant all-in-one solution. No other white light fixture can deliver this type of color-changing consistency and no color-changing fixture delivers this level of quality white light. Philips Color Kinetics PureGlow Intellihue Powercore is the solution the industry has been waiting for.

PureGlow is referred to as a lighting designer’s new best friend because it dramatically reduces the mixing distance of the external light and was designed to offer you tunable white, saturated and pastel colors in one luminaire. Our technologists didn’t stop there however, this product is the smallest and most discreet in the market yet offers best in class consistency.

This fixture leverages the IntelliHue technology to deliver high CRI quality tunable white light (90+ in the 2700-6500K range) as well as color changing effects. PureGlow’s imbedded hardware also makes it ideal to support the full complement of remote monitoring functionalities of Philips Color Kinetics ActiveSite.

EasySense Fixture-Mount Sensor

Until now, it hasn’t been simple or cost-effective to add sensors to every luminaire in order to meet stringent customer energy-saving requirements or to address code-compliancy strategies. However, you’ll see how the Philips EasySense fixture-mount sensor, with an exceptional single-box format, makes it easy to save both time and cost when integrating occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting to every luminaire.


The Philips EasySense fixture-mount sensor is the ideal solution for per-fixture, stand-alone control of new light fixtures. It combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and institutional tuning in a single, compact package for easy OEM fixture assembly.


EasySense operates with the established Xitanium SR driver standard to make a simple two-wire connection between sensor and driver, thus eliminating need for multiple components and auxiliary devices. The result is a cost effective and easy-to-design-in solution ideal for energy-savings and code-compliancy strategies. An intuitive app makes configuration during installation fast and easy using SimpleSet.

We look forward to seeing you at the San Diego Convention Center, booth #3623. Be prepared to hear some big Philips Lighting announcements about new products and lighting installations during Lightfair 2016.


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