TILS 2017: LED Lighting by Taiwan Tang Hua


I believe TTH-LED will be your best choice.
TTH-LED Taiwan Tanghua since 1997 since the establishment of a long-term has been committed to energy conservation and carbon reduction, the protection of the only planet for the mission to promote high-quality LED indoor and outdoor lighting products in the world, under the efforts of many years in particular to live in the Earth Where the other solar system for the TTH-LED Taiwan Tang Hua indoor and outdoor 12 products divided into the Earth as the center of the nine planets and stars, Galaxy series, in addition to deepening the vast number of consumers and domestic and foreign customers on the TTH-LED Taiwan Church LED products with a deep impression, and can easily understand our products, but also with the Taiwan Church to protect the Earth, to reduce the warmth of the earth to do a heart of faith into one.
Sun Sun-street series, like the sun in the daytime to provide us with the same light. TTH-LED Taiwan's Tang Hua's lights still illuminate every road and alley in the dark night, providing road lighting for every pedestrian and people traveling at night and safe driving at night.


Jupiter Jupiter-T8, T52 lamp series, as the planet closest to the Earth to illuminate the Earth, deep into our general public homes, schools and other general lighting required bulb lamp - Saving energy.
Mercury Mercury-Ceiling Lights, Track Lights Indoor Lights Series, Mars Mars- E14, E12 and other tapping lights, diamond lights series,
Pluto Pluto-GU10, MR16 and other projection lamp series, in our life situation as the three planets of the mysterious, beautiful full of infinite imagination, the use of high color standard color temperature applied to art lighting - beautiful high taste.
Saturn Saturve lights, Uranus Uranus searchlights, Neptune Neptune fish bone light series
Show in industrial lighting - high power high brightness special packaging technology, unique design, wide angle light, good heat dissipation structure, quality and long life, widely favored by domestic and foreign customers.
Galaxy Galaxy flat panel series, Star Star Down light series, it is like the night sky in the Galaxy and the stars in general, elegant with a gentle light, noble introverted let us in the need for light, guide us to see Everything.
We are Taiwan's leading LED manufacturer since 1998.
Our products include indoor / outdoor main lighting, street lamps, LED components.
Our products have been CE, RoHS, CNS, UL, DLC, CCC, TUV, Energy Star LM-79, LM-80 certification and many other patents and certification.
All the products in the factory will pass several tests; therefore, reliable, worthy of your inspection.
TTH-LED Taiwan Tonghua LED products in all sectors of indoor and outdoor lighting needs of all areas to show its unique style, but also tailor-made for customers OEM, ODM or any kind of cooperation in manufacturing exclusive LED lighting products. Taiwan Tonghua more in 2016 received the Taiwan Taiwan Electric Power Company and Taipei Volkswagen MRT two major customers energy-saving facelift using our products affirmation and support.
We have a lot of cases, actually using TTH in Taiwan and around the world.
Including Taiwan Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taipei MRT Station, Taipei MRT, Taiwan Electric Power Company, Taipei Dome, a monument Taipei Confucius Temple, and more units are using TTH-LED high-quality lighting products
If you find anything that you are interested in or any special request, please feel free to let us know.
TTH-LED Taiwan Tonghua LED full range of indoor and outdoor products is also a small number of domestic manufacturers are through the Ministry of Economic Affairs Standard Inspection Bureau BSMI certification login, which only shows TTH-LED Taiwan Church in order to protect the rights and interests of all, are through certification, to create High-quality products, with the most reasonable price, to provide the best LED indoor and outdoor lighting products as the goal, to provide the community and all the friends.

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Contact Tel: 049-2561-461. Www.tthled.com, info @ tthled.com
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